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  1. So, couples and families will not be able to sit next to each other???? Not a deal breaker, but weird.
  2. I'm just glad that they finally officially canceled. I was on a 12/22 /20, 11 night cruise out of Galveston and I knew it would be canceled, but was just waiting for the official word. Now, I can decide what to do next.
  3. Although, sometimes (depending on the insurance) you will get pre-existing condition coverage free if you book your insurance within a certain number of days of booking your cruise. Basically you just need to compare the exact terms and conditions of each insurance you are considering. Not sure if I'm permitted to mention it specifically, but there is a site that will allow you to compare policies from several different companies.
  4. But, if you could prove you had third party insurance, would they remove their own version?
  5. The way I read the email, it seems that you just have to have travel insurance. Would third party insurance be acceptable? If so, this seems like less of a problem. However, forcing you to buy the NCL version does seem wrong.
  6. I can't speak to Carnival specifically, but we took an early June Alaska cruise many years ago on Princess (so no slides), but all the pools and hot tubs were open. However, except for a couple of days, it wasn't warm enough that I wanted to use the pools.
  7. I can't speak to the family verandas, but we have stayed in a concierge cabin and the extra "amenities" were minimal. You have the exact same dining as a regular veranda (no special restaurants), you get some afternoon canapes, which varied in quality and sometimes had been sitting in our cabin for an unknown amount of time, so not always eager to eat them. The biggest perk was the extra Captain's Club points.
  8. Actually, ONLY RCI and NCL let you pre-book entertainment (unless there is an upcharge dinner theater thing) and even then it is only for the big shows such as Broadway, ice skating and water shows. So even on those lines, if they don't have those types of shows on your specific ship, there won't be any pre-booking. You can't pre-book entertainment on Celebrity, Disney, Princess, Holland.
  9. The 200% offer was only if you had a cruise that had been cancelled. I don't recall a time frame for the re-booking. We had one for August of this year that got cancelled and we took the 200% offer and re-booked for July 2021.
  10. This thread is exactly why I love CC. I never got an email and normally wouldn't purchase a drink package as I am not that big of a drinker (although the price for Carnival's package purchased pre-cruise did make me consider it even prior to this sale). This discount brought it down to the point where it makes sense for me. I never would have known anything about this if it weren't for the people here passing along information. We have a family cruise booked on the Mardi Gras May 2021 with six of us traveling in 3 cabins and we all purchased the package. THANKS!!!
  11. The port fees and taxes are not considered part of the "cruise fare". Look at your original booking details to find out the amount of the actual cruise itself and not any of the other add ons and that should work out with the amount of FCC you did get.
  12. The Mardi Gras is not yet finished, so there are not going to be any direct reports from other passengers yet. In theory, she is supposed to sail in November (already a delay), but with everything going on who knows?
  13. I definitely would want to re-book before the end of June to get the extra OBC, so I may just end up sticking to July unless August miraculously shows up before then.
  14. I understand that all cruise lines have bigger issues. However, I am trying to figure out when to rebook our canceled cruise. We are sailing with another couple, one of whom is a school teacher, so our window to book is fairly limited. I am looking at next summer and the cruises stop with July departures. I am really only interested in seeing what August might have to offer.
  15. Currently there are only itineraries for the Scarlet Lady through the end of July 2021. Does anyone have any idea when the rest of the year might be released?
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