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  1. Are these tables out on the open deck or under the dome. Would they be there at 7.30am?
  2. Security fences will just spoil things for others. If people want to act stupidly they will find a way. Unfortunately their stupid actions may put other peoples lives in danger.
  3. Can anybody tell me if the Oceana Buffet has an outside seating area (but not under the dome)
  4. I do like cruising with P & O despite the best efforts of their IT department doing their best to ruin things. Their online booking system used to work perfectly - the new one does not. Cruise personaliser worked brilliantly - the new ‘My Account‘ does not. My cruises which I booked whilst onboard in September are not showing. i would say “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it’
  5. I have flight to catch. I just wait in a public area of the ship (NOT IN A DEDICATED LOUNGE) and get off when I am ready. I’ve never had a problem, they only scan you off using your cruise card.
  6. I have travelled on both. Aurora is far superior (in my opinion)
  7. I was on a thirty day cruise a few weeks ago and received a voucher which could be taken to the wine shop (once). “Purchase a litre of wine for in cabin consumption for approx. £12. “A good duty free price”
  8. I have received this e-mail and not not chosen to ‘go green’. If their pathetic attempt at a new online booking website Is anything to go by, we may expect a complete disaster, at which point I will be enquiring whether their IT personnel are in the business of sabotage.
  9. I always need to fly and always pack up to four long gowns and manage with 23k. Just don’t pack non essentials and wear your heaviest shoes.
  10. I tend to become complacent when on a ship as everything is taken care of for us. Medications aside, we all need to remember that we are on nothing but a soapdish in a very large bath .
  11. After cruising with P and O for many years I am going on the Oceana in February. My formal evening dresses are very long as I am tall. Ayou saying that the wardrobe will not be long enough for them
  12. Just returned on P & O Aurora after a wonderful cruise. The day we were due to disembark, four ‘Shore officials’ visited the buffet area at breakfast time (outside) and promptly lit up their vapes in what was a no smoking/no vaping area. They were reported to one of the waiters asked them to put their vapes out. Not ten minutes later, one of them lit up again and I informed him that it was not allowed,; he did put it out again. A little arrogant and not a good example. Any thoughts anyone?
  13. I like to explore all my options at my leisure and convenience. Once I know exactly what I want, I then use a TA.
  14. Slip on your warm jacket and use your pyjama jacket as ahead covering. The sleeves of your pyjama jacket will tie under your chin.
  15. We seem to be agreed that the necessities of a good cruise should include hand whisks and champagne stoppers.
  16. I think we all make contingency plans, but I bet in an emergency, we should forget everything. A new plan, go to bed dressed in warm clothes, with your life jacket hooked over one arm and your meds clutched in your other hand. Unless of course you feel the need to take your hand whisk, in which case leave your life jacket or your meds. behind.
  17. I think, as another female I would join you, I’d sooner pretend that I was the captain and go down with the ship. Seriously, I always put my dressing gown on the edge of the bed on a ‘just in case’ basis.
  18. I’ve been taking one for years, it lives inside my first aid kit, but I am told that a spoon handle in the bottle works well. How dreadful it would be if you were forced to finish the bottle. Perish the thought!
  19. What about those of us who need to fly to Southampton. And a message for Andy, it’s jolly nice being bonkers! This string of messages makes me feel happy inside.
  20. Why pray, on Arcadia, are the light switches behind the pillows (torch needed) The idea of a cup and saucer is excellent, I too hate during out of mugs, that’s why I have room service! I shall sneak one from the dining room and take my own coffee bags! Beat this one, I take an orthopaedic thigh length boot for using in the shower (on a just in case basis), I am forever damaging my shins which then must be kept dry.
  21. Sorry, shows you how much I know about Peroni (beer)?. Now if they were to run out of red wine, well that would /e a tragedy.
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