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  1. Is one price generally better than the other. I almost always use and incognito window with Celebrity.
  2. 6135 is a great room for going through the canal. Since it's down low you will be able to just about reach out and touch the lock wall. Of course you will want to go to many places on the ship to view the transit, but we did a transit in one of these C1 cabins on deck 6 and thought it was an excellent location and a deep balcony. Great score for a GTY.
  3. I suspect you will find out on Sept 1. Celebrity people will probably be the last to know.
  4. I found this chart a couple of years ago. It shows the equivalent tiers. I think technically only Captains Club is reciprocal with Le Club Voyage but RCI Crown & Anchor can get reciprocal status in Captains Club even if they haven't sailed Celebrity so that status would reciprocate with Azamara. Clear as mud.
  5. The Suite experience on Celebrity is very nice. Luminae is a very relaxed dining atmosphere where the tables are further apart than Blu or MDR and the service is many steps above. I personally love the Retreat lounge where we have had a great time interacting with fellow suite guests. Yes the drinks in Retreat lounge are complimentary but for us it's the social atmosphere that we really enjoy. The Retreat sundeck would also be available. It's a private sundeck with a hot tub where you can soak up the sun without crowds or chair hogs (well I'm sure there are hogs but theirs plenty of seating). Both ships are very similar and will have both been Revolutionized by then. Given your criteria I think it comes down to how much you want to try the suite experience. Frankly the S2 Sky Suite rooms or balcony are not tremendously bigger than AQ on the "M" class ships, but for us it's Luminae and Retreat that really makes the difference. The B2B out of San Juan you really lose a day due to the turn around in the middle but the weather will be warmer. For me it would probably be the Tampa itinerary because I do like sea days. Actually I'm booked on the 11 day Southern Caribbean from Tampa on January 4, 2021 in a Sky Suite. If that's what you pick look me up in the Retreat!
  6. I know this whole subject of perks always included with suites or the fact they may not be is something new is off topic but I have seen this confusion often on these boards. I don't get value from the drinks package so there have been many times over the last few years I've sailed in suites under resident/senior discounts without perks. Yes there are some times when you can book a suite in the US without the included 4 perks but that option is not always available. Only under special deals like resident/senior "discounts" or Xciting Deals. I just booked a suite this week on Constellation and was only offered the choice of NRD or Refundable. Both include 4 perks. By the way it's gone up $300 pp since I booked when it came out earlier this week. It's interesting that they value the refundable deposit at $580 for a $900 deposit. For that you can self insure as long as you don't cancel every other cruise you book! When I click through on the NRD, here is the price detail showing the 4 Perks
  7. My experience is they always come to you in the Retreat. I'm sure they would meet anywhere you request via the concierge.
  8. Don't forget you are paying for the perk as the price with perks (Sail Plus) is higher than the price without perks (Sail Now). No such thing as a free perk.
  9. On of the many benefits people state for liking a beverage package is the fact that you aren't dealing with cheques. I would hope that if they implement this it will just be another line item on the booking invoice like taxes/fees. I wonder if a Zenith book a Royal Suite or Penthouse which gets a Premium package as a booking perk for booking a suite, one for being Zenith, and one included with the Stateroom if they will be billed 3x the gratuities? ,,
  10. I believe the rumored change is only to the Classic Package IF SELECTED as a booking perk. I believe that if you purchase any beverage package at full retail price the gratuity is added at the time of purchase like it has always been.
  11. I've not stayed it that room but 8172 next door is my favorite room. The Accessible one is wider so the balcony is wider as well as being about 20' deep like all the aft C1's on the M class.
  12. I tried to do it on my phone and I couldn't get it so I did it on the Windows browser when I got home using the X logo as I have always done. I was holding a cabin until I could get my TA on the line. Within 10 minutes the reservation came up under my profile. There is a separate button to display cabins on hold. Then the next trick is you can't cancel the held room online, you have to call.
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