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  1. Makes total sense except for one thing: the newer ships are much more efficient, have higher suite counts ( and thus cruise fare per cabin), more specialty restaurants, etc. I can imagine Celebrity keeping back an M class ship before and Edge class.
  2. Ive only been calling Celebrity Air. They have been very helpful and nice but it seems they only can say that it is being worked on and it will be credited soon.
  3. I'm having the same issue. In fact, some others on my same cruise have already gotten cruise refunds. I chose the FCC and got that already but I've been calling every 2 weeks to find out about my air refund. Our refund is $6,000+
  4. Citibank actually switched my account number and I was told by them that the refund would automatically go on the new account.
  5. Just a few points: Don't know if any of you read the CC post but Celebrity is actually quoting 30 BUSINESS days for refunds and is one of the shortest times. Some cruise lines are quoting 90 days for refunds. As crazy as it sounds, credit card numbers are not permitted to be emailed which is why banks require a fax versus email. It sounds crazy that a fax laying around is more secure than an email but if you've ever deal with a doctor regarding specific medial conditions or advice, they do the same---fax only, no fax.
  6. Way too many to list. We have become friends with so many officers and crew and still keep in touch with them today. God bless them and keep them healthy in this mess we are dealing with.
  7. I also use wifi calling when at sea. As others have said, ensure you turn off cellular data (and roaming to be sure) and turn on wifi calling. Then connect to the ship wifi. You can send texts and receive calls without issue.
  8. We were just on Millie this past December/January and I thought she looked great. The transformation of Ocean View Cafe was a wow. She looked fresh and not worn in any way.
  9. Quick questions-- As many times as we have sailed in a suite, we've never thought about shoe shines or having the mini bar emptied. Can anyone have it filled with say Diet Coke and Sparkling water? Also--do you mind explaining the shoe shine process? Did you call your butler to request it or did you just leave your shoes out to be shined while you went to dinner? Many thanks
  10. Question----What are the perks you mention? I have used them in the past and have flights booked again for our December cruise but wasn't aware of perks. Thanks.
  11. Does anyone have any recent pictures from either Millennium or Summit (looking for post revolution) for an accessible Sky Suite? Bathroom pictures would be especially helpful. Thanks very much in advance.
  12. Loving your blog. Please say hello to Lazar from Joe and David (San Fran)
  13. Im sure that at this late date, the reservation has been passed from shore side to the ship. Therefore, the ship has control of the booking. I disagree its bad marketing as nothing was promised (on board review is better than rejected) and hopefully the OP will come back and let us know they were pleasantly surprised.
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