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  1. I have one in sept and I aint so sure it will be sailing. A b2b in november is more possible. I hope your cruise sails and you have a good time. P.S. I drove thru Rockwall earlier this month. Busy town.
  2. hey cruise the solar system in 10 days, on the beautiful Carnival Speculation!! lol ok I am done. I am WAYYYYY off topic.
  3. There was not mention of any of these before your post, are you deflecting again???
  4. LOL I am a cruise nut, not a astro nut. Anyhow there are no watery oceans on Mars.
  5. But no one from this message board knows the details of a given patient and what is best for this specific patient. Some doctors are not as good as others for sure but each person selects their doctor and deem if said doctor is an idiot.
  6. Look I am a Cruise Nut, and I don't agree with everything posted. But a person has a total right to their opinion. I am open for discussion and enjoy the transfer of ideas. But when people throw jabs in order to sting at the core of another it is going to far. And all that does is end intelligent conversation and start a argument. If a person finds they feel unsafe taking a job that is fine, and if they are all in favor that is fine also. But no one should feel they can dictate to other. Now discuss the pros and cons is much more helpful.
  7. AND you were the ONE that said "Will this one be the dose of "Bleach" that is supposed to help?"
  8. I remember that and I remember Nancy saying come on down to China town, and Fauci sayin Feb 29 , there is nothing to worry about and Biden yelling that Trump was Xenophobic for shutting down travel from china . And me being a idiot believed them.
  9. With all respect, there is evidence. Jump over and look at Israel. They have about a 66 percent herd immunity, and running about a ,71 infection rate which is real good. The new cases continue to drop along with hospitalization and deaths . Percentage of positive tests are only 0.3 . It is working like gang busters there. And they arent even to 70 percent yet. The jabs have slowed way down in the past week and I think they are now having a lot of resistance in the remaining population.
  10. One Doctor trumps all cruise nuts. I would follow the docs advice and not worry about it. You did the right thing.
  11. You have every right to decide either way. I can't tell you why you should take the jab. For me, I felt covid would kick my tushy and maybe have me start feeding worms. I am 69, and in excellent health for someone my age. I got my physical in March and my Doc was pleased that I got the jab. But wouldn't it be wisest to simply ask your Doctor? he/she knows your health best, has a medical degree, and you obviously trust as you selected them as your doc.
  12. I would agree to a point. But let me toss this out to you. If assiligo only had a small dose of covid-19, thier body may have gotten ahead of it before it got bad. What if the next dose was large? Would the symptoms be stronger has thier body got ahead of it? Just a thought.
  13. You are more likely to catch the flu and they are still looking for anyone that can pass on the virus after being vaccinated
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