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  1. Like you, I wanted a couple of days in New York and a couple of days in Puerto Rico. I booked a back to back flying in to PR on March 18 2022 , getting on the Epic for a 7 day on the 20th and returning to PR followed immediately by a 6 day relocation ( and stops in different ports than previous cruise ) to New York getting off on April 2nd, and spending a couple of days there before flying home. I am sure that the itinerary in 2023 could be used in the same way.
  2. Hoping to take my parents to see the show ( my mum actually saw the Beatles perform at the Cavern in Liverpool) but there is no way they could stand for the whole performance. I know getting there early would secure a seat but that isn't always possible. Thanks in advance for the information.
  3. As Bama said, you have to book through Amex Travel and use your Platinum card. I did it a couple of times but since becoming Platinum, and getting the extra Bistro dinner that goes with that, we haven't used Amex Travel, preferring to use a TA and getting OBC from them as well as whatever other perks they are offering. (Could be a case of water , paid tips....or their gift of choice for that particular time period)
  4. Please excuse my tone. I am tired. I am a nurse and I work hard. Recently I have been working harder, so much so that I cry a lot. The first vacation that cancelled was in March, I had saved hard for that one, it would have been my first vacation in more than a year. I rebooked. Now it looks like the vacation I have booked In November may be canceled too. I’m done if that happens. I need some joy, some sunshine, some me-time in my life. I am tired.
  5. My 3/22 cruise was cancelled by NCL. I took the 125% FCC and the 2 cruise next certs were redeposited into my account. I had also used some FCC from a previous incident on the 3/22 booking, this was reinstated to me when I asked for that back too. Since we were offered 20% off any future cruise if booked before 3/31, I went ahead and booked a cruise in November using the 2 Cruise Next certs, the old FCC and some of the newly acquired FCC. The remainder of my FCC I put towards a cruise I already had booked for April 2021.
  6. I’m on in April, if you are first week in May, I get off as you get in!
  7. I have that very same cabin booked for a cruise next year, I have done a near exhaustive search for information and like you have come up empty handed. I hope someone on CC has taken some photographs, or has some insight into this specific cabin.
  8. This is taken directly from shareholder Benefits FAQ, it clarifies that the stock must be owned by passenger at time of sailing. Are there any restrictions?The Shareholder must own Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. (NCLH) stock at the time of sailing. Benefit is not combinable with any other offer. Shareholders have the option to choose between the shareholder benefit or the other offer. Benefit is non-transferable and not available to employees, agents of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. or it subsidiaries and affiliates, travel agents and tour operators. Onboard cred
  9. I'm left wondering if the Bearnaise sauce is even real bear?
  10. Posting for my husband, who was most perturbed on our last cruise on the Sky, when there wasn't one. He had to play 3 card poker instead and complained that he lost all of his money way too quickly!! 🤣
  11. https://thedailyherald.sx/islands/cruise-ship-docks-a-day-early-after-denied-entry-at-tortola-amid-coronavirus-fears although it looks like it was denied for cause: Italian passengers.
  12. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jOXt72sSsvA in the end you need to decide for yourself, you can read the show synopsis or , here Is Young Sheldon doing a review.
  13. The smoking is a problem, for gamblers who smoke there should be a comfortable place for them to go and smoke close to the casino, allowing them to indulge between games, and allowing non smokers to also enjoy the casino.
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