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  1. You should have already received cancellation notice with option to rebook with obc or get full refund. I also had May 16th cruise and this happened a couple of weeks ago. We chose to rebook in December
  2. This would be a wonderful time while no cruises are happening for a prolonged time to change up the menus. Might be a little enticement for cruisers to go again
  3. I received this also. Found questions about all inclusive and including drink packages interesting
  4. Have your gratuities removed and then they will be charged onboard
  5. Thx for getting us back on topic. I have cruise booked for 5/16/20 with MasterCard reward applied so I might be in the same situation soon
  6. I believe the color helps them know the deck it belongs on
  7. For a small price you get hire a pedicab. “Happy Endings” close to Cabo Waco has drink special. 2 beers and 2 double shots of Tequila for $5.00
  8. 8 in 2017, 7 in 2018, 1 2019 and 5 for 2020
  9. I would totally agree with all 3 of your choices. Been to MR over 20 times and I believe most would enjoy these excursions Another good one for Cabo is the camel ride
  10. This is why we would never invite a guest to diamond/platinum reunion, it does tend to be overcrowded. We only do this on diamond only party and only if not too many diamonds onboard
  11. Just to add you sound like very giving and loving people. Why not please others when it hurts nobody. Just be judicious when you do or not do it. Happy sailings!
  12. Sorry You feel this way. If it is not a journey cruise usually not that many diamonds, the ones we’ve invited ones to go with us were cruises we were the only diamonds to maybe 15 tops. Why would you have a problem with this? We love to see their excitement and it. Why should they remove the privilege if used properly hurts no one, and no I would not invite 15-20 be real it says one guest each.
  13. It’s a carnival excursion, the ship will not leave without you even if they get back a little bit late
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