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  1. I think the repayment only happens if you have paid in advance for tours etc
  2. We love team trivia on sea days , it is great fun. On sea days it usually starts at noon for a hour so by then I am looking to get out of the sun and it finishes at 1 o'clock a great time for lunch There are lots of prizes and on cruises with a lot of sea days they have an accumulative prize as well.
  3. No, they never announce in advance but is usually a sea day
  4. UK government just announced International cruising to be allowed which should stop the problem of insurance .
  5. Managed to get preliminary documents yesterday , not from web site as still not available but Seabourn emailed them to me .Was disappointed that on a 12 night cruise there was only going to be one formal night , I thought that was only on 7 day cruises. It is not worth packing a dinner suit for one night , I am sure some will be pleased but with so many sea days there is plenty of time to change and we think the ship looks great on formal nights. Lets hope the UK government advice gets sorted before November. John
  6. The last Marina day I have seen was on The Spirit ( that long ago)
  7. Hi anybody on the Ovation. Is the quiz still going ahead and is the same format with teams ???
  8. It appears when you go to booked and look under what club benefits you want. I thought it was something new as the have take internet off the choices as it is now included. Just got this reply from seabourn "This is not anything to worry about, it is just a bit of coding to which Seabourn Club Benefits you have chosen." I was not worried just thought they might be adding something as the choices are getting smaller. John
  9. Does anybody know what "preferencesLanding.benefitsCatagories.TPINT4H " are. It has just appeared on the benefits.
  10. After 10 cruises , we have had a mariner day only twice and they were both on the Spirit to show you how long ago.
  11. I think you will find that means V1 is the minimum you will be given , which is the minimum on the Ovation anyway. I am sure you will have a great time wherever your cabin is
  12. Has anybody seen what restrictions will be on board when cruises start next week . Will masks be required when walking around the ship, how about around the pool and in the lounges. I would hope those boarding soon will have be told by now ?
  13. One of the advantages of morning departures , especially in hot climates like Greece is it can get very hot at lunchtime , also you tend to avoid a lot of other tours from hotels etc. When we are in Greece it was lovely leaving a site just a a load of other coaches were arriving.
  14. I am not concerned about the seats being full when I arrive but when there are 4 or 5 single seats left seems to me bit inconsidarent
  15. My only annoyance with the bar seating in the observation and TK is couples who sit down leaving one seat gap between them and the next couple which reduces the spaces by half . Yes I have asked people to move up in the past but you really should not have to.
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