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  1. Looking forward to following your cruise! We are on Equinox in December and hope to learn more about the ship. I hope you have a wonderful cruise and enjoy your aft stateroom.
  2. NCL Pearl uses Terminal 2. We sailed on Pearl recently (January) when the ships were fogged in on Saturday and could not depart. Our Pearl was due to sail on Sunday at 3 and we left at 2:30 AM. I know Terminal 2 and the surrounding area so well having spent hours waiting to sail-but it was worth it. There will be two other ships in port that day. The Rotterdam and a Carnival ship. They are at terminals 6 and 3 so you have Terminal 2 for embarkation. If your flight is on time, once you reach the terminal, porters are there to take your luggage. It does take time to go through the seemingly never ending lines to actually get to the check in desks. Maybe we were more complex as the whole ship of pax waited to board at the same time. You wlll not have the same experience (luckily). The staff are very efficient and helpful. They work to keep the crowd moving. You should be able to check in without significant delays. Happy Sailing! I hope you enjoy Pearl as much as we did.
  3. Amazing abilities of the responders! Hope the passenger made out OK. I think if I was on that stretcher I would have a heart attack before I reached the helicopter!!
  4. I am glad to read about your MDR experiences! I do not read good posts from others sailing other lines (including myself). We are booked on Reflection February 2020 so your live report was very informative. Sorry your cruise is about to end! Great job on your part and thank you
  5. Could someone explain the Elite drink perks? We are Elite and were not aware of drink related perks. Thanks so much for helping a Elite in the dark
  6. Loved all of the carved cats!! Did you find those shops in the Old San Juan area? Have to go there. I see a sign to help animals-are the carvings part of a fund raising for homeless kitties? Your pics are still great and I am following along. Watching Blu for sure!
  7. Thanks so much for posting on Blu! I agree that steak needs 4 more to help to finish. I could never eat something that size. Your pics are wonderful so please keep posting when you can. Glad you are liking Blu! I would not expect all perfection but at least interesting choices that are prepared well-sounds like that is happening. Liked your pics of Sushi on 5. Whatever was being poured looked interesting. I will keep following as you are doing a great job with your report and many (me too!) are waiting for more.
  8. Glad to read the postive comments on 1601. We have this Aqua for the Christmas sailing. Have stayed in an Aqua before and know they can be on the small side. Will hope you comment on Blu as this is one reason we booked Aqua. Happy cruising!!
  9. Why would that be in question? Are you implying something between the two: outright purchase or upgrade?
  10. There is another thread on this same topic. One poster quoted the US state department that has no travel warnings for Antigua. Not sure why the safety issue was raised on the other postings.
  11. We also have had good times in Antigua and did not have either taxi drivers or others chasing after us. Always had either great excursions we arranged or just laid back walking near the port. Hope other lines do not follow and stop using this lovely port. Agree Nevis does not sound right with St. Kitts so close by.
  12. Rhapsody has a concierge/suite lounge and a diamond lounge. All are packed at peak evening hours. Pinnacles despite stateroom category make up the largest group in this lounge during our two last Rhapsody cruises. Suite pax are welcome and can be recognized as not having pins:) We have been in Grand Suites and so have access to the concierge/suite lounge (if you can find a seat). Overflow goes into an adjoining area and then the Viking Crown Lounge. I am not familiar with anyone with a Junior Suite having access to the suite or concierge lounge but maybe they do on certain ships. We did go to see the Diamond lounge. Packed! Great concierge working there.
  13. WOW! Sorry to see the OP post on what was a more than unpleasant experience and so many question her motives and the facts she presents. For those questioning the 33 hour incubation period, check the CDC website for your own viewing pleasure. It contains a wealth of information that aligns with what Karen, the OP explained. There is no evidence of noro "hitting in 12 hours", unless you have a source to quote. You also will not find a restriction on 83 year olds cruising as there is no basis for that When I reach that age, I hope to cruise too! If food with left with old food, dirty plates and utensils are in contact with food yet to be served, it is very possible that cross contamination can happen. You do not know what previous diners brought with them and left on their dinnerware. Yes, you can acquire the virus by touching contaminated surfaces. But this food storage/cleaning/staging area is suspect. Size of the ship is not an excuse for lack of good infection control practices. Size?? We are talking about one of the largest ships in the industry! Sorry Karen for your cruise experience and hope all in your family are now in good health. I also hope someone at RCCL reads this and looks into this practice.
  14. June 2004. Explorer of the Seas. First cruise. The start of years of cruising adventures. Never sailed on a cruise ship until a friend said try it, you will have a great time. Booked the last balcony stateroom on a Wednesday and sailed on Sunday to celebrate our 3rd anniversary. We had no clue what we were doing! Explorer was the only ship I could find that had any staterooms available so no decisions to make there. Drove to Miami from the SW Florida coast and drove over the access bridge to the port. There she was and I said OMG. I have never seen anything like this; it is incredible. Never have forgotten that first view of such a magnificent ship. It was love at first site! Great memories of that first cruise remain! Ports in the western Caribbean were all new adventures. Some good; some not so good. Typical stops in Belize, Costa Maya (pre Dean), Cozumel etc. Chops had 2 waiters per table with backup servers. Food and service incredible. Nighttime buffet with whole lobsters as decorations and to eat. I remember one pax leaving with a pile of whole lobsters on each of two plates. No wonder they had to cut that great event. Portofino's had the most delicious and well presented long skewer of seafood-service again exceptional. I do mention food a lot, being a certified foodie : ) That Explorer sailing was hard to leave. I had the cruise bug for sure and sailed twice that same year. Forty five cruises later I think back to Explorer and think what a wonderful world opened for DH and I. Great memories for sure.
  15. If you did board at 2 PM, it is likely you would miss lunch! Look at the Patter for the day you board, and see the times various venues open the day of sailing. Usually 11 AM for many areas. Agree with all that posted that many board as soon as they let pax on the ship-way in advance of 2 PM.
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