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  1. We were canceled in the last round and had our refunds in our accounts about 2 weeks ago, so I would definitely follow up. They also told us 60 days but we were refunded in about a week. Mind you, it did take another week for the backdated refund to show in our account.
  2. I had very similar experiences with the last 2 sets of cancelled cruises. We all complained when it took very long, so in fair play, Kudos to X for the quick refunds.
  3. When we aren't able to book a suite (sold out or incredibly high pricing), we usually dine in specialty restaurants and avoid the MDR. On M and S class, the specialty restaurants are adequate and good but on the Edge class, even though we absolutely love Luminae, we always book Raw on 5 and also Fine Cut. They are both excellent. We have booked Eden twice but canceled. For the last 4 cruises we once again booked Eden but alas they have been canceled. We want to try the revamped menu.
  4. We usually stay in Sky Suites but did stay in an Edge Villa and it was wonderful. You can enter on either floor and it has a very useful layout. Being able to walk out to the retreat deck was great also. We did have the butler fill the plunge pool once and it was nice. If we could afford it, we would book it always.
  5. It appears all April and May TAs have been zeroed out. The prices are still showing but when selecting a category "no rooms available" displays. And our current reservations keeps saying "we've encountered an error" when I click on "manage my reservation" I was hoping that Apex would be a go since it doesn't sail until May 😞
  6. I could be totally wrong, but I believe the ships have to be in US waters for a period of time before they can be "green" Most Carnival ships were moved and then slowly started coming back. Apex has been in Europe until recently. Perhaps this explains the "red"?
  7. Can you note where you found this? I have a B2B booked and also spoke to Celebrity last week who confirmed there is no restriction and they are still allowing customers to book B2B.
  8. I dont know if this will be helpful but the BA port was (I assume Celebrity uses the same terminal) more like an industrial port than a typical port such as Miami or Barcelona. As I recall, Celebrity used the ramp to access the ship and not the "bridges" That should be okay with a wheelchair. I would be more concerned with the shuttle busses being ADA compliant more so than anything else.
  9. Sounds like it might be affecting various internet browsers but not all. And to answer your question, no. I book B2B all the time and can modify the dates and airports (flying into MIA versus FLL) though many times it will give you a warning.
  10. I havent seen that website in ages. Flights by Celebrity can be found when making a reservation. Look for View Itinerary and Flights, just under the Book Now Tab. The layout is much different now but the function the same.
  11. Makes total sense except for one thing: the newer ships are much more efficient, have higher suite counts ( and thus cruise fare per cabin), more specialty restaurants, etc. I can imagine Celebrity keeping back an M class ship before and Edge class.
  12. Ive only been calling Celebrity Air. They have been very helpful and nice but it seems they only can say that it is being worked on and it will be credited soon.
  13. I'm having the same issue. In fact, some others on my same cruise have already gotten cruise refunds. I chose the FCC and got that already but I've been calling every 2 weeks to find out about my air refund. Our refund is $6,000+
  14. Citibank actually switched my account number and I was told by them that the refund would automatically go on the new account.
  15. Just a few points: Don't know if any of you read the CC post but Celebrity is actually quoting 30 BUSINESS days for refunds and is one of the shortest times. Some cruise lines are quoting 90 days for refunds. As crazy as it sounds, credit card numbers are not permitted to be emailed which is why banks require a fax versus email. It sounds crazy that a fax laying around is more secure than an email but if you've ever deal with a doctor regarding specific medial conditions or advice, they do the same---fax only, no fax.
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