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  1. If you don't care about the pools, then obviously that is not a deciding factor for you. I have also cruised many lines and while I don't find all the beds extremely comfortable, I think the beds on VV are the most uncomfortable of any line I have sailed on (I have been on 9 different lines). They are barely 4" thick and hard as a rock. If that is your thing, it might not be an issue. For myself, I will often sleep in the hammock at night, because at least I don't wake up with every part of my body in pain. Like I said, it is definitely worth giving VV a try. I will sail them again. I just won't sail them exclusively.
  2. Every cruise line has people complaining about downward changes in quality. Some of that may be true, some may be people looking at the past with rose colored glasses. As far as tech goes, don't count on VV to be an improvement over any other line. The app is extremely flakey. We had a friend in tears trying desperately to get dinner reservations when they opened. That is why we generally let our TA deal with that. I'm not trying to dissuade you from trying VV. Certainly worth trying. Some people never go back to the other lines. Personally, I like variety. And the fact that the beds in non-Rockstar rooms are very uncomfortable (IMHO) and that the pools are a joke will certainly keep me from ever making VV the only cruise line I sail.
  3. Yes, usually you find them in the closet area. I have never used them, so I can't say what they are like.
  4. You will see some people dressed fancy and others in shorts/t-shirts. The only rules are that you do actually have to be wearing clothing and if you are in a bathing suit it has to be covered up (at least in sit down restaurants) and dry.
  5. It can be earlier, but it seems like very often it is closer to 8a. I'd say plan on exiting at 8a and if you are able to disembark earlier consider it a nice surprise.
  6. It is possible, but it will probably be a bit closer to 8am until you can get off the ship based on my previous experience self-disembarking.
  7. IMHO, the best part about any of the Rockstar/MegaRockstar rooms is that the beds are actually comfortable.
  8. Our TA can easily pick and choose from the FAS offers, not sure why yours is telling you differently unless they have some sort of group rate going that includes it.
  9. Technically the only problem with doing this, is that in order for the AC to work at full power, the balcony door has to be closed AND locked. The door only locks from the inside. So, if there is still someone else sleeping in the cabin, it might get a tad warm. It doesn't seem to get too bad, but if someone likes to sleep super cold inside, it might be an issue. You will also get repetitive notices from VV about not having your balcony door closed and locked because of the AC issues. I have learned to ignore them since I have been known to sleep on the hammock or spend long periods of time reading/napping out there.
  10. My suggestion with the gnocchi dish (it is generally way over cooked), is to get the sauce from the gnocchi and have it put over a different pasta. That has worked out way better!
  11. I'm not sure if you can still buy in another person's name using their credit card info. I know that TAs can no longer do this. Not sure about regular folk.
  12. If you want full sun that area in front is probably your best bet. I will say that I need shade (I burn super easily) and even with the screening over top of the chairs, I found that I still had to keep moving around to "chase" the shade.
  13. Jacques is 88 years old. I imagine he is more than ready to take a step back.
  14. However, you can only cash out your winnings not any of the loot you used to play.
  15. You are not wrong, as long as you actually give them business (at least at some point). The people I am referring to which cause some agents to charge fees are the ones that have no idea what they want, so the agents spend lots of time and multiple revisions trying to nail down the trip they want and then once the client seems to be happy, the agent never hears from again. I can understand where the frustration of those sorts of people could make an agent at least consider charging a fee. Like I said, my agent doesn't charge a fee and I do believe there are plenty of good ones that don't, but as with many things these days, a small number of people can ruin things for everyone.
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