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  1. Having embarked the ship, does anybody know what will happen if you test positive a few days later.
  2. I have been cruising for years and have given my support to P and O. This is just cost cutting feature.
  3. A message to TerrierJohn. I’m finally cruising again in September 2022. We have spoken prior to Covid.
  4. Sorry, miss spelt. My question is: Is the nightly turndown service still offered on P & O ships.
  5. I’m a nightly turndown service still offered on P & O
  6. Can anybody help? I am trying to find a link to the protocols on board the ship 2021
  7. My refund has been paid into my bank LESS the deposit which has NOT been refunded? Any idea why?
  8. I paid for my mid May cruise by Debit card, I wonder if they will put my refund, when it comes, straight into my bank account.?
  9. All I got was a series of silly photos to prove that I was not a robot. I have now contacted them to enquire if they have received my request.
  10. I did it online following their email to me advising me that the cruise was cancelled. There were two options the first was “if you do nothing you will get a future cruise credit” The other option was to request a refund. I did this but no acknowledgement was received. I am wondering if I should do it again.
  11. On 23rd April I applied for a refund of my 17th May cruise. I have received NO acknowledgement that my request has been received. I wouldn't mind waiting if I could be sure that my request has BEEN RECEIVED. Any thoughts anyone?
  12. Being checked upon embarkation isn’t really the answer as what about excursions. Would they check you every time you re-boarded? And what would happen if you had a temperature when you did re-board. Would they leave you behind? I’ve loved every moment of my cruises but probably won’t cruise again until we have a tried and tested vaccine.
  13. Only one thing to say. “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”. My cruises for 2021 are booked on a low deposit. I will cruise if I feel safe but no amount of price inducements will temp me to cruise unless I do feel it is safe to do so. AND I AM HARDENED CRUISER
  14. i don’t see that anybody on this thread (recently) has mentioned cruising in May, or have I missed something.
  15. As things stand at the moment I will not be paying any balances to P & O until things return to normal. I just don’t understand how, if the foreign office have told us not to travel, how can P and O justify keeping our money. When I fully paid my balance, it left my account within two hours.
  16. My cruise starts on 17th May on Aurora. Like you I am going to insist on a full refund. Trouble is, P & O have more power to their elbow and the chances of getting through to them on the telephone is ?. I paid £15 for a letter from my GP stating that I had an underlying health condition, only to find that P & O had moved the goalposts. £15 Wasted.
  17. Two things are stopping me taking a FCC. 1. is the fact that it must be used by December 2021 (March 2022). I have cruises booked for 2021 and we are told that it must be a new booking. I am not able to take anymore time off in 2021 so P & O keep my money! 2. Will my money be safe.
  18. A nightmare trying to get through to P&O. Hopefully, my May cruise will be cancelled. I wonder what the quickest, easiest and most secure way will be of getting a refund. Any ideas anybody?
  19. What price loyalty to p and O now! 10% discount in their shops and half a bottle of Champagne does not compensate for the way they are treating their loyal passengers.
  20. Nice to see you again Jean, I am due to go in May, so am hoping P and O will cancel and then, hopefully, I will have a full refund. Not so worried about my September cruise to Canada as I’ve only paid the £50 deposit. (Booked it whilst on board), How much do you bet that P and O won’t be offering these low deposits in the future. Christine
  21. If P and O’s record over the past week is anything to go by I would say don’t trust them and don’t pay your balance.
  22. Les, I have a cruise booked in May. From what you say, and I think it is quite likely, that P and O will cancel. Will I then get a full refund?
  23. Based on what P & O told us six days ago, I am awaiting the required letter from my doctor stating that I have an underlying health condition which precludes me from cruising. There will be a charge for this letter and now P and O are saying that they have change their minds and are now only offering a future cruise credit which I will be unable to use as my holidays are already booked for 2021. This is absolutely shocking behaviour by P and O and after being a loyal customer for many years they have lost me as a passenger for good.
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