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  1. The last few times we’ve stayed in hotels, they haven’t cleaned at all. We had to drop our wet towels off in a bin and ask for fresh ones, toilet paper, stuff like that. Covid protocols. So we will be spoiled with once a day cleaning on the cruise.
  2. I wouldn’t book airfare. I made the final payment for the May 21st cruise, but that was only so I wouldn’t lose my $500 non refundable deposit. I’ll take the refund when Celebrity inevitably cancels. I’d love to go, don’t get me wrong. Hubby and I are vaccinated and ready to mask up if the cruise goes ahead. After four or five cancelled cruises, I’m just not hopeful anymore.
  3. We’ve had two cruise cancellations this year, but have two more booked for next year. Hopefully things will be better. I miss cruising too!!!
  4. Ok, I thought I was going crazy because I was reading those FAQs over and over again. 😂😂 But I did find and screenshot the statement on the cruise suspension page. I wouldn’t have thought to look there, so thank you for that! I’m going to wait a little while and try again.
  5. Thank you! I waded through several FCC posts but I guess I gave up too soon.
  6. I cancelled our March cruise on the Infinity just before Celebrity pulled the plug, so I was only eligible for the FCC which I received today. When I cancelled, I used the chat feature and had a transcript emailed to me. I specifically asked if this credit could be used for my existing booking in August 2020, and was told yes. I read the certificate that I received today and there is no exclusion for existing bookings, but it does say you can’t cancel and rebook the same cruise. I can’t do that anyway, obviously, but that seems to be the only existing booking exclusion. However when I called C
  7. This, exactly. Being quarantined away from my son and my dogs, the loss of income, the inability to have any basic control over my movements and activities... those are far more troubling to me than the virus. But I'm not currently in a high-risk group. We have ten days to watch and see how things go. I’m glad that I have the option to cancel. And I’m glad that vacation plans are my biggest worry right now. Many people are facing much larger issues, and they have my sympathy and best wishes.
  8. Thanks for the review! Our party is set to sail on the 23rd of this month. (Fingers crossed, I guess?) I’d love if you could post some of the daily activity sheets. Hoping to help our friends get a feel for the evening activities.
  9. I do hope you feel better soon! Please see you’re regular doctor this week if you can and have them provide the necessary paperwork. So sorry you missed your trip.
  10. That’s a relief to hear! We’re traveling with some friends who’ve never sailed with Celebrity, so I sometimes worry that the smaller and older Infinity will be a let down. Sounds like that won’t be the case. Glad you guys had a great time!
  11. Minding your own business is included in your cruise fare. Don’t worry about how anyone else chooses to spend the vacation they paid for.
  12. We did that several years ago, but we booked a flight that landed at 930am. Even with Carnival transfers, it was almost 2pm before we arrived at the port. No way I’d risk a flight that lands at 1230. Going in the night before will cost more, but you’ll be so much more relaxed.
  13. I’ve been wondering the same thing. We’ve been on the Summit and Equinox, and we’ve talked our die-hard Carnival-loving friends into joining us on the Infinity next March. I hope it doesn’t disappoint!
  14. We have found the new pricing with perks to be far above what we’re willing to pay. To get all four perks on the five day sailing we booked four month ago is now $1000 more. To sail on the Infinity, especially before refurbishment, should not cost almost $3k for a five night cruise. We have enjoyed Celebrity, but we’re comfortable booking with other lines.
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