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  1. It had worked on Celebrity when they did this previously. Pretty much any charge which comes up as "Celebrity". It would be worth at try, if you don't get the credit you could always cancel and pay later.
  2. I believe these will be required on restart.
  3. I wouldn't take that for granted. The current CBP included promo they wouldn't let me substitute a different perk. Also when booking suites they force you to pay for the PBP and Wifi that you already get.
  4. If you have the numbers it should be easy for them to verify the values for you.
  5. That's easy book a Royal Suite or S1 6145 or 6146 on M class.
  6. Have you been on Summit since they did the $80 million refit last year? Was a pretty significant face lift although there were a few places left out.
  7. All regular Sky Suites on Reflection have a tub. I'm pretty sure the accessible sky suites have a roll in shower.
  8. They are going to be processing plenty of FCC and refunds anyway as there's no way most of the ships in the fleet will be sailing Q1 of 2021. I suspect the ones that are sailing their itineraries will be nowhere near what they were originally.
  9. It's also in the T&C that it's one offer per CC member so I guest so I guess I wouldn't get it for the 6 sailings currently booked for 2021.
  10. And they already get double points when paying the supplement so would it be quadruple points or just triple?
  11. Too bad it would only take 42 nights in the PH to get to Zenith!
  12. Call and see if they will apply. I think you would have a pretty good chance.
  13. For those chasing points this came out today from Captains Club
  14. Just received this from Captains Club. Book between now and 12/31 any cruise 1/2021 - May 4, 2022 and get double captains club points on verandah or higher cabin.
  15. Did you click to the next screen where it offers 2/4 perks as well. If you select 2 perks it's $0 and you can select any 2 of the 4. Really bad IT. But yes $1700 more is it worth it for 1 perk and assuming the $100 pp penalty?
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