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  1. Our first cruise on carnival was the Victory in 2007. At the time I was on Royal Caribbean a lot. And people on RC said that the Carnival people were just , how can I say this nicely, Carnival people were rude crude and obnoxious. It wasn't my idea, to said on Carnival but I had taken my brother in law on a cruise in 2006 and he wanted us to go with him on Carnival with a tour group up north. I accepted with a little reservation. It was a 5 day cruise to Newfoundland and St John in late June and I was giving him a hard time about Canada being cold, numerous times. After boarding in NYC it was well into the 80s and he said "Well it Aint cold". And I replied this aint Canada. The first morning I was on deck 10 sitting in the early rays of the sun. It was before GPS on ships but I guessed we were off the coast of Maine. The ladies were getting a head start on sunbathing and I thought , well this isn't bad. Then I felt a cold breeze on the back of my head. I thought a door opened and allowed air conditioning to escape. It happened again and then again and I lifted myself off the lounger thinking I may need to move. Upon turning around I saw a solid wall behind me. No door? Then I saw a white mass dead ahead stretching across the horizon. We entered it and it was a fog so dense that I could not see the water side across the way. I was near the TV screen half way to the port rail. IT GOT COLD! I looked at my poor brother in law and said , " I am changing to my sweat shirt". He has never lived that trip down as it was a deep fog for 3 days. And don't tell him but it was a fun cruise. As for the Victory, it was pretty much like RC ships I was on. Clean, well maintained, service was good, people were friendly and over all pretty close to what I was use to on RC. and it was a little cheaper. I remember the first night in the dining room. The waiter knew i was new to carnival, I didn't know about the blue card thing. I said I was going to skip dessert but he highly suggested the chocolate molten cake. "Try it , you will like it" . So I did and loved it. He smiles widely and with a Romanian accent , slapped his chest and said "I make!!!". We all laughed, I thought maybe there was something more to the slogan "Fun Ship". Needless to say I have been on a lot of Carnival Fun ships since. But yeah it isn't exactly like RC, but then I have sailed on 6 lines and they are all tweaked differently. But carnival passengers were no more rude crude and obnoxious as any other passenger group on any line. The Carnival Victory sold me on Carnival and the cool people i have met over the years. Foot note They want me to go to Alaska 2021. I said "But its cold". The family said "you dont have to come, but we are going." Oh I am going, but I will pack 2 or 3 sweat shirts. I can't wait to cruise again.
  2. ROTFL, this person can write. Thanks for the laugh.
  3. This reinfection thing has been brought up a few times. And the medical scientists are not sure what to make of it. They are studying it now so anything is possible. And I doubt that antibodies would be life long but no one knows yet. But one thing for you to think about . SARS and MERS also morphed during their reign and they actually morphed themselves out of existence. This one hasn't yet but it may either get stronger or weaker. Time will tell.
  4. yeah and I guess I rambled a bit. In my world right now there isn't many to talk to that understands cruising. And I like reading peoples posts and see what they think, some of them have good ideas. I will be happy when the worse that can happen is Noro. And I want to see Carnival sail safely and still maintain the fun.
