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  1. Likewise. So much cheaper. It works great........until the teenage kids and the wife of the others don't "follow the rules".
  2. I just scored $24/Day on my Liberty sailing. And, $26/Day on my Mariner sailing.
  3. Great to hear! Make sure to book that Unlimited Dining Package at a good discount. On my solo Mariner that I just did October 4th, I got the JR Suite cheap, and the Unlimited Dining Package for 55% off! ENJOY YOURSELF!
  4. Curious, I have a cruise on the Liberty scheduled for 12/12-12/19. I will acquire the points needed to make me a Diamond C&A on that sailing. I know it normally takes 10 days for the points to show up. But, I have another sailing on Independance now scheduled for 12/20. Curious, if anybody knows how to get my status updated to be recognized as Diamond C&A on my 12/20 cruise? I'd really like to have those perks. TIA for any help.
  5. I just got off of the 4-Night Mariner on October 8th from a Club Royale/URComped sailing. I sailed solo in a JR Suite. No problems. And, because it was booked prior to September 30th, I received 24 C&A points for it. No extra fee. You would just pay for your own Port taxes and fees, and gratuities, etc....
  6. Last Monday, I entered the Port Canaveral terminal, an hour before my scheduled arrival time of 12:30. No questions asked. I was on the Mariner within 15 minutes. A full hour before my scheduled time.
  7. Then so. It seems, that is why CVS does not see your date as "Legit". Because the emergency use order was after your vaccination. BTW, Thank you for volunteering.
  8. How were you vaccinated last November? I got my Pfizer vaccination on December 19th. The second day they were available in the world, as I work ambulance.
  9. My "bet" is that you have at least 1 won. Now, they're just figuring out what is the best "Financial" decision for them.
  10. From my experience, "Pending" is usually "Accepted" bid.
  11. I'm Prime. I could have 75 free sailing offers booked right now.
  12. Actually, this statement is incorrect. In order to receive an "Instant certificate", or guaranteed one, you are correct. But, my GF is now receiving free stateroom offers, with only a couple hundred points earned. Never say never.
  13. Curious if anybody knows if any of the ships still sell a "Punch" drink card upon embarkation? I know some ships used to sell them. Really don't want to purchase a drink package, as I get them free in the casino. TIA.
  14. Hey everybody, Curious what the best way to go about this would be. My daughter was my #2 in our JR. Suite on Mariner on October 4th. Now, she won't be able to make it, due to quarantine/exposure at nursing college. She is asymptomatic. But, won't be able to go. Will I stilll get my triple + double points for a solo in a JR. Suite, if she is just a "No show" at port? TIA!
  15. Curious, are you and your family vaccinated?
  16. Curious. I may have to take my next 2 cruises as a solo. My daughter is supposed to be my companion. But due to Immunosuppressants, she may not be able to make it. Do I just have her as a "No show"? Or, should I cancel her shortly before the cruise, if needed. Appreciate your thoughts. I really want her to be on the cruise. But, don't want to screw myself in the points area, if she can't make it. Also, I know that in the JR Suite, I would get triple points times 2. But, what would I be getting on my balcony if alone, in December? Thanks much.
  17. While we understand your predicament, and it is unfortunate. I think many, including myself have read the ongoing comments from yourself. I am a healthcare worker in the USA, and actually working ambulance as I am typing this response. I have lost 6 "Club Royale" comped cruises since March of 2020. Some of which, included airfare and hotel reservations that I had to pay for some that were booked, and subsequently lost. In America, there is a term called "Sense of entitlement". I believe, that may be what you are feeling. Royal Caribbean owes you NOTHING! They gave you a chance to sail, with YOU knowing the conditions spelled out clearly. I hope you stay healthy, and get the chance to sail with full enjoyment in the future. I believe your family would love it. This is like trying to say that Royal was at fault for a passengers bad choices for injuries or death, when they had no part in causing it.
  18. I have a solo 4-nighter in a JS on Mariner in October. How many points should I get for that one. Am I correct, in thinking that it will be 24 points?
  19. Just did Harmony, over last Halloween. And, Oasis right before Christmas. Oasis wins my nod, hands down. 1. Aquatheater show on Oasis was great. Watched it twice. Harmony was pretty lame. 2. Port Side BBQ is my new favorite restaurant. On any ship! 3. Staff on Oasis 10 out of 10! Staff on our Harmony sailing 4 out of 10. 4. Oasis has a new "Solarium" area that extends forward. Very nice. 5. The "Apollo 18" Escape Room, was a great time. Very well run. 6. Windjammer on Oasis was also better. 7. Slides were better on Oasis. 8. Lime and Coconut theme is great. As are, the Non-smoking side bartenders! After our Harmony cruise, I was ready to actually cancel our Oasis cruise. Yep, it was that bad of a first time "Oasis class" experience. I'm really glad, that I gave the Oasis a chance.
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