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  1. We dined at Pinnacle for the first time on the Nieuw Amsterdam recently, and the food and service were excellent with one exception. We were traveling with two other couples and one person ordered the Ribeye. He said it was cooked correctly but simply was not a good quality cut of meat, which seems to be a common complaint. Two of us ordered the Filet and it was excellent, as was everyone else's meals. I've read numerous reports on here over the last couple of years and didn't have high expectations because it really does sound like it is hit or miss. We got it as part of Explore 4 and fortunately it was a hit for us, but it's disappointing to read that others have not such a great experience, especially when paying the upcharge.
  2. Same here...we declined. I told my wife the exact same thing, that if we were on one of the Pinnacle ships it would make more sense.
  3. We're scheduled to be there on 1/8/20 and this is our plan as well, if it carries on that long. No one can predict what will develop for anyone's sailing at this point, so paying close attention to the news is sound advice.
  4. There's been several people that have commented about this on the Eurodam, including me. We had 6153 on our 2018 Alaska cruise, which is a verandah cabin on the starboard side, aft of the rear elevators. The noise and vibration was intense at speeds above 18 knots or so. It had nothing to do with rough seas but seemed related to the propulsion. It didn't bother my wife as much, but I am a light sleeper and it led to a few nights of little sleep for me on what otherwise was a great cruise. We have an upcoming cruise on Nieuw Amsterdam and booked a cabin further forward specifically for this reason.
  5. @Cruzaholic41 I was simply responding to these statements by the OP. While its true there is no DJ in the Crow's Nest, they did have one in the Queens Lounge late at night on our Alaska cruise in Sept. 2018. Maybe that's no longer the case, or so many pax turn in early they don't know about it. Both the Queens Lounge and Billboard do in fact have full bars with lounge seating. @Aquahound had already addressed the lack of pre-dinner music in the Ocean Bar, which is a problem for some. So I didn't bother to address that. We didn't feel the ship was "really, really quiet" at all.
  6. BB Kings is in the Queens Lounge which has a full bar and seating. They also had a late night DJ in there. Billboard also has a full bar and lounge seating. My wife is late 30s and I am mid 40s and we had no trouble staying entertained, but we also have fairly basic expectations.
  7. In Alaska, the big semi-circular area (on Deck 5) and the narrow deck above it (Deck 6) are open on Glacier Bay viewing days. Not sure about Deck 7. The lowest bow deck with the masts is not open.
  8. MTAK

    Happy Hour

    Our Alaska cruise on the Eurodam, the later happy hour was in the Crows Nest, either 9-10 or 10-11 ( I don't remember the time range exactly).
  9. We are scheduled to be at HMC on January 10 on the Nieuw Amsterdam. No notice of an itinerary change at this point.
  10. I figured that if NFL is shown on Sundays, college games would probably be on Saturdays. Unfortunately we embarked on a Saturday afternoon and disembarked the following Saturday morning, so I can't confirm that.
  11. As a first time cruiser, I don't have a comparison to make. But I agree with @Langham1865 about the Eurodam. It never seemed crowded or hectic, the food and service were both great, and we enjoyed the entertainment venues. We liked it so much that we ended up booking the Nieuw Amsterdam for our upcoming Caribbean trip. The thought of a large or mega ship just does not appeal to us, although I would be willing to try one of the Pinnacle class ships to see how they compare.
  12. Check the Gallery Bar. When we were on the Eurodam in September, they had NFL games on.
  13. We have limited airline choices here - Delta is the main game and United is usually more expensive. Plus United connects through Denver and after spending a night in that airport and nearly missing a funeral, I refuse to fly through there during winter. Happened twice to my DW. For an airport in the heart of the Rocky Mountains they are woefully unprepared for de-icing. I search with Google flights but wanted to confirm if the price drop carried through to Flight Ease. If I run into this situation again I will probably call Holland to confirm.
  14. Thanks all, after further consideration I think I will leave well enough alone for now. We're currently booked to travel on a Thursday for a Saturday departure out of Fort Lauderdale. The alternate itinerary would have us travel on Friday instead. Given the riskiness of winter travel in January, I feel better about having an extra travel day. If the Friday flight(s) were delayed or canceled due to weather, it would be impossible to get there from Montana in time to board, so we would end up diverting to Puerto Rico, which would blow a good portion of the trip.
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