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  1. What is the d+ bogo? A once a cruise specialty dining bogo? We made d+ In December but haven’t cruised since
  2. This process bodes well for those that don’t need unlimited specialty dining because availability for booking in advance will have less competition. I looked at the numbers for our next two cruises and only on one cruise are we paying more by booking in advance vs unlimited. And that’s partly because it includes chefs table which isn’t a part of unlimited. We are in the coastal kitchen a couple times so that definitely helps our additional specialty dinner costs I guess if you want lunch and breakfast specialty or multiple dinner options per night you could come out ahead. Assuming there is availability. I can’t see is doing specialty dining for anything but dinner except for one son who likes JR so it probably wouldn’t make sense for us anyway. I am willing to pay a little extra to have plans in advance and more control of our experience.
  3. I will be super curious to see how this plays out real time. Hibachi seems to be pretty full the moment you step onboard, so even for its “included” availability will probably be very limited. We like to have more control of dining times so have never done a package. But I’m guessing this will be good for us trying to book in advance and pay in full because now most will try to do a package and will no longer be our competition. But again, curious to see how it plays out.
  4. There was a thread about this a while back. No one was sure if there was a geo-block for HBOgo on cruises. I would guess yes. But can’t confirm. Maybe someone currently on a cruise can confirm one way or another? totally get wanting to watch it when it first comes out. I will be at a Zac brown concert April 14 but no one better tell me anything and I won’t be checking social media until after I watch it!
  5. There is a lot of threads about traveling with infants/toddlers all with a lot of different opinions. We went on a family cruise and my niece brought her then 1yo. She had lots of help during the day but at night she and her husband both went to bed early with the baby most nights. They had a great time. But I think they did a great job of agreeing beforehand how they would handle nights and naptimes during the day. I think you have to decide if you want to deal with the limitations of having a young child on a cruise. It can still be a great family vacation. But you will be hands on most of the time with your 18mo. If not all the time. We never did it, but with my niece I saw it could be done. Still better than cooking and cleaning and lots of family quality time. It’s all about expectations.
  6. Hmmm. You all have a lot more vacation than us right now!! Which is very fun for you! We will someday be there. we love RC but in becoming empty nesters next fall none of the longer RC cruises really appealed to us. We are doing Celebrity in Asia for 2 weeks, 10 days on the Paul Gauguin in French Polynesia. And then we shall see. Honestly if they were great at all of it we probably wouldn’t branch out so I’m torn because we might discover something else we love. But I guess my experienced opinion will have to wait until I experience the other lines for that length of time.
  7. I think that’s very practical. One never knows. (And I do the same but with a small amount of laundry detergent).
  8. I don’t wash many dishes on a cruise. But I do wash my soda cup in the sink often when I’m cruising. Probably not completely sanitary but better than nothing. DH however never unwraps his either. This comes in handy if the kids lose their cup. Otherwise it stays on the ship where hopefully it gets reallocated.
  9. And I don’t understand that. We live in NC which is a reasonable drive. And GA and SC are even closer. Why such great rates for FL residents?
  10. This is a super interesting thread. OP, I admire your courage in posting your experience. Inevitably, someone from CC is going to jump on you about what you don’t understand or what you should have done differently. I am mostly a lurker gleaning information from the vast resources here, mainly because I’m a bit scared to ever express an opinion or story. And sometimes even a question. Most frequent travelers have a “war story” or two. But this is definitely something I would not have expected. To be pulled out of your room like that and standing in the hallway in your robes. Just the shock and length of the process. I can’t imagine. Thanks for sharing.
  11. We have several friends that are supposed to board Sunday as well. They received communication from RC saying they would receive a decision tomorrow.
  12. The main promenade usually has several. We found this fun setup next to the pizza place.
  13. On the RC app it listed every time we got a drink. I don’t think it had amounts, but unless you are getting wildly different drinks every time you could probably get a reasonable estimate by multiplying number of drinks by average cost. Don’t forget the intangible benefits of not worrying about the cost of this or that drink, and the non-guilty feeling you get when you don’t finish a drink or walk away from a drink you don’t like, and the fun feeling of trying a new drink with no financial risk.
  14. If I book an activity that I have to pay for on a sea day I usually shoot for shortly after lunch. But that’s because I usually sleep in, *maybe* exercise, have lunch and then am ready to start day. If it’s nice and I’m happy at the pool after a couple hours I might not be ready to leave. Probably your schedule is different, but I think it’s helpful to shoot for shortly after your day gets gets going and you get too comfortable in a current situation.
  15. We had a December cruise on the Symphony. I thought I was pretty good about checking my cruise planner regularly. I booked all our dining and entertainment but escape room opened up after general entertainment and I missed it prebooking it. I saw it was added a couple months before our cruise and it was sold out online except for one spot here or there. We got onboard at 11 and I went to On Air by 11:30 to try to book and it was sold out for entire week except for 2-3 random spots. We were a larger group so passed. I guess it depends on the ship.
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