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  1. Would have done that but none available.
  2. I have no real info if they do this or ever have. I just thought it was best for OP to call Blue Chip and discuss their amenities with them.
  3. What about the aft ones next to the corner S1's? Understand there may be some chair scraping from above.
  4. As others have said the cabins are all the same. We sometimes take a 1A on the slant of the hump on deck 7 or 8 or 9. As others have said the first and third off the hump are the largest. The ones without the sofa bed (black square) are bed by the balcony where the other ones are bed by the bath. Because we like starboard side and the largest balcony we are usually in the first cabin off the aft side of the hump. On the latest sailing C3 was actually cheaper than 1B category so using the 1 category Captains Club upgrade we chose the C2 at the C3 price and got up a couple of decks.
  5. Silhouette got everything planned. They didn't add the new suites forward which were originally planned but were dropped months before the work began. They had enough time even with the move to Cadiz as they cancelled the 14 night January 31 cruise to extend the dry dock enough to transit back and forth to Spain.
  6. It's almost always best to move a reservation vs cancel and rebook.
  7. The M-LIFE $200 Platinum $300 Noir OBC I believe is per person (if you both have status) and is over and above the $300 OBC per cabin which is part of 4PERKS. Since it looks like you are Platinum or Noir I think you should call Celebrity Blue Chip Club at 1-888-858-4478 and get discuss with them to understand all your benefits. Now if they were to reciprocate your M-Life status to Blue Chip Sapphire benefits then that includes a beverage package and access to the Retreat lounge which has complimentary drinks all day, then you might not need the 4PERKS if you are having to pay for it. Again call.
  8. The other couple of options you may have to argue your case. Have the TA place a 3 way call with Celebrity so you can argue your case. Try to get the call pushed to resolutions if necessary as they tend to have the final say. Compose a detailed email outlining your case, what you have done to try to get a reasonable resolution. Be firm but polite. Send to CelebrityOneTouch@celebrity.com. You are correct that there are many itineraries which have no direct replacement. I think it would have been nice if they provided at least 1 substitute sailing where they would protect the price/perks so that everyone would have the choice of using the program. Good luck.
  9. I guess this is a modified 3 Perk sale where the extra 3rd perk is only $10 OBC pp/pd. I believe these sales are based on the normal 2 perk price. I don't think this is going to work out to be a deal on any of my future sailings. Just shows how inflated the 2021/2022 prices are. I will actually do the pricing tomorrow to see but I don't expect any joy.
  10. Never happens on cancelled cruises. I had a paid in full cruise which I cancelled 2 days prior to sailing due to death of my father. Not only did the NH TA not provide the OBC they still charged the $50 pp cancellation fee. After a letter expressing my complaints they subsequently gave me $100 extra OBC on a subsequent cruise. That experience and a couple of other things had me move away from that TA soon after. I don't begrudge my current TA the "extra" commission on this one as he has done quite a lot of work for me in these tough times. Long wait times with Celebrity to do a Lift & Shift plus a reprice of a B2B.
  11. I'm trying to figure out if there is even an option to buy travel insurance that would cover you if you happen to contract covid-19 while out of the country. I'm not worried about trip interruption just medical coverage and evacuation. I believe I will be willing to take the risk to travel at some point after the cruise lines resume operation but I'm not willing to take the financial risk if the worst were to happen and I were to contract the virus while away from home and require hospitalization. I'm wondering if insurance companies will relax the exclusions after the CDC and State Department (US) reduce the travel warnings.
  12. Celebrity is protecting the commission for the cruises cancelled by their suspension. While no doubt their incomes will be reduced by people who are cancelling on their own I believe at least in the short term they will still have some income. I believe they will also receive commission on the FCC portion when people start using that on future sailings. So while no doubt they will take some hit to their income I don't think it will be as severe as some other small businesses. Most perks they provide their customers come from their commissions so they should be able to provide in the future. I don't begrudge them this but I believe they are paid full commission on suspended sailings and since you won't be sailing they are able to keep the full amount and not be giving a portion to the client via OBC or other perks. I say I don't begrudge them this as no doubt they have had extra work to do during this time servicing these suspended reservations. Just my $.02. If any of my understandings are wrong I hope one of the many TA members will correct me. I do appreciate my TA and have sent him emails telling him that over the last couple of months as he continues to work on my behalf.
  13. I hope it's a RS since aren't the Sunset Suites priced above CS? I know they were on M class ships.
  14. Yes it's sort of confusing that they seem to intermingle FAQ's for Suspended Sailings and those who used CWC. At one point I remember seeing an FAQ which stated that all Suspended and CWC FCC's were extended. At this point I think your best bet is to email the address I gave you before so you can get a response in writing from Celebrity. There are subtle differences in their policies for Suspended vs CWC programs.
  15. My understanding is they extended the sail by until April 2022 for all CWC and Suspended Cruise FCCs. The apply to a sailing date is still 12/31/2021. You really should confirm with Celebrity. I'd email them at CelebrityOneTouch@celebrity.com to confirm.
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