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  1. They do have some issues with their website. They are working on a new site so patience is advised here. Just give them a call to fix all the issues on your booking. I've always have had good customer service when I call. Sometimes it takes awhile to get to talk to someone but when you do they will take care of you.At least that's my experience
  2. We will be on Seaside in August. So, you don't pre purchase anything? All of the pictures taken on the ship will be on the MSC picture website and you can download from there? That sounds awesome.
  3. Been trying to get this Documentary on Seaside for an hour. Tried both links and no luck. Even tried YouTube, again no luck. If anyone has DVR'd it or saved any other way could you post a link? Sailing in August. Thanks
  4. They are right next to you. You can always book The Yacht Club and get a table away from everyone.
  5. We are giving MSC a try. We booked 2 sailings this year. Divina in January, pretty good cruise. Seaside in August. The Status Match, drink packages and the inexpensive price points lured us to give them a try. We'll make a final determination on sailing with them again after the August sailing on Seaside. Looks pretty good so far.
  6. Our last sailing on Divina some folks we met at the Garden Bar did that exact thing. The wife would order a Virgin Pina Colada and the husband would order a shot of rum. After about 2 days the bartender just gave her the drink with the rum in it.
  7. This sounds exactly like our sailing in January on Divina. Gave them a try, 1st cruise with MSC, and we liked it. Trying Seaside in August.
  8. Thanks for the review. We also sailed Divina in January, 1st with MSC, we liked it also. We booked on Seaside in August. Looking forward to the rest of your review.
  9. We are Celebrity lovers (Reflection is our favorite) don't care for Royal. Early 60's couple. We sailed on a 10 Day Divina sailing in January. There are some things that we loved and things we didn't. You can find that with every ship and line (except Cunard QE2...lol...that TA was perfect). We had a great time on Divina. The food was good the service was very good and our shipmates ( 30% western and 70% other) never gave us any issues. It was actually a nice change to the guest makeup of the USA based cruise lines. The entertainment was good (loved the Sax player. I kept calling him Kenny-G). Made some new friends and had some enjoyable conversations with people from all over the world. This was our 1st try with MSC because of the unbelievable low cost of a 10 day. We liked it so much we booked an August 2019 sailing on one of their newer ships Seaside. Make sure you do the Status Match with their Voyagers Club. Some nice discounts can be had. IMHO you'll like MSC.
  10. Friends did this on our last Divina sailing. After about 2 days being at the same bar the bartender just gave them the Pina Coladas with the booze already in it.
  11. Non-alcoholic. To get around the no blended drinks just order the non-alcoholic drink and a shot of rum or tequila and add to you NA drink. We originally had the DOU but changed to Easy pkg. Our TA just cancelled and rebooked. It did cost us $112 per cabin (cabin price went up) but not paying the 15% gratuity covered the increase.
  12. Just got my UPDATED points total after our 10 day Divina sailing. Started the cruise with 2200 points (Silver). Updated points total after the cruise and $$$ spent on board 2200 points (Silver). Sent an email. We'll see what happens. Booked on Seaside this August. Won't increase the status but it's starting to become irritating. All the little details that they should have a handle on and they don't. The Divina sailing was our first try with MSC. Will see what happens on Seaside before making any further bookings.
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