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  1. OMG-we have eaten there so many times and always enjoyed the food and service. I hope they reopen and continue their wonderful cooking. We will be there Christmas Day so I doubt even if she finds a new location that they would be open! Reason to return soon. I wonder what other businesses were damaged in the fire.
  2. oneputt18-Talk about splitting hairs? I am sure all that read the post by cruisingator2 knew they meant Royal Caribbean.
  3. We will sail on Regal for the first time this December. From what you all post, it sounds like a great ship! Glad to read all of the positives.
  4. Just saw a news report on a weather channel this morning that there is a significant wave of sargassum coming off the coast of Africa and continuing to Central America and even into the Caribbean areas. That is why Florida is seeing this same form of sea grass. In my post above, I thought the cause was due to another environmental issue in this area, but based on the report today, it is likely all the same. Posters may want to search on any port to see if there is impact; hopefully not.
  5. We have used Bodden 2-3 times but the posts here demonstrate to me he needs more oversight of his drivers during the day. No excuses. Bodden and other tour agents all know everyone on that island and he is responsible to maintain a high level of service. He likely has his reputation due to cc members posting on his tours and their experiences. I am sure he knows the if cc members are experiencing ongoing issues with double dipping, leaving pax belongings in vans and pax having to ride with others when they booked private tours, he has problems. I will be back in Roatan for the 12th time in December, and will look to see if he has solved these issues. Thanks to all who posted so others know what can happen and make decisions for their own tours. I hope others continue to post to keep all of us informed.
  6. If Jane is emailing you to let you know conditions, take her information and use it. They are totally honest and only looking to keep guests aware of what they see. Look at their webcam (on their website) as many times you can see the amount of sea grass along the shore. There are times with very little, and sometimes it builds to mounds on the shore and extends some distance into the water. On one of our last visits (been there maybe 8-10 times?) we did not go in the water due to the sea grass. Had a nice time but if you are set on a beach adventure, this might not be the port. I give them credit for the ongoing need to constantly clean their beach. If you are there, look to the properties to the right as you are facing the sea; the lack of gathering this sea grass is so evident. They are not alone with this problem. Southwest Florida is being inundated with smelly orange colored sea grass that is along the beaches and in the water for 20+ feet. Different cause here however.
  7. Thanks for the replies on White Zinfandel! Good to know if is on their list.
  8. Defintely a table in my opinion. I do not see many able to use this small round top surface easily. Imagine how you would have to adjust the chairs to reach the higher level And two sets of feet? I do not think so. Not big enough.
  9. Can anyone speak to Blu having a White Zinfandel on their lists? We have a package for upcoming sailings, but from reading your posts, I hope someone can respond on my question.
  10. We have used that agency and had a fine experience. Living in Florida and being "storm shy" after 2004-2005 hurricane season, we had to evacuate for the first time in 2018 due to Irma. I will not bore you with the years in between. We will not sail in August- September so they could price cruises as low as they could go, and we will not leave for vacation purposes. We have animals, a house to care for and decisions to make depending on the strength and path of any storm system. Glad for those who can take advantage of good pricing! Enjoy!
  11. I read these posts with interest. Never remember foot stools in 40 sailings on 5 cruise lines; Celebrity included. Guess they are special to those who are used to them. Never had any, so I do not miss them. Other things yes, I do miss such as good food in many venues, great service and cruise lines finding less creative ways to increase their profits. Miss them but cruising is still one of the best modes of travel.
  12. Your photos of the island are incredible. You bring in the sense of diverse colors, island rock formations and the architecture of the island buildings. Love Bermuda and plan to return. Thank you for sharing your sailing. I have been following since your last TA!
  13. We are booked in Aqua Class on Equinox for a Christmas sailing. That "perks" list is pretty uninteresting. Did they add complimentary pool towel service to make the list look longer? May need to rethink this sailing. Thank you for posting your experience and sorry there were so many issues. Your "Bad" and "Ugly" items outweigh the "Good".
  14. Great photos going under the bridge. No, I do not think anyone can see themselves on the decks. Happy sailing to all onboard.
  15. h20cruzer I do not doubt your Skytrain experience. Having been in and out of EWR for ++ years since it was built, we may have been on a lucky streak. If I tell you we have not had problems, I know the next time we use the service, I will be taking a bus too. Just had to add I know EWR has challenges, but we have had not had problems with Sky Train. Even used it from the Amtrak station and it was great.
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