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  1. So I guess we are doubly inconsistent 9/12 day Equinox B2B in Sept. I believe they changed all 6/8 day itineraries in June/July to 7 days a few months ago but haven't done anything with August or later.
  2. It would always be the prevailing rate/perks.
  3. We also have to remember that Nov 1 is the current expiration date of the CSO. Nothing saying it won't be modified/extended/replaced with something which lasts longer.
  4. Yes. In addition any monies paid over your FCC would also be eligible to be refunded vs 125% FCC. Recent cancellations have had the offer to move to another cruise a year later at a protected per date rate and perks, that may be attractive given what's going on with pricing lately.
  5. This is where I'm at. Document the plan and make it public. While I agree with most of what I've seen with the MSC, TUI, and RCL Sinagpore protocols I'm not even seeing anything close to that detail being provided for the Millie and Apex sailings. In addition I want to know what happens if I ( yes fully vaccinated ) happen to test positive onboard or if I've been deemed a close contact with someone that is? The approach of we'll let you know later or "trust us" is not sitting well with me a very loyal Celebrity cruiser.
  6. If you were to reconsider and cancel now is your only option CwC FCC or was there some other considerations made for these early sailings. You have made final payment already since June 5 is less than 90 days away correct. Just curious.
  7. Does anybody know if anyone in the FL government is helping the cruise lines with contingency planning which the CDC is looking for to assure that a ship returning to a FL port has the necessary medical facilities available without overloading the healthcare system of the FLL/MIA, Tampa or PC areas? It would seem that this is an area where the state, cruise lines and CDC could cooperate to find an acceptable solution.
  8. I think they should be pretty happy being able to sell 25% of the full capacity of the ship without providing any details on how they will maintain safety onboard or what will happen if 1 or more people test positive. I think the pricing is about double what I would normally pay for a late summer Caribbean cruise on a M class ship plus the additional cost of airfare and travel inconvenience made it a non starter for me. I'm a loyal Celebrity cruiser but I can't just blindly trust them to do what's right for me. I need some details which I'm afraid they may never reveal.
  9. Why does it matter how he booked. Celebrity has not officially announced any new cancellations at the moment. Many people don't need a "real travel agent" however you define that. I'd assume the notice of cancellation will be made in the next few days based on past behavior.
  10. Occasionally Celebrity does offer promotions with discounts for certain cruises for Captains Club members. You may want to contact Captains Club and give them your C&A numbers to get registered as Captains Club members. Diamond reciprocates as Elite so once you had CC numbers you would be eligible for these promotions at the Elite discount if they are offered again. But there is no standard discount like the balcony discount. There is also the 1 category upgrade which allows you to book a room at the price of 1 sub category lower. This is usually a discount i
  11. Just to be sure the OP is aware, non refundable deposits are not a total loss if you have to cancel or change sailing dates prior to final payment. In those cases they do charge a $100 pp penalty but the remainder of the deposit is returned as FCC which is good for 1 year. If you change sailing date/ship then the $100 pp fee is applied and the balance transferred to the new reservation. I sail Celebrity multiple times per year so I have been perfectly willing to risk $200 in the event I change my plans to save several hundred in some cases well over $1000. Given recent events
  12. I think Celebrity certainly could have required all passengers to be vaccinated as well at least while sailing at reduced capacity. RCL probably harder.
  13. Just be aware that some of the events like bridge tours and special lunches will probably take awhile to return after sailings resume. I'm pretty sure these gatherings won't happen until after sailings are at 100% capacity, even for the upper suites.
  14. I don't know how this sailing has been priced historically but $220 pp/pd for a TA in an inside???
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