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  1. https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/fullarticle/2765837 Graph on what tests detect covid and for how long. Takeaway - PCR tests are more sensitive and detect covid virus for 6+ weeks after exposure. Antigen (red in this graph) detects the virus for less time - 2-3ish weeks after exposure. It's not a perfect science and we are still learning. But that's (another reason why) I will get a rapid test before I cruise. (and yes I'm vaxxed)
  2. October 31 sailing on Allure. St Thomas/St Maarten/CocoCay. Have not received this email but am very hopeful this will be enforced on our sailing. Wondering - how does this affect the FL/Desantis/$5000 fine law?
  3. I just saw this on the RC website for cruises leaving through August. This is new this week?? When indoors, CDC guidelines require all guests 2 and older to wear masks unless they are actively eating or drinking. The CDC does make allowances for guests to remove their masks in venues and events dedicated to fully vaccinated parties. RC is now requiring vaccinated passengers cruising out of FL to now wear a mask anytime outside of our room or when not actively eating/drinking? That definitely changes our perspective. I understand embarkation and disembarkation requiring masks. Our traveling party had agreed it was probably safer on a ship where it's probably a higher vaccination rate than anywhere else we go. The testing and small amount of cases onboard don't bother me. It's probably lower than most grocery stores. But going back to masks required the majority of the time? We got vaccinated for many reasons, and don't want to be lumped in with those that chose not to just because RC says so. Yikes, not sure if an AI doesn't sound better than that. More FCC I guess if it doesn't change. I guess we have some a month or so to see how it goes (perhaps leaving Oct 31)
  4. We have already made final payment. And we are trying to meet up with my sister and her husband in CLT on the way there and haven't had much success with needing specific flights on Air2Sea. And *pretty* sure we will be cruising, but we have so much FCC out there don't need to add 2k+ credit on flights that we might not take.
  5. We are sailing on the Allure October 31. We are all vaccinated and very excited. Cautiously optimistic. Haven't booked our flights yet, but working on our costumes!
  6. And having Covid possibly/probably isn't as effective of getting it as a vaccine. There is a lot we don't know, but I don't think it's accurate to say having had Covid is the same as getting the vaccine.
  7. True but misleading. A lot is unknown about covid in general. CDC stopped tracking breakthrough cases because they are such a small percentage and very low chance of serious symptoms/complications/hospitalization/death. 99.2% of US June covid deaths were unvaxxed people. https://healthfeedback.org/claimreview/unvaccinated-individuals-now-account-for-the-vast-majority-of-covid-19-hospitalizations-and-deaths-in-the-u-s-according-to-available-data/
  8. Check out cruises a few days before final payment is due. That’s when we will make our decision.
  9. Can you provide a peer reviewed study that shows that vaccinated people have been contagious and given the virus? Probably not. I don’t think it’s a known factor either way. Studies have shown vaccinated people who do get the virus are typically asymptotic and usually only discover they are positive because of required asymptomatic testing for a job, college, etc. Either way, to state vaccinated people who do get covid can be contagious and give the virus to others *might* be true. Maybe not. Odds are certainly lower. Lots of disinformation both ways.
  10. https://www.cdc.gov/quarantine/pdf/CDC-Conditional-Sail-Order_10_30_2020-p.pdf page 33 of that document (which could change tomorrow of course, but currently the rule) states that if a ship reaches the number of infected passengers (currently 1.5%) or infected crew (currently 1%) the following must occur. I can’t get the document to copy paste, but you can use the link and scroll to page 33 Number 3 is one that spells out what people have been claiming/wondering. The cruise heads back to home port and all crew and passengers are either isolated (if sick) or quarantined (not sick)
  11. Social media will be exploding with videos of angry cruise passengers if cruise lines think they can enforce different rules for vaxxed/non-vaxxed. Ugh. Our family decided to realize FCC with RC is a sunk cost unless they extend it until CDC relaxes their restrictions of quarantining passengers and returning to port if cruises pass the 1.5% threshold. Not scared of covid anymore. Just don’t want to be stuck in my room
  12. I wonder how many people who currently are opposed to MRNA technology in the covid vaccine will maintain that feeling if the same technology is used to fight cancer and that is the best course of action recommended by medical professionals for the treatment of themself or a loved one. “Nah. Too new. That technology is only 50 years old.”
  13. Or cut my cruise short and/or make me quarantine in my stateroom if I’m not sick.
  14. No one is requiring anyone to cruise, go to a certain school, have a particular job. I’m so tired of that argument. That and people using loose when they should use lose.
  15. Ok thanks. Final payment is due end of July so I guess we will have some time (4 weeks-ish from the US without meeting the 95%) to see how it all rolls out. I have way too much FCC to bet any more on the CWC thing when it’s so unknown. So sad because I’m so ready to go!
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