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  1. Thanks to everyone for the answers! Appreciate you all taking time to provide insight - I know that all the ship lines (or the ones I can afford) pretty much operate the same, but its nice to get a little glimpse ahead of the nuances. looks like I will be making my best attempt to schedule my husbands birthday dinner at the Chops and really, really looking forward to seeing the ship in its holiday splendor! Cheers
  2. We've done NCL and MSC in the past and decided a day drive to Galveston + current deals was enough to give Royal Caribbean a try, we sail second week of December and had a few questions. 1. Will the ship be decorated for the Christmas holiday? 2. Is there any sign in or waivers required for the water slides or surf pool? 3. If you buy a specialty dinner can you reserve a date/time 4.do they assign you a MDR? If so how are these assigned (were on floor9) 5. Has anyone done massages on RCI, worth it? Thanks in advance!
  3. we were on the ship Feb 23- March 01 during the start of all of this and by mid week cleaning and disinfecting efforts were tripled - tables in common areas being wiped down with bleach/water, backs of chairs and other surfaces also being wiped down continously and much more hand sanitizers available.
  4. We were on the ill fated 'Flu cruise' last week. Lots of lounge chairs, stuff by the pool filled up fast, but nearly every spot where you could put a lounge chair was it could be occupied. In the polar park plenty of areas to scope out. The horizon pool some days was less crowded (downside smokers)
  5. Eventually everyone on this cruise was given a 100% refund on the cruise and excursions as well as a $200 on board credit per stateroom (we just paid for our add ons) Americans were in the minority in this cruise and unless you were there it's pretty unfair of you to single us out as the 'irate ' and starting the fight. Everyone (passengers and crew alike) were frustrated, add alcohol to this and an outburst was bound to happen. I was most impressed by the crew, who did a fantastic job of smiling, being professional and rolling with the punches because they had no time off.
  6. @cvg42 Thank you! Not only a great review and drink menus, but some extra pointers!
  7. Thanks for your review! We're a week out and looking forward. Also have the easy drink package and delighted to know prosecco is included, do you have drink menu photos? Or info on the white wines?
  8. We sail soon, love to know which bar this unnamed gem works at
  9. eventually we'll try the YC but the aurea suite with private hot tub was too tempting and are looking forward to it and, the massages, free thermal passes and if we need to hit a pool there's the semi private solarium on 19. My only concern was the drink package change, but we're planning on the upgrade. We're sailing end of February,1st time in MAC and will do a review
  10. we'll be on the Meraviglia sailing the western carribbean Thanks for the info!
  11. Thanks for the app info! That is all good know We signed up for aurea which comes with a massage and the thermal pass, looking forward to relaxing in that area daily. Still on the speciality dining fence,
  12. How do these boards work? We are sailing the last week of February (first time on MSC) and I have lots of questions... 1. Does anyone have experience with or pictures of the 'tryptich' menus, love to know what the menu options are. 2. Booked 2 years ago and they switched drink packages on us and we want to know about how to get upgrade without absorbing all the costs- not huge drinkers but want options 3. Anyone had experience with the App? We are going to wifi so not sure how it works 4. Has anyone tried the spa? We get free massages with our room and again love to know what my options are and how easy it is to schedule Thank you in advance + Ahoy
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