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  1. My GE renewal got conditional approval in 3 days but required an interview. Our nearest point is 3 hrs away in Charlotte but there are never open appointments. When we first applied when searching for appointments I saw that San Juan had openings almost every day. We had a cruise planned so just made the appointment and had our interview there. So this time I looked at the whole list of centers and saw Aruba was on the list and there were appointments available in Oct when we were going to be there on a cruise stop. About 2 months later I got an email with an update which was that I was fully approved. When I looked it appeared that the Aruba office no longer does interviews so I guess they just approved.
  2. What a mess on the gangway with 2000 people dragging their luggage😃
  3. This is why I don't understand why people get them. I just book something with a refundable deposit as far in the future as possible. Then when I decide I have my TA move it to the new sailing and at that time decided if I want to keep it refundable but in most cases change to non-refundable as I only have $100/pp at risk.
  4. Well it took Celebrity much longer than a month to return the Butlers to Sky Suites but that's another thread. My opinion is $10/day would be very generous and quite a bit more than we do but I'm sure it would be appreciated. I usually base it as a multiple of what their share of the "required" tip is. I think the current butler share is < $5/day.
  5. Generally these are your deposit for your reservation so no additional deposit should be required. I believe the OBC expires if you don't apply it to a sailing within 6 months. I also believe they are refundable if you don't want to use them.
  6. If you happen to get stuck there tonight the Marriott at the airport is pretty nice, but hopefully you get on your way soon.
  7. Probably their Gold status got them lounge access. I don't think any US airline gives lounge access for PE.
  8. Good to hear. We are sending them in for renewal as soon as we get back from this trip where we leave Saturday. We have about 2 months before the next trip. Everything filled out and doing expedited and express mail. I know it says that expedite shouldn't be necessary but we want to be sure as the price of the next trip is $$$$ and nothing will cover you if you don't have documents to travel.
  9. Yes but you will be charged $100 pp each time you move it.
  10. What currency is that flight. If it's USD what a deal. I'm doing RT east coast to LHR in June in PE on AA and it's way more than double that! I've not seen regular economy to Europe for that price.
  11. I always stipulate no sauce. Many times they bring it on the side anyway.
  12. Just had a thought. If you want one of those cabins "reserved" for 3/4 passengers just book with a dummy 3rd passenger and have them no-show. The current promotion (at least in North America) is 3,4, 5th passengers sail free. If they are going to play the game we should too.
  13. I searched only by date and then filtered by ship and it shows
  14. The 75% off the second passenger was the current promo when you booked and had nothing to do with booking onboard. Whenever you move a reservation you are rebooking at the current prevailing rate and promo for the new sailing. The only perk you maintain is the onboard booking bonus which is adjusted for the new sailing length and cabin category.
  15. Just remember only Aqua on deck 11 have the partitions that open as those cabins were added. AQ on deck 9 don't open. If you are a Captains Club member you can book the A1 on deck 11 at the A2 price.
  16. Probably. Given how full the ships are currently sailing I suspect there are very few MoveUps.
  17. They have Fanta Orange as well.
  18. Yes in the retreat it's not hard to deduce who is in the top suites. The concierge's and retreat managers pay them a lot of attention.
  19. Yes I fully understand. I posted as a hint to others who may be using a VPN and wondering why certain functionality on the app doesn't work.
  20. I had this same situation on Equinox where the IT manager had an access point placed in my Deluxe Veranda stateroom. The Ethernet jack was located next to the power plugs on the desk. Didn't try to direct connect to that jack.
  21. Before final payment you can adjust to the prevailing rate/promo as many times as you want. After final payment nothing unless you have booked within 48 hrs of the drop.
  22. I cancelled a refundable reservation last week. The deposit was pending credit on my credit card account 2 days later.
  23. There are some things that do show up once your connected to the ships wifi. Like your account balance. I use a VPN and with the VPN active I can't see my account balance, I have to disable VPN to see.
  24. We have also been loyal Celebrity (Zenith) and did our first Windstar in January. We used the laundry service quite a bit. I'd say it was maybe a bit better than the Celebrity standard wash/press/hanger service. Off on our second one next week.
  25. Since the OP will be on the sailing I'm sure they will be able to discretely find out who is actually in the room. I too wouldn't be surprised if it was a cruise line executive. If that's the case then it's more inexcusable.
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