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  1. We booked on board for a cruise in August 2021. Bought CruiseNext for $250, giving us $500 towards that sailing. The CruiseNext guy was offering to get us a Sail Away rate and guaranteed us a cabin number and free at sea, but the sail away rates were sold out, so that sort of sucked! Either way, we booked, have 10% down on our cruise, and almost 2 years to pay it off!
  2. Yes, you can share. They even brought glasses for my teenage kids a couple times and had to tell them they are underage! lol
  3. There's a TON of people in port. There's a zip lining place literally across the street from the port with a cool restaurant too. We ate Iguana there!!! 😉 I think it was Jungle Top Zip Lining?
  4. Not for nothing, you'll have enough booze outside your room that you really don't need to risk anything and try to sneak it on board. Risk does not equal reward. Just hit the closest bar as often as you want and have a good time. Trust me, I'm the first one to want to party, which is why I upgraded to the PPB, and definitely got my money's worth!
  5. Funny you mention that, my wife told me just yesterday that none of the Starbucks coffee's her and my daughter purchased ever showed up on our statement. For future, I'd order a Starbucks and check your on board account...they did say it did not include Starbucks, but who knows....they haven't gotten this whole thing figured out yet either...
  6. Check out Rony's Tours. We had Brian as our guide, and he was absolutely INCREDIBLE! They customize your tour to do whatever you want. We went to the monkeys and sloths and had lots of time to do whatever we wanted the rest of the day. I'm sure you'll have plenty of time. If you do book Rony's, ask for Brian, he was FANTASTIC!
  7. JW Blue was $42 with the PBP. I had the PPB and tried to buy the guy a shot with my card, but wasn't allowed to according to the bartender..
  8. It was TERRIBLE! The surf and turf was more like a hockey puck and a couple of shrimp. The show was HORRID! I actually fell asleep during the show and had to leave halfway through, couldn't take it anymore! Made absolutely ZERO sense! We LOVED Burn the Floor, Rock of Ages and Wine Lovers, but Velvet was an absolute waste of my time (and money!) But then again, that is MY opinion, maybe you can find someone who enjoyed it.
  9. Did you get a confirmation email about your purchase? If so, I would imagine that would suffice as to not having to have anyone else take it...I think they'd be hard pressed to make 2 other people spend almost $500 more, they should be thankful they got your money! Enjoy it, its FLIPPIN AWESOME!!!! (I think a perk of the PPB should be a discounted liver transplant, or at least a 10 pack of AA meetings when you disembark!)
  10. I got a Black Friday sale last year, and only got 3 Free at Sea, but also got $150 OBC per cabin. I booked a cruise while aboard Breakaway last week, got 5 Free at Sea (Reduced Air to Europe), but no OBC. Checking all the time to see if it pops back up....
  11. We booked that same cruise on the Dawn for August 2021. Hope we make it to Kotor, I've been reading really great things about it. The one thing I am not thrilled about on that itinerary is the short amount of time we are in port. I get it, 6 ports in 7 days, but only 4 hours in Croatia? Is that enough to go to the beach or do anything?
  12. OMG I am SO sorry! I thought it felt a little pretentious when I wrote that LOL! Actually, there are some higher priced Prosecco's out in the market, but none more than $20-$25. I really feel bad how that came out! I'm in the wine business, so looking and complaining about pricing, especially in restaurants and on the ship is one of my things....But the Prosecco they use on board, they also use for their mimosa's, FYI
  13. Booked Greek Isles from Venice in 2021 (yes, the cruise countdown is KILLING ME!) Does anyone know what currency we will use on board the ship? Especially in the casino?
  14. Honestly didn't feel the crowds at all, except for the pool, which we barely used anyway. If you want to go in a hot tub, go to Spice H20, aft on deck 16 past Margaritaville. Again, the Atrium got busy when there was something going on, but manageable. Seats fill up quickly. The buffet is big enough and has pretty much the same thing in like 4 or 6 different spots that it really isn't bad. We always looked for a table outside the Garden Cafe, and were always able to get a table for 4, since we really enjoy being outside. Enjoy your trip, I didn't find anything negative about it, and would definitely book again!
