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  1. I would totally agree with all 3 of your choices. Been to MR over 20 times and I believe most would enjoy these excursions Another good one for Cabo is the camel ride
  2. This is why we would never invite a guest to diamond/platinum reunion, it does tend to be overcrowded. We only do this on diamond only party and only if not too many diamonds onboard
  3. Just to add you sound like very giving and loving people. Why not please others when it hurts nobody. Just be judicious when you do or not do it. Happy sailings!
  4. Sorry You feel this way. If it is not a journey cruise usually not that many diamonds, the ones we’ve invited ones to go with us were cruises we were the only diamonds to maybe 15 tops. Why would you have a problem with this? We love to see their excitement and it. Why should they remove the privilege if used properly hurts no one, and no I would not invite 15-20 be real it says one guest each.
  5. It’s a carnival excursion, the ship will not leave without you even if they get back a little bit late
  6. I’ve done it 3 times, one of our all time favorite excursions. You can get a table for 2 for dinner but for the show it is more stadium seating. The show is quite magnificent. good show on the boat on return trip also. if you go and have Leon on the boat that takes you there and back tell him Rob and Bobbie says hi and will see him in Sept.
  7. My wife and I are both diamond and we have never had a problem bringing one guest each. We usually try to find a blue card couple who seem really nice and invite them to the gathering. They have always been accepted in without question and have extremely enjoyed their interaction with officers and crew. We have found they our very appreciative of what they can look forward to if they keep cruising.
  8. I’ve used ships water for over 150 sea days with no problem to my machine
  9. I agree my experience was very different when I was there a few months ago. Drinks especially were very easy to get, no wait whatsoever. Also for anytime dining maybe make friends with hostess ours was very obliging. Your cruise seemed to been way different than mine and i’ve been on the Splendor 8 times between Mexico, Hawaii and last August Alaska which was best cruise I’ve done
  10. Got upgrade from obstructed balcony to extended balcony on 5 day for $32.00
  11. My wife’s favorite spot. Sometimes you need an appointment as they can be busy. I wait for her at Happy Endings just down the street. Have great drink specials
  12. As of 12/25/18 no longer on Splendor. Did b2b had it on first leg but was removed from 2nd leg and going forward
  13. Got upgrade email today to go from obstructed balcony to extended balcony 5 day Miracle cruise January 2019. Took it. $32.00 total
  14. On Splendor in October head of guest services at diamond party told me that Carnival was going to begin cruising out of San Francisco but didn’t have dates it would begin
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