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  1. If you would rather have lavazza, ask! If they are able to make it happen they will! You’re in the Haven! It’s like having a whole bunch of fairy godpeople!
  2. The one in our cabin was. Tasty! And if you need more just ask the room steward to leave more. In the same vein, if you prefer tea or decaf you just have to ask. I like to have a lot of cream in my coffee ( my husband calls it baby coffee) I mentioned this to my steward and he left a carton for me in our mini fridge.
  3. My DH and I had our first Haven experience on the Getaway, and are now spoiled/addicted. We have a few reasons as to why: 1. It’s quiet. We have never had cause to complain about rowdy children (although I have read that this has happened on rare occasions), there are not hundreds of people trying to occupy the same space as you. 2. The service. Everyone on the Haven staff will recognize you and call you by name by the end of the second day. Your waiter will remember if you like things a certain way, your bartender will remember your favorite drink and your butler will remember your favorite snack. Your butler will also go to your cabin to get your book for you when you are sitting in the spa, or bring your forgotten sunglasses when you are sitting on the sun deck, all you have to do is call him. 3. The Concierge. Need a reservation? Done!! And more often than not he will visit you at your table to ensure that all is going well, or will escort you to your show to make sure you get good seats. 4. The space. There is always a seat in the sun or the shade, a place to stand or sit at the bar, a comfy place to sit and watch the ocean pass by. 5. The restaurant. Yes the menu is fixed and limited, but the quality is exceptional and often things can be changed up on request. 6. Options. We love the main ship, the parties at the pool, the hustle and bustle on the dining and casino decks, the games and trivia and then we like to go back to the quiet that is rarely found on the gen pop decks.
  4. I would be most upset about losing the “Freestyle” aspect to eating at the speciality restaurants, reservations will need to be made right? I like just being able to walk into dinner whenever I’m ready. Another thought, if you already had paid for gratuities for a UDP will you get them back?
  5. I called, not very helpful. Told me to have on board concierge make the reservations I wanted as all the preboard available slots were used. I wanted to have them all checked off on the Haven concierge request list when I walked on so that I wouldn’t have to strain my brain as soon as I got there.
  6. I’m looking forward to my very much needed vacation on the Breakaway in September, but time has caught up with me and I have left it too late to book meals and shows on days at times that suit. I remember on my last cruise the the Haven concierge handed out request forms that we could fill in and he would make the reservations. Does anyone have one of those forms they could share? Or is anyone on board/ boarding soon that could share? Thanks in advance.
  7. I did the Anniversary package for my parents on the Pearl. They loved the surprise, shared the cake with their neighbours ( they talk to everyone!), and their room steward was most attentive for the rest of the cruise. It wasn't ridiculously expensive, and it was lovely hearing them squeak with delight when they saw it.
  8. On hold for a total of 2 minutes today, and I spoke with both the concierge and the excursion desk. It was 1.45pm EST. Very nice people in both departments.
  9. I just called the excursion desk to book a trip that my husband and I have finally agreed on ( yeah , 1 down 4 to go...or so I thought) and when I called in it was fully booked!! So here are my questions: 1. I was told to go to the excursion desk on board where there "may be" a wait list and try there. Has anyone ever had any luck with this? 2. Do the Haven passengers have any excursions kept on hold that can be released to general population if they are not booked ? 3. Does anyone have a good suggestion of how to break this to my husband who took 3 weeks to make his mind up on this , the first excursion he said yes to ? :)
  10. £99 for the entire week? That’s really good. $1=£0.82 at the moment, so $120, the gratuity on the UBP and UDP would be more than that on a USA purchase I think.
  11. Same ship? Same room number? If yes, then attach them both and don’t let this small thing be a big thing! I hope you have a wonderful vacation.
  12. It should be the same price going through a TA, but sometimes you get extra perks working with a TA. OBC, extra speciality dinners and gift cards can sometimes be part of the deal. Costco, Sam’s Club and your Credit card companies ( especially Amex) are great places to start.
  13. https://www.amazon.com/Scrubba-Version-Squeeze-Style-Valve/dp/B00BUI7HFC/ref=asc_df_B00BUI7HFC/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=194838933099&hvpos=1o23&hvnetw=g&hvrand=17802376848145489921&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=m&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9011869&hvtargid=pla-310268158310&psc=1
  14. All of them are co-ed. Sauna, steam room, hydrotherapy pool and jacuzzi. My husband and I purchase the pass every cruise, it’s lovely after a shore excursion to relax and restore, and since I am not a sun worshiper, it is also a great way to get a lounger and pool time and not fight off the crowds.
  15. I do recommend taking some carpet tape to secure your extension cord for your cpap. It makes walking around the cabin less treacherous especially when answering calls of nature in the middle of the night.
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