  15. I just got back from Western Caribbean. Tipped the guys who helped with luggage for sure, usually $3-5 per bag. Had a private tour in Roatan, guy went out of his way to make the day great. We took him to lunch with us, and gave him $10 per, so $40. Did a private fishing excursion in Cozumel, the owner of the company (of 3 boats) took us out, felt weird tipping the owner, especially since we only caught one fish, but when he offered to take us back to the pier in his private vehicle, I felt a lot more comfortable giving him $60 ($15/per). Again, depends on how you feel the service was, and what they did to earn that tip. My room steward, for instance, didn't get an extra penny. We already prepaid the grats, he did nothing to go out of his way to get anything extra. We saw him one time, nothing special...no extra tip
  16. We got to the port about 10:00 and got on the ship around 11:30. It seemed like that was the height of check-in. Not a terrible process. Left our bags outside with the porters (insisting on tips, btw), walked into the terminal got on a line with approx 40-50 people, waiting for what must've been at least 50 terminals open to check in, so that actually went quick. We checked in, got our key cards, then had to wait in the waiting room. They had just called boarding group 4, and we were group 7, so that took about a half our, herding people to one escalator. We got on the ship on I think deck 7, and then had to walk all the way to the left (I think aft) to the aft elevators. That walk seemed like it took forever. From there, we were on the ship, ready to rock and roll. Keep in mind, that while in port, you need to pay taxes on your drinks until about 5:00pm when you get into international waters. Debarkation was a little more hectic. We had transfers, so they gave us red tags, and had to be off the ship at 8:20am. We were told to go down to deck 7, and US and Canadians with passports were to go deck 7 forward. We walked down the stairs from deck 12 to deck 8. They roped off the stairs down to 7, so we then had to wait with the rest of everyone else to get the elevator 1 level down. Do yourself a favor, take the elevator from whatever deck you're on to deck 7!!! We were then herded in line through the casino, then around the casino into O'Sheehan's, then off the ship from there. The US CBP were face scanning for passport holders, easy as can be. Went down to the baggage claim, and ALL the bags were lined up by color! Then it was a line outside. We took the big bus to the airport and we were off, back to Jersey! 😞
  17. To clarify, you CAN share your wine with friends/family at dinner. You also get fresh squeezed OJ, or ANY juice from the Juice Bar. On Breakaway, it was at the bar just aft and port from the Garden Cafe. We had celery, apple, orange, garlic etc.....They usually charge $3 per, but included with PPB
  18. The sea grass was there, but not terrible. David told us originally that it had improved. The smell was minimal and didn't bother us at all. On a different note, I NEVER said there were kids IN THE HOT TUB in Spice H20....They were walking around there with their parents, and I was only in there for about an hour for the whole week. Please people, don't take it as if the kids club had an excursion to Spice H20, or if Entourage had a party there...Blown WAY out of proportion.
  19. In Roatan, we booked a private tour with Rony's Tours. Brian was our tour guide, and he was AMAZING! Even went as far as to open up his wifi hotspot on his phone so my son could text his girlfriend back home!!! Took us to amazing places, including the chocolate factory at West Bay, a couple shopping villages, some great photo op sights, a monkey/sloth conservatory and we even were able to set it up to donate school supplies to underprivileged children. Very inexpensive and worth EVERY penny! Even took us to a local spot and we actually ate Iguana!!! In Costa Maya, we booked Maya Chan Beach Resort. American's own it, its was beyond PERFECT! All the water sports (kayaks, snorkel gear, paddle boards etc) were included. Also have a nice fresh water pool. All food and alcohol included! Read their reviews, all 5 star and MANY repeat customers!!! Cozumel, we booked Fishing with Pedro, a private fishing charter on a 20' boat. He took us to swim with stingrays and then went fishing. Fantastic day!!! Hope that was helpful!
