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  1. Thanks scubacruiserx2 for a long, detailed, interesting and wonderful virtual excursion! You held our interest all of this time. Hope you enjoyed it too! Looking forward to your next real or virtual!
  2. We are here, just reading and absorbing all of the sights!
  3. Best turnaround is to tell your suite attendant is that you need your garments back within one day. We have done several Princess suties and if you "pardon the pun" press the issue-they will respond. Your attendant has to pick up your garments and bring to you once ready. Plan ahead and you can make it with limited time. Our issue was that the attendant comes on in LATE afternoon and if you are waiting for an item, you may need to call them. There is no charge on your account when in a full suite.
  4. Is that an aft corner stateroom? Loved your virtual TA. Again, informative, delightful pics and such great sharing of your special events. I will go back and read some of your early adventures as so much new for me. Looking forward to your future postings!
  5. This is a delightful and informative virtual adventure! Loved hearing the history of your cruising years ago. The flight details were so well described, I felt like I was there with you. We have not traveled to Singapore so are so interested in your observations. You have done an incredible job and I look forward to following your adventure. Thank you for taking time to post this virtual event.
  6. It says something when at a time pax need information and clarification, Azamara chooses to furlogh Bonnie, who has been a consistent support and source of information. Not a smart move Azamara!
  7. Double YUM!! Love the Tamarind menu and choices would be a challenge as so many items sound wonderful. Same for the Pinnacle-lovely food and as usual, exceptional pictures. Thank you for explaining the Pinnacle-we have only sailed once with HAL so I am not familiar with their restaurants. Food looks excellent in both the Tamarind and Pinnacle-sign us up!
  8. Be sure to take a screen shot of your submission and save all communications from NCL once they say they received your request. Hate to say, it is a request until we start to hear NCL has issued refunds for the many that requested them.
  9. Can you imagine the wait for an elevator if they allowed only 4? This would take monitoring on every deck as those who just have to get on will push their way in. Cannot say how many times we wound up like sardines in a can! Even 4 without masks could be an issue and virus reductions in many states are not happening!
  10. WOW! I hope it does not take that long but I also want to see MANY sailings return with healthy pax and crew. It is alarming to see news reports that so many US states are seeing spikes in their COVD infections and asking hospitals to ramp up their emergency plans.
  11. Great video and thank you for posting. You can see the number of Princess ships anchored off Manila on the Princess webcam site. Many there for long periods of time with more enroute. It makes me wonder how long it would take for crew members to return before sailing begins. It has to be so hard for those on ships for extendede periods of time!
  12. Glad to see you back! I am not familiar with HAL. What is a Pinnacle lunch?
  13. I do hope they are OK. He did such an incredible job and I have witnessed places I will never see in person. Pics magical and so much information. I hope to see this continue.
  14. I am so fed up reading the hurdles everyone has facing them just to have Princess do what they ask- either cancel or if you choose an FCC-fine! This game playing of applying cancelled cruises to newly booked cruises defeats them but do they realize this? I am waiting on 2 refunds and not booking anything until those $$ are returned to me. Wow-for lines looking for cash for future bookings, they best work this out for the sailing passengers.
  15. This thread is a hoot! I miss complaints about chair hogs-none here so no need to complain! Complaints about the pools overrun with kids. I miss reading complaints about food but likely they were spot on. I miss complaints of being unable to access concierge lounges. I miss complaining of my own experiences : ) No cruise-no complaints!
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