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  1. Mid 40s here too, DW is late 30s. I pretty much agree with everything you said, except I voted keep the same for the most part. We really like the music walk but some additional music or activities during sea days would be welcome, but not necessary for us. Especially NOT rock climbing, water slides or that sort of thing. We really prefer the relaxed atmosphere. We've only sailed twice...on the Eurodam and N. Amsterdam, and really liked each trip. Our next cruise will be on a Pinnacle class ship and I think the RS Rock Room will be great for us.
  2. To say that anyone has defeated this virus is a huge overstatement IMO. Countries need to be very careful as they ease travel restrictions or they may end up with spikes of their own.
  3. Thanks, yes very fortunate to be born and raised here. We had our first visit to Florida in January as part of our cruise and had a great time. Looking forward to being back down there in 2022 if this virus situation clears up.
  4. This is the case here too. A number of recent cases in our local area are attributed to several weddings. I sincerely hope the new married couples can celebrate future anniversaries without having to mourn the death of friends or loved ones at the same time.
  5. No, we've been in Phase 2 since around June 1. That's also when our 14-day quarantine requirement for out of state travel was lifted.
  6. We have too many people that are unwilling to adhere to the CDC mask wearing guidelines, and too many state governments that are not making adequate or timely adjustments to their re-opening plans in regard to the phased guidelines provided by the government. This is not limited to one political party or the other, and is becoming evident in my own state. Very few people are wearing masks in public here. I stopped by the grocery store yesterday and I estimate only about 20% wore masks, including employees. Of the remaining 80%, how many continue to be critical of our national leadership, yet are not following the guidelines? Recent polling suggests that is a high percentage, and I think the same could apply to all the crowded beaches and other venues that I've seen recent photos of. Why is it so easy for some to blame others while not doing their own part to solve the problem?
  7. We are in our late 30s - mid 40s and have taken two HAL cruises since Sept. 2018, one Eurodam to Alaska and one N. Amsterdam to eastern Caribbean. Both cruises had enough people near our age range we never felt out of place, there seemed to be plenty of folks who I'd guess were the 40-60 range and some younger than us. We like HAL so far and ideally our next cruise will be on N. Statendam in spring 2022. Based on a recommendation, we'd like to try Celebrity but the value isn't there for us at the moment. The itineraries I am looking at are $3-400 pp more, and we would need to upgrade the drink package, as their base package does not include craft beers like HAL's Signature package. And I'm concerned that we would not enjoy ourselves as much as we have on HAL's Signature ships. The music walk has been great for us and we really would like to experience Rolling Stone Rock Room. I'm afraid we would miss that on Celebrity. As to the OP, I think amusement park items added to HAL's ships would not be good for us. We prefer the more laid back experience.
  8. The Nieuw Amsterdam propulsion issues back in December-January seem so inconsequential compared to current events. Now I'm just happy we got to cruise at all in 2020, even though it wasn't everything we wanted it to be.
  9. Eurodam in Sitka on September 26, 2018, and docked next to the Time Bandit in Ketchikan on September 27.
  10. Nieuw Amsterdam in San Juan on January 7, 2020, and in St. Croix on January 8.
  11. We were at Jacks in early January and honestly were not that impressed. The food was just OK and the drinks were fairly expensive, although strong. The place was more run-down than I anticipated. I had higher expectations based on all that I read beforehand. We then went to the Beached Whale and that's where we will probably go next time.
  12. PMJ was not on our January 4 sailing on the NA, which is too bad because I was looking forward to seeing something different based on what I've read here. HAL may be your only source for information on upcoming sailings.
  13. We dined at Pinnacle for the first time on the Nieuw Amsterdam recently, and the food and service were excellent with one exception. We were traveling with two other couples and one person ordered the Ribeye. He said it was cooked correctly but simply was not a good quality cut of meat, which seems to be a common complaint. Two of us ordered the Filet and it was excellent, as was everyone else's meals. I've read numerous reports on here over the last couple of years and didn't have high expectations because it really does sound like it is hit or miss. We got it as part of Explore 4 and fortunately it was a hit for us, but it's disappointing to read that others have not such a great experience, especially when paying the upcharge.
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