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  1. The nice thing about Casino Royale, is that you can just go right up to the bar in the casino, show them your "Prime" status or sticker, and order drinks.
  2. eldrima, You, and your cabin mate, will get free drinks. When you see the Host Kaia, or the Assistant Host, Noma. Make sure you introduce yourself, as a URComped player. They will place a "Prime" sticker on your seapass. That, will get you free drinks in the casino. I'm not sure about the "Casino Charges", as I only bring cash. Free drinks, will be only when the casino is open. The servers are great. My recommendation would be, to tip them a dollar per drink. Start early. The servers were great. We just got off the Mariner on January 10th. Enjoy your sailing.
  3. Just did Harmony, over last Halloween. And, Oasis right before Christmas. Oasis wins my nod, hands down. 1. Aquatheater show on Oasis was great. Watched it twice. Harmony was pretty lame. 2. Port Side BBQ is my new favorite restaurant. On any ship! 3. Staff on Oasis 10 out of 10! Staff on our Harmony sailing 4 out of 10. 4. Oasis has a new "Solarium" area that extends forward. Very nice. 5. The "Apollo 18" Escape Room, was a great time. Very well run. 6. Windjammer on Oasis was also better. 7. Slides were better on Oasis. 8. Lime and Coconut theme is great. As are, the Non-smoking side bartenders! After our Harmony cruise, I was ready to actually cancel our Oasis cruise. Yep, it was that bad of a first time "Oasis class" experience. I'm really glad, that I gave the Oasis a chance.
  4. And, you would lose the double points. If, that matters.
  5. It was on the Harmony. I about crapped myself. I wanted an "Early" beer on sailaway. But, the casino wasn't open. So, I couldn't get a free beer yet.
  6. I just found out on ship. A Miller Lite with the 18% gratuity, is $10.00 OUCH!
  7. Requested a "Medical fridge" on our Halloween Harmony cruise. Our stateroom attendant, brought a new, tiny little fridge. I've never seen one like it. It wouldn't fit anything besides meds.
  8. We were just there on January 7th. The beach is fenced off, with a barge in place of the floating Bar. I was told, that they WILL be done by the end of January. They are above water cabana/bungalows. And, they have slides off of them, into the water.
  9. Best of luck to you. Please let us know what happens.
  10. Oops! I meant Coco Cay. Out of Port Canaveral! I'm getting confused with the weather!
  11. Hey everybody, Just curious. Are wow bands available on the Mariner now?
  12. Correct, MSC does. Unfortunately, I sailed them once. Not sure if I would EVER want to sail with them again. Unless, it was "Yacht Club" experience.
  13. That's hilarious. That liittle filtration unit, won't do anything. And, most likely has to pull the intake air through the rear of the unit to discharge it out of the front, once filtered. But, the back is up tight against the "Paradise Lotto" box.
  14. She was not linked to me. She linked her significant other, to her points. She has earned all of her points after she turned 18. One of the cruises, was with all of us. I apologize for the wording of the original post (confusing). We all had different points. But, all of us had earned our own, as adults. I had called, and had my girlfriend linked to my account as my SO. Then, I told my daughter to call, and have her SO linked to her. 2 completely separate, but legitimate "couples" as adults. No scams. Same residences for couples.
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