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  1. The Victorious (Pleasant) Pheasant Pluckers with their teddies won on Seabourn Encore Singapore-Dubai 22/4-8/5/19 for the accumulated quiz ! Great cruise, great people, happy memories !!
  2. Do they still stop for lunch if it is Ramadan?
  3. If you go to the square and ask for a list of the complementary wines they will print a lis t for you . There are usually 15 -20 to choose from
  4. After just doing the Singapore to Dubai cruise we are considering the next leg Dubai to Athens. Can anybody tell me how long and the cost of the trip from Aqaba to Petra is ? Many thanks John
  5. I expect you are correct , we were nervous about the larger ships after the Spirit but were pleasantly surprised.We always keep an open mind and try to think positive. See you on board John & Marion
  6. Mr Luxury It will be our first on the bigger ships, hope we will not be disappointed.
  7. Hi Anybody know who is the CD on the Encore at the moment, We board in one week Thanks John
  8. Hi Wendy Yes they were the life boats, it is the same for all ships John
  9. I have found the temperature in the ship to be consistent in hot or cold climates , I wear a jacket most evenings in the restaurant or inside bars and find it comfortable even though I feel the heat , my other half who feels the cold sometimes need a light cardigan.It is impossible to please everybody but I feel they get it about wright. In the cabins you can adjust the aircon .
  10. Air France did fly via Paris and KLM via Amsterdam but since the hurricane I do not know if has changed
  11. I think you will find that with only your club number a password is still required. Your other question . The referral is not combinable with other Seabourn credits and it depends on if your so called TA credit is from them or Seabourn
  12. It is a pre printed voucher with the referrers details on it . Ie name and club details
  13. You can always ask for the referral voucher to be sent to you to fill in but the sender would still have to have your address .
  14. Send an email to Seabourn and request it, I have found they will try to get on board whatever you want. Tell them if you wan it in your cabin or a particular bar.
  15. Try getting a price from Seabourn , a couple of years ago we had the same problem when sailing from Dover to Quebec , the airline wanted £1200 pounds for one way from Quebec to London but when I checked with Seabourn they got it for £200. I do not know how but it was a no brainer.
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