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  1. miataman19

    Divina Review 12/20-12/30/2018

    Great review. One question, is The Eataly the specialty Italian Restaurant? I've seen some mentions about an Italian Specialty Restaurant but can't pin it down. Thanks.
  2. miataman19

    MSC staus downgrade

    I show the welcome card when I logged in to my Jan 10th sailing. It shows my proper Silver status on my Cruise ticket. I just thinks it's one of the many glitches they have with their website
  3. miataman19

    Almost Time

    Sidari, looks like you have a full house in St. Maarten today. We'll be there on Jan. 17th with 5 ships. Is it a nasty ant hill or is the port taking the influx of passengers well?
  4. miataman19

    First Timer

    I hope that helped. We're sailing on Jan 10th. If someone else can expand or correct my answers to help cindyanne please do.
  5. miataman19

    Online Check IN Question

    Same here. Our TA emailed our cruise ticket 25 days out. I was able to go in at 20 days and print out the ticket. I also added some internet and photo packages yesterday and they immediately showed up in the ticket, which I reprinted.
  6. miataman19

    MSC Divina 12/9 - 12/20 Review

    Thanks for the info. Sailing in 2 1/2 weeks. Will definitely try to get into Arthur's section.
  7. miataman19

    Almost Time

    Enjoy your cruise. Looking forward to hearing from you on the drink package thing. We have the old Deluxe package. We're sailing on January 10 on Divina.
  8. miataman19

    Thermal Suite Spa Price Increase

    We just booked The Thermal Suite Spa package for $100 P/P for our 10 day Jan. 10, 2019 Caribbean sailing on Divina. Could be a number of things, ship, supply & demand and Itinerary.
  9. miataman19

    Formal/Gala Nights on Divina

    We will be dressing up on Formal/Gala nights. I'll bring my Tux and my White Dinner Jacket. My GF will have (I'm sure) numerous gowns and cocktail dress's. We drive to the port from Orlando, Fl so weight restrictions do not apply.
  10. miataman19

    Travel Documents for US Citizens for Caribbean travel

    If I'm not mistaken the birth certificate must have a raised seal on it.
  11. miataman19

    Web Check in

    Same issue. Entered all our passport information and exited the website. Went back a couple of weeks later and noticed an error. Did the modify and it accepted, telling me my information was saved. Exited, went back a few days later, same wrong number, didn't modify it. Did this procedure 3 times, not corrected. Will call and give correct information over the phone. Hope I'm not on hold for an hour like the last time I called.
  12. miataman19

    MSC vs. Traditional American Cruise Lines

    We are the exact same type of cruiser. We don't like one line over another. We like them all. So we're giving MSC a try. Actually 2 tries lol. Divina on Jan. 10th and Seaside on Aug.10. My opinion is that the person makes the cruise not the cruise line, staff, dinning room, buffet, blah, blah, bah. Have stayed in tiny inside cabins, aft balconies and owners suite (Haven). All have their pros and cons. Give MSC a try, hey whats the worst that could happen...oh, wait you're on a cruise so enjoy....Best ship ever ...SS Norway IMHO.
  13. miataman19

    USA Drink Package Upgrades.

    So to clarify (for now) the Drinks on us is now The Easy Package. Classic Package is now The Premium Package and The Deluxe Package is now The Premium Plus Package. Do I have that correct?
  14. miataman19

    USA Drink Package Upgrades.

    Reading all the drink package threads my head is going to explode...🙃 we have the Deluxe package, upgraded in October. As long as I can get my Woodford Reserve Bourbon I'm happy. According to the old chart I will so it's going to be a good 10 days.😀
  15. miataman19

    Bar drink price increase and Classic Beverage Package

    We are also on the Jan. 10th sailing. From what I have been seeing and calls made that if you upgraded prior to the price increase date you receive the old pricing and things included in the old package. Glad I upgraded to Deluxe in September.