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  1. Anyone? Surely someone has pictures of this?
  2. Does anyone have any recent pictures from either Millennium or Summit (looking for post revolution) for an accessible Sky Suite? Bathroom pictures would be especially helpful. Thanks very much in advance.
  3. Loving your blog. Please say hello to Lazar from Joe and David (San Fran)
  4. Im sure that at this late date, the reservation has been passed from shore side to the ship. Therefore, the ship has control of the booking. I disagree its bad marketing as nothing was promised (on board review is better than rejected) and hopefully the OP will come back and let us know they were pleasantly surprised.
  5. I don't know that its special enough to arrive early just to see but we did enjoy it. It has a great design and there are some light refreshments and drinks available. There is also a rooftop terrace to enjoy the sunshine.
  6. Your review was amazing. We are doing this same cruise in December and just booked most of our tours this weekend. We did almost the exact same things you did in terms of hiring private guides, even booking Celebrity's Halong Bay Cruise! Thanks so much for taking the time to post such detailed information.
  7. Though I never met you, I am so sad to hear of this news. Because of your words, we know how wonderful she was. May your memories bring you joy in this dark time.
  8. I am looking forward to seeing all the info you post. We are doing the same itinerary in December. Thanks in advance for taking the time during your cruise to do this.
  9. I seem to be the minority but for the most part, I absolutely love the design of Edge, including the EV. I have heard that some guests do not like that its two floors (stairs). I think it works really well for 2 but unless you are going to use a sleeper sofa downstairs, 3 would be tough. That being said, there is plenty of room to open the sleeper, and there is a complete bathroom downstairs. I have only stayed in the PH on M class ships. The EV feels much more compact but I really liked the layout and design. And the balcony is tiny in comparison.
  10. We were in an Edge Villa and it definitely had an espresso machine. However, the second half of the B2B we were in a sky suite and it didn't have it.
  11. On Edge, there was indeed a limited menu served on the retreat deck. There were some turkey roll ups, luminae burger, shrimp cocktail, caesar salad, a very good grilled chicken sandwich and the area was staffed by servers from Luminae.
  12. Luminae looks exactly the same. I wish they had renovated the space to look like Luminae on Edge. It was beautiful.
  13. I can tell you that we were invited to all of the S-Class preview cruises but we were not for Edge. And we almost always book suites so I don't think that has anything to do with it. We lived in Miami previously so perhaps that is the reason?
  14. nps001


    I have TravelPro, Tumi and Briggs and Riley. Without a doubt, the B&R is the most expensive but by far the best. And they have a lifetime guarantee regardless of who causes the damage.
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