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  1. caribsun

    Test post with photo

    photo test
  2. caribsun

    Summit Oct 21 2018

    Hi folks, it's been a long week w/o chatting with you. Looks like Roll Call is still down so check in here until it's back up. I'm so ready to set sail, see ya at the sailaway ! Mike
  3. caribsun

    Draught Beer punch cards?

    On the Freedom of the Seas they had a deal where you bought 6 beers and get 2 free plus a cooler. :cool: They had a stand set up near the pool.
  4. caribsun

    Whitney hotel

    Very nice hotel, safe area and we walked to the cruise ship.
  5. caribsun

    Have you experienced Larry’s Limos?

    My spouse used them for Transport from FLL to POM with no issues.
  6. caribsun

    The removal of the Casino’s on M class ships.

    Only if they make Hawaii a homeport. :cool: Disney CL does not have a casino and they make a buck. :D
  7. caribsun

    High end cruise

    Seven Seas Explorer, Regent Seven Seas Cruise Line
  8. caribsun

    How is Maho Beach?

    I am assuming your ship docks in St. Thomas. You need to take a water ferry to St. John USVI and then taxi to Maho Bay Beach.
  9. caribsun

    Any beaches to recommend?

    Sapphire Beach ! When you walk off the ship you will be greeted by a taxi coordinator, tell him/her what beach you want. The fee is 10.00 p/p ea way. Tell the driver to return to the beach for your return to the ship. Give them a time and they will be there, they like be groups. :)
  10. caribsun

    Emerald Beach

    I was there in Feb. 2018 and the Emerald Beach Hotel was up and running just like before the hurricane. There was some rocks along the shore line where the sand was washed away. Still a beautiful beach and not as crowded as others.:)
  11. caribsun

    Dawn Beach in St. Martin

    Some islanders work very hard to seperate you from your money. One needs to do there homework before setting foot onshore.
  12. You are lucky you did not die from alcohol poisoning. :(
  13. caribsun

    Summit - a place to walk laps?

    See ya on the 21st, I'll be walking early morning somewhere. Did you join our rollcall, we have some activities.
  14. caribsun

    Is it worth getting of the ship ?

    Bring water shoes ! I was there in Feb and the huricane exposed some rocks.
  15. Carnival does have some of the best poolside dining choices. Guy's burgers are the best. :D