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  1. I am booked to arrive a day early for my Prima cruise late next year. They booked me for a transfer and said to just go back to the airport to get the bus. I’ll book a hotel once I know which airport. Assuming Gatwick but who knows?
  2. You can walk into Portland. We just walked around the shops and got lobster rolls. There is an art museum close by too. Halifax is walkable, lots of historical sites. In St John’s we took a city bus to the reversing falls but you have to check the times for the tides to see it.
  3. The Seine cruise was wonderful and we got a nice overview of the city on a short tour before the lunch cruise. It isn’t a week in Paris with in depth visits to all the museums but it is a worthwhile day trip.
  4. Royal Caribbean dumped my group casino cruise coming up in October for a full ship charter. The group got a great deal with Carnival but it meant we got nothing from Royal for expense and inconvenience.
  5. My balcony cabin solo was about $7400 after using a 10% off coupon from a previous cancelled cruise. I booked day one. I’m still waiting to see if a TA is added after this one. I guess I should check other lines.
  6. I canceled my June cruise in January, before final payment. My refund was back on my credit card within a week.
  7. If you later find a price drop and the promo has ended you will lose the extra points. Usually worth it but not always.
  8. If you are using the dining plan just book those with charges first. If not, you can call to book and they will only charge you for one.
  9. On another cruise line, transatlantic cruise, the large Chinese group parked the older people in their wheelchairs at every buffet window table. They would come and go, play cards and hold every table.
  10. Getaway was last in dry dock in 2019 (the one they dropped the last two days and two port stops a week before we sailed) so 2023 is a bit early. It seems no schedule is safe at this point. I’m booked on the last Prima cruise in September 2023 and I don’t think I can stand one more cancellation!
  11. This solo traveler very much appreciates the freedom to eat alone in specialty restaurants or anywhere other than the MDR. I’ve met many friendly people but never want to be assigned tables or dinner times.
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