  5. I find that social distancing will be impossible on any cruise. Cruise lines use ever square foot for maximum efficiency. How many times have you had a convo with the people at the next table in the dining room. They are 'almost' sitting at the same table. It wasn't a bad thing and part of cruising. But for hours the dining rooms are pretty full and there is a waiting list at times for anytime dining. Meanwhile Lido is serving even more people and several specialty dining restaurants are doing well also. I am in favor of wearing masks but I can't figure a way to eat with it on. Then there is drinking any beverage. Sitting in the sun enjoying a cool refreshing beverage. This is the life! But I can't with a mask on. Even walking up to a bar to get a drink is busy at the norm. Head down to the shopping area and there is a pretty good crowd and a raffle going on in the jewelry store. The center of the store is pretty crowded. Hey my wife loves to shop. Casino in the evening is 1000 sounds of people shoulder to shoulder enjoying a game of chance. The promenade is busy with people sometimes just wandering around. The clubs full with people listening to music. You have been there, with crowds and lines and all and it is the "norm" . But now there is this social distancing and it isn't working well at the local Wally World or the home improvement center. Why would anyone think it will work on a ship? If I was in charge of any cruise line I can't imagine trying to make a absolute safe environment. I can't even figure a way to feed the thousands of passengers and still distance them from one another. I am in NC and Wake Forest is doing a study on the actual spread of this plague. It is reaching out across 100's of square miles and attempting to take into account all walks of life. From city to country, from upper and lower classes, etc. The study is far from over but thus far they are seeing as they look for antibodies in peoples blood that 2 percent of the population shows they have had the Virus. 2 percent sounds so small but then here in NC we have a population of 10.5 million. Extrapolating that out it is about 210,000 people in the state have had and survived the virus. But then the confirmed cases are officially 17,494. That is 12 times the official count. Some of these people never knew they had it . Others have had symptoms but didn't call the doctor. I am making some assumptions and I really don't like to assume things but if this 2 percent is representative of infection rate and it maintains true thru the remainder of the study with more and more people tested, then this is more wide spread that thought. But even Dr Fauci and Dr Birx have eluded that they believed it was wider than the actual numbers. This to me means at this time 2 of 100 people boarding are immune for some unknown period of time. This also means that some will board with the virus that won't be yet effecting their body temp and they will just not know that they are infected. And this is not just at the home port but at each port. Covid will strike the cruise ships. And I don't see any cruise being able to stop it. I do see them making a good stab at it. I think a goal that is brought up in reopening planning meetings is safety and having a passenger base that at least has a feeling that it is safe enough to book. I think that the number of passengers on board has to be reducing significantly and wearing of masks on the inside of the ship will be mandatory. I believe there are people that will not want to wear a mask and I can see a good argument to say its value is diminished because eating and drinking and will be an exception. I believe there will be a tiny little lady outside of each restaurant saying "washy washy", but you won't see her cute smile. Sterile masks will be found in your cabin for next day use. It won't make formal night as attractive. Maybe the theater and comedy club will have more shows over a greater period of time. Maybe the store will be having the "sales" and give a ways in larger rooms on the ship. I don't think it will look like what we are use to but then it may be fun anyway. And there is the rub, different yet still enjoyable. There is always a risk to everything you do, even driving to work, but we as people must ask ourselves is it worth the risk? I think many will say it is worth it and others will say wait and see. I think stewards will be cleaning rooms more often and have less rooms under their charge and maybe the tip rate will be increased. I have a back to back in November and IF I feel pretty confident that the risk is not too great I will be on it. We love to cruise and I have a pent up demand in my spirit to go again. Yutta Hay my friends. Don't let fear rule your life but also be safe.
  6. Well we have a back to back on the Breeze end of November. I will turn 69 on the cruise and my wife will be 64 during it. I am concerned at this time but not wanting to over react. I am going to watch what happens when the cruise industry resumes. This virus is pretty wild. And I believe the cruise lines will clean deep and often but the issue is we can transmit person to person and there is "the rub" as Hamlet would say. So the desire of the lines is not to have any covid19 cases on board. The trouble is I don't believe that is possible. And CDC is saying that of those that they know have tested positive for the virus, the results are very serious for those over 65. They say that 31-59 percent will be hospitalized, and 11-31 percent will be in intensive care and 4-11 percent will die. If Covid comes onboard it will spread. Let us say that on the way to the cruise I pickup covid on the way to the terminal and I don't know it. No symptoms, no temp, no warning and yet I do have it. And walking down the hallway outside the staterooms next day I say good morning to you with a smile and you catch it in passing. Now we both have it and throughout the day we are passing it. The sick bay will soon start getting cases. And the ship will go into quarantine. And some passengers will get very sick and some will die. What I am saying with all this is the older cruisers must be extremely cautious. And if you are younger, (bet you never thought that you would be called younger in your 30s 40s or 50s then please support cruising and keep it alive for the seniors. We will join you later when there is a defeat of this plague. Maybe it will mutate itself outta existence like Sars and Mers. Maybe there will be a vaccine in september or next january. I don't know but this will end one day. I just look forward to hearing "Welcome aboard".
  7. I have a back to back scheduled on the Breeze in late november that was done before Covid. Right now I am letting it ride. I have been reading up on some of the Caribbean ports and they too are fighting the silent enemy. Some believe they will remain closed thru the end of the year. Others said they would open sooner to fly in tourist before opening to cruise ships. It appears logical that someone staying on the island for days will spend more cash than a cruise ship passenger. They could even screen at the airport but the crowd from a ship would be too large. They have to worry about the islands safety also. I do think if some of the port-of-calls had to be skipped, I would still climb onboard as we have been to most of them and some a lot. My only real concern is feeling safe on board. I dont feel like cleaning the boat is THE answer but it is part of it. This thing is spread by even speaking to someone else in close quarters. If I was chief honcho of a cruise line I would be passing out face masks that are of a excellent quality. And adding more sterilization stations at every bar. Wash your hands and have a drink sort of thing. Only real issue is wearing a mask isnt possible when drinking and eating. Distancing onboard would be an issue. Last night the medicos were talking about trials for vaccines going on that will wrap up next April. If one works well then we will have a vaccine to end all of this. I wish them all the luck in the world. I want to go back to normal.
  8. Here in NC things are just very strange. We have been locked down for at least 6 weeks. Most days for me and my wife just pass by. We are both retired and this was the time to enjoy our retirement. I go to the grocery store 7am on mondays for senor hour but people dont care about it and it can get somewhat busy. I see the walmart and lowes parking lots that are as full as if it was christmas. I am staying low but we both feel we are very in danger for shedding this mortal coil if we contract this virus. And it will be next year before there will be a viable vaccine. We have a back to back cruise scheduled for late november on the Breeze. Its too early to think much about it but I am afraid it wont be possible for us. But things seem to be changing and I guess us older folks will have to just stay on a self imposed quarantine till there is a final answer. Just hope it comes sooner than I hear.
  9. The pin, I love the pin. And the priority thingy but I love the pin.
  10. hey there,! Look, I wont do the Sunrise again BUT, she was clean and the crew worked hard and did a good job. We hit the lido early at 7am most days and it wasnt bad. Lido lunches in port were pretty good, try the turkey, it was moist and tasty like mama use to make. The movies were pretty good and it wasnt hard finding a seat. I ate in the MDR anytime dining 7 of the 10 nights and went right after they opened and there was no wait at all. I had Rio as my head waiter and she was very quick. If you like the specialty restaurants I heard no complaints at all. And a day at sea beats a day on land. BTW i didnt smell any sewage anywhere. If you like the specialty restaurants I heard no complaints at all. Ok that was me looking at the positive side. Look you need to go to form your own opinion, we all look at these cruises from different angles. Just have fun.
  11. Oh ok the abbreviation I hadnt understood, I am guessing that the S is stateroom.
  12. Congrates! Did you manage to get the same room as it is a pita to move from one cabin to another on that morning.
  13. I also just got back from the 10 day Sunrise cruise. And like you I didnt care for the Sunshine but I would sail on her again, the Sunrise is now the ONLY ship in ANY line that I will not set foot on even for a half price ticket. Sunshine is the better of the two. I am also a smoker and even I headed for deck 10 to light up. I stood in the smoking section and watched the smoke and it headed into the elevator shaft area. And those people were force to walk right by the smokers to go anywhere on deck 5. So this time I felt for the nonsmokers. Sunshine had the same issue i believe,
  14. Good time to buy Carnival stock as this to shall pass.
  15. In the old days the line would pass out envelopes for each position and you could put the tip in and then hand the envelope to the appropriate person. Then they started the automatic tipping and I found out I was over tipping lol. I had tipped based on the service and joy given and obviously was very joyful. So now I leave it alone unless it was really bad service. But then i cant just leave it alone as I feel some of the crew does much better than the standard tip so I pass out a little extra to those that i really enjoyed. I feel good about it , they feel good about it and we all are happy. But to make a tip mandatory is ludicrous, if you want to do that then just add it to the cost of the cruise and be done with it and hang a sign that says no tips required.
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