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  1. On the Signature ships (Eurodam, N. Amsterdam) some of the aft verandah cabins are shower only, and they are not handicap-accessible rooms.
  2. Tread lightly Mary, tread lightly. Some people are still a bit edgy, give it time.... 😶
  3. A return to discussion of HAL sandwiches must be proof the pandemic is winding down...
  4. Nice, thanks for posting. Will (hopefully) be on her a year from today!
  5. It took some time, about a month for me. This thread reminded me to check with my PCC and it's been approved.
  6. I recently got a OBC match through my PCC for a big box gift card promotion. HAL OBC can be used for HSC but not casino.
  7. Unless something changed recently, the 'app' in this case is simply a portal to the ship's intranet. The messaging function is on that intranet, so you will not get notifications on your phone, but will need to manually check for messages.
  8. I know that gift cards can be used for flights booked through Flight Ease, that much I verified. But in your scenario, another $1,000 gift card purchase would get you a $200 bonus card. The $250 credit is for the Pay Early promotion, which it sounds like you've already done, so I don't believe you'd get another $250 OBC, but it wouldn't hurt to ask.
  9. Yes Mary, thanks for pointing that out. Something I thought of after I got off the phone but assumed that is the case. Probably easier than standing in line!
  10. Okay, so I finally called my PCC this morning and asked questions about the gift card promo. 1) The purchased gift cards do not have an expiration date, which is standard practice. If the cruise is canceled, the balance goes back on the cards, unless of course you opt for FCC offered for a HAL cancellation. 2) The 'bonus' gift cards currently have an expiration date of 12/31/22. This is in the terms and conditions and she is not aware of any waiver of that. Not to say it can't or won't happen depending on what develops in the future. Obviously if cruising continues to
  11. OBC typically cannot be used in the casino. I am going to check with my PCC to confirm if the gift cards can.
  12. Yes, it is the HAL promo I was referring to.
  13. They currently have the Valentines gift card promotion and the Pay Early promotion. The Pay Early promotion nets up to $250 OBC and 10% off fare, depending on how much you pay. The gift cards can also provide additional benefits. For example you can purchase gift cards to pay off the cruise and then receive 10% bonus gift cards to be used on board or for excursions, etc.
  14. But are the gift cards considered OBC? It doesn't sound like it to me, but this is one of the questions I will ask my PCC on Monday.
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