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  1. Last cruise was typical longer itinerary demographics with many 70+ passengers with the typical scooters. As Jim has said probably 20% wearing masks and watching distancing but otherwise enjoying very much. This cruise is a bit younger demographic and I’d say less concerned. We were in Celebrity Central for improve last night at full capacity and only us and our friend were the only 4 non crew wearing masks. I’ve also exited a couple elevators when 6 to eight others packed in. I suspect like lastcruise some of this may change after the first announcement of a positive case.
  2. As of today you are considered fully vaccinated by Celebrity. Who knows if/when they change the rules wrt boosters.
  3. If selecting a S2 we selected one right by the forward elevators. There is a wall dividing so you hear nothing from the elevators plus you are right there to go up to the Retreat venues.
  4. You need to keep up with this page. It tracks the current Celebrity policies. It changes frequently https://www.celebritycruises.com/healthy-at-sea/us-travel-requirements
  5. It's at your convenience through the very left door to the terminal.
  6. I'm interested as well as start my B2B on Sunday. I do expect the answer will be yes that's still going to be the policy. The final explanation given to the last couple experiencing this was that they would not b able to answer the health survey question regarding recent contact with a covid positive person "no". It's all about risk mitigation for the cruise line, they aren't going to take a chance that you subsequently test positive "on their dime".
  7. Have you scrolled all the way to the bottom of the contract? Is there a check box to acknowledge you accept the contract? I suspect it's a mechanism to make sure you have viewed and agree to the contract before letting you proceed.
  8. The covid assurance ends Oct 31 (which coincides with the expiration of CSO coincidence?)
  9. Really non of our business, but if you care to share has there been any mention of compensation for the interruption of your vacation? If so do you find it "reasonable"?
  10. It's not obstructed. Actually a very nice cabin on the slant. I'm in the cabin next door starting Sunday for 21 days. 1122 has bed by the bath and the balcony is about 2x the normal size. The ones either side are the largest balconies and have bed by the balcony.
  11. No we are on the prior 2, will be getting off on the 26th. Just tested negative today and packed the suitcases.
  12. Do we know they only use tracelet data or do they consider things like excursions where everyone who may have been on the bus with the positive case is included? I know this was the case on one of the early Edge cases that they were considered close contact. Although they were only "jailed" for a few hours while 1 test was done. Seems the protocols are "evolving". I've always thought these protocols should be published so we all know what to expect when these things happen. They can certainly be updated as then evolve like is going on with the frequent updates on testing, etc.....
  13. I don't believe Bahamas requires 95% vaccinated, just that all passengers 12 and over are vaccinated. That's what RCL has been doing on all their sailings. They can still carry more than 5% under 12 passengers. https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/2021/08/19/bahamas-cruise-vaccine-requirement-covid/8203321002/
  14. Are RCL and CCL sailing any ships without doing simulated sailings (not required to maintain 95% vaccinated)? Serious question I don't know the answer. That may have some impact on mask requirement.
  15. I believe people have been being flown home. I believe one of the early ones was Boston. I think if you drive to the port they will return you to FLL and you can drive yourself home as that is "private transportation".
  16. There's really very little in walking distance of Cambria.
  17. Yesterday a vaccinated couple was disembarked in Curacao and flown home via air ambulance according to the live posts where one of the posters is being isolated onboard for close contact although testing negative. Waiting for another test tonight.
  18. I had the invite to join MyChart as soon as my appointment was over. It took just over an hour to get the call that we were both negative. By the time I got off the phone the info was in MyChart. Printed out and in my travel documents!
  19. So glad your test was negative and agree it's unacceptable that you had to chase down that result. I wonder if the second test in 24 hrs is due to this being the second set of positives during the sailing. I wonder if this second set of positives were possibly close contacts from the first positives. That I'm sure we will never know.
  20. Until Oct 31 it's at Celebrity's expense. I believe in most cases it's been private air ambulance even for people with minor symptoms.
  21. I agree they are taking it well but this is what you have to deal with to cruise at this time. These are the protocols to contain any spread. I believe you are compensated for any portion of the trip you miss.
  22. Celebrity tests their B2B passengers onboard at the end of the first leg. I don't know if they would do the test onboard for a side by side sailing especially with different lines even if the same parent company. You may want to look at the monitored tests you can take at home as long as you have decent wifi onboard.
  23. It will be interesting to see if they let you out of your room when you test negative tonight. This is the first time I'm hearing of a second PCR test in 24 hrs for close contacts. Please keep us informed and good luck.
  24. # of unvaccinated children isn't coming into play on Celebrity sailings. I think some of the July sailings had ~ 40 - 50 out of 1600+ total. Most times < 1% of the total sailing.
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