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  1. I know search isn’t great here but there was a long thread about the beds because of that video last fall. You can request a mattress topper or a couple of extra duvets to help pad it.
  2. I pick up an extra towel after washing my hands at the entrance and use it for the serving tongs and spoons.
  3. Viking allows you to bring anything you want, bottles of scotch? case of wine? No problem, no charge, just enjoy it. There was a small group on my last cruise that didn’t like Viking’s beer selection. They took a cab to a liquor store in Honolulu and filled a large suitcase.
  4. That’s true. I’ve been moved around in shady ways by another cruise line. I hope Viking doesn’t start that chaos just to save money.
  5. My post is below your post but not in response to it. I was commenting on the lack of busses in Alaska.
  6. Shore excursions rely on humans to drive and guide. There is a shortage of both pretty much everywhere. What a local tour company promises a year out is not necessarily what they can deliver. People move, quit, get sick. Human infrastructure is the least reliable part of planning.
  7. There was a very confused but helpful man on the Star in November who sought out a crew member to report he had searched everywhere and could not find the source of the water leak in the men’s room.
  8. That’s sad. I really enjoyed the CD’s coffee chats with Kate. On the Star in November Captain Olav seemed a bit impatient and gave Kate the “wrap it up” signal a few times. Maybe he just doesn’t enjoy them.
  9. Has anyone had luck getting those lamb chops for dinner? Maybe in the World Cafe? I love them but can’t handle that much food for breakfast.
  10. I will miss the Gnocco Frito but if it doesn’t come back it will force me to make other choices. It was so good I’ve ordered it every time I’ve been to Manfredi’s.
  11. Shorts “If it is warm”? Will grandma send you back to your cabin if you wear shorts on a cold day? So very silly.
  12. The theater shows, port talks etc were broadcast live and then available for later viewing on the Star in November. Very relaxing.
  13. I care. If opening the spa and gym to crew members after 8pm helps them be happier, healthier employees, that benefits everyone.
  14. You can get a carafe of sparkling water every day along with the still water. I asked in multiple places for mineral water, happy to pay for it, but they could never find any on the Star.
  15. That is not polenta, it is Roman Gnocchi, made with semolina. We make it every Christmas. I much prefer to the other gnocchi varieties.
  16. Oh! It will be worth it. The cruiseline is definitely secondary to that event. Enjoy!
  17. Are you not eligible for the Free at Sea offer with $20 a day drink package? That is all I could barely justify on NCL. After