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  1. We found the roast chicken the most over rated dish , no better than the average one we have for Sunday lunch. Perhaps it is a UK thing. I find once a week in the TK is ample as the menu hardly changes, although I do like the new bar on the new ships.
  2. if you email the seabourn club they will tell you how many but not on what day. This you have to wait til you are on board.
  3. I always get a quote from Seabourn. Sometimes really cheap other times not , but always worth checking first. Just booked LHR to Dubai and return Athens - lhr. Was half as much as i could book myself with no air credit involved.
  4. Ask the Seabourn club and they will tell you if the bbq is on that day.
  5. I have found most officers seem to prefer to eat in the Colonnade , most probably for something a bit lighter to eat.
  6. Ithikan Do not be put off , these situation are the exceptions not the rule. You can always get one ore two selfish people on any cruise but I have founds the passengers on Seabourn generally very good company.
  7. The problem is that in the US you can cancel and rebook without losing the deposit as long as it is before final payment so they have no option but to allow the change. It is of course not the same in the UK.
  8. You cannot use the voucher if you are getting any other credit from Seabourn. Note that often so called credit from TA`s come from Seabourn so you have to check. Remember that if the credit is less than $400 you can get the referral credit instead by cancelling the other credit.
  9. If you go to the square when you arrive they will print you a list whilst you wait.
  10. We were on the Sojourn some years ago and the had a halloween party in the Club when all the crew and most of the passengers dressed up. I think it depends on the CD but I would guess there will be something.
  11. Well the prices are now showing and I notice the same cruise for 2020 has risen by nearly 40 pc in 2021. I know that they usually are more expensive early and then get reduced nearer the date but I feel with the added capacity Seabourn are taking a chance.
  12. Our TA`S website has details of cruises after Oct 20 but does not show any prices but still nothing on Seabourn`s website
  13. Ask Seabourn they will tell you.
  14. We had couple who would come to the Colonade early in their gym clothes put something on a table for two outside then go to the gym for a hour back to their cabin for a shower and then to their reserved table . HELP!!!!!
  15. The only place used to be in the Thomas keller , but now they have a separate bar with a pianist on the new ships it does not happen there
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