  20. I agree, definitely worth it! Especially after I cruised RCL last year and payed $49pp plus, which was $809 for the two of us, and NOWHERE NEAR as much selection of premium liquors and certainly nowhere near the quality of wine. Granted, I don't know the value of what we drank, and even asked if we can get an itemized list and were refused...We had 4 bottles of Veuve, a bottle of the Fueillate Rose, at least 4 bottles of the Hampton Water Rose, a bottle of Luce Lucente, plus at least 8 glasses of Veuve and a bottle of a Sancerre. Besides that, bottles of Aqua Panna still and Pelligrino sparkling at dinners every night, plus we must have had at least 25-30 bottles of water throughout the cruise (granted, we gave the waters to our kids too, along with some virgin pina colada's). For our cocktails, we only drank Bourbon drinks, so I was getting double Woodford and Ginger Beer (don't ask for a Woodford Mule...they muddle it, and way overthink the drink...make it simple). At least 8-10 Woodford Manhattans, oh and don't forget about the Espresso Martini's every day at Shakers (slight upcharge on that)....Just doing simple math, not including the upcharge cocktails, I'm at over $1300 consumed....Worth it? Hell yeah!
  21. Booked a private excursion with Fishing with Pedro for my family of 4. We took a $10 cab ride to the marina, and Pedro was waiting there on his 20' Boston Whaler center console boat with a biminy top (thank goodness for that biminy, otherwise we'd be completely fried!) We left the dock about 8:45ish, took a leisurely boat ride to the south of the island, along the cruise ships, and some amazing hotels and houses. Pointed out some great sights, including the Dolphin Encounter and Chankanaab. After about an hour, Pedro asked if I could drive the boat so he could get the baits ready. I was in there like swimwear! So after driving the boat for about an hour or so, we ended up coming to the bluest water, and then to a sand bar, about 2' deep, crystal clear like I'd never seen before! He anchored and we left the boat, started swimming around. Pedro came in the water, brought some bait with him and started feeding a 3-4' barracuda! Then the Stingray's came! We were swimming with between 2 to 4 stingrays between us, rubbing our legs and playing around in the water. After about 30-40 minutes of having fun, we got back on the boat, and went out to sea about a 1/2 mile, and started trolling with 4-5 rods in the water, while heading back up towards the dock (still 2+ hours away). Although we only caught one fish, it was a lot of fun and relaxing for our family. With the one tuna (about 3-4lbs), Pedro made us Ceviche on the boat! It was the most amazing, most fresh food I've ever eaten! We made it back to the dock about 2pm, and Pedro even drove us back to the ship!!! What a great day! Great all around!! Thank you Pedro and Anet, you truly are great people!!
  22. Absolutely AMAZING time at Maya Chan! We got off the ship a little later, texted David, said he was waiting at the meeting point for us. After a little bit of a walk, which we were warned about, we met David, exactly where he said he would be. He explained to us that we got the email about the seaweed issue, and assured us that it improved, but we were going either way. He then radio'd for a taxi. My family of 4 and another family of 4 shared what he called a Mexican Limo (yellow taxi van...) and began our 20 minute drive. Everyone says the road is bumpy, but really it was fine. We arrived at the resort, was greeted by Mary and one of the dogs, who was really sweet, and she proceeded to explain to us about the resort, where things were, and then told us about the massages. We were then led to our own beachfront palapa with chairs, table, and 2 hammock's! Immediately got a drink, and kept on getting refills! We then booked 2 massages and waited for them to call us. In the meantime, had a couple local beers and relaxed. The water was a little mirky, but hey, that's nature! They had people constantly raking up the seaweed to make it nicer and cleaner for us. We were hesitant to go in the water, but I made it in to my knees and decided to wait it out to get my massage. My wife came back completely relaxed and I went for mine. After an amazing 1/2 hour ($25) massage, lunch was being served. Oh My Goodness! A spread like you wouldn't believe of corn and flour tortillas, with steak, chicken, pulled pork, and the most amazing sea bass ever! Then on the side was rice and beans, salsa, guacamole, and cheese. I think we all went back for seconds, because the food was so darn good! After lunch, kids and I went kayaking for a little bit, was a lot of fun. Then I decided I wanted to go relax in the pool, so I chilled there for a couple hours, while our waiter brought the greatest Margarita's ever! By then I wanted to chill some more, so went in the hammock! All the while, my 13yo daughter was playing with the two dogs and one of the two cats, it was precious. Before I knew it, it was time to get back to the ship. They had already asked when we wanted to leave, and the Mexican Limo was there right on time to bring us back, and this time, right to the dock, past security, saving about a 20 minute walk! I would book this place a thousand times over if and when I make it back to Costa Maya! Kudos to the Maya Chan team! You truly made our vacation something to remember!!!
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