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  1. Have no idea about the free wine but TA refared our May 28 2020 Baltic cruise under 3FF- OBS Bal $180 less pp. There seem to be a number of cabins available.
  2. Can I ask when you booked your AC flights and are they for 2020? Just tried 3rd Princess agent again for booking May2020 flights - no go. They did agree I would get the$200pp discount whenever(if ever) their system accepted the booking.
  3. Today’s update. Still same error message, calls to Princess agent who had no luck. Waited on hold while she contacted Ez Air person getting same error. I was told they would report it as a system issue and hopefully would be corrected in 24hrs before sale ends! I am not holding my breath
  4. I think the issue may be because I was including a stop in London on way to Copenhagen and that is much more expensive. Just called AC for their price to do that- horrendous. Can price it separately. Will figure something out but thanks for your offer of help- cruise is May 28 2020
  5. Thanks for that info. Yes, I was trying AC but have now tried AA/BA which is cheaper but still same error message so no joy !
  6. I'm not having any luck today trying book EZ air flights to Baltic with $200pp airfare sale advertised. Go through process until reach book now and then get Error message. Called Princess and agent gets same message. Tried last night, this morning and just now. Feeling frustrated. Anyone else having difficulties?
  7. Lunched at IC every sea day on Sapphire P - the salads were fantastic especially shrimp salad. Enjoyed ham croissants and a nighttime cookie. Location also good.
  8. You don’t have to walk all the way. There are 2seater horse drawn carts to hire. Visited past March- Petra is not to be missed especially if you’re interested in history. The Treasury was an amazing sight. Go and enjoy.
  9. Thanks Steelers36 for that info. From the deck plan it looks like the lifeboats are away from mid section.
  10. Can you comment on the type of obstruction on your Emerald deck balcony on the Regal to Baltic. I am wondering if those will be the same on the Sky Princess - E424 obstructed angled balcony. Thanks
  11. I called random Princess person to change from S&S to landmark sale for June 19 Baltic BE balcony and asked for refundable price. Extra $30CAD pp but $1000 OBC better for us than Bev. Package so changed. When confirmation email came, I notice deposit NON Refundable- not as requested or quoted. I called back now, 8hrs later and told, the price is the same for both NON refundable and refundable! Go figure. Now Have new email stating deposit is refundable. Took 2 phone calls with not much wait time but you need to be very careful with fine print when doing your own bookings.
  12. The 1 page flyer I just looked at regarding landmark sale stated 10 % deposit is refundable. Guess we wait for the 18th for confirmation.
  13. We stopped in Tokyo for a few days. SF to Tokyo 11hrs. Then Tokyo - Sing is 7-8hrs. Depending on time of year, in March Tokyo temps were 10C so gradual adjustment to Sing 30C and humid.
  14. It seems to depend on the ship. Recently on Sapphire Princess OBS OV E308 with bedhead against window- you could see somewhat around the lifeboat when sitting on bed and reasonable amount of light entered. TA and others thought bedhead would be against wall but wasn’t. Only 1 desk chair and extra small table.
  15. Obviously personal preferences. We enjoyed our Feb. 2018 Caribbean trip for itinerary, staff, music variety, food - especially Tamarind and walked the promenade noting some views and seating, although definitely skinny in places! Happy enough to now book the 11day trip Feb 2019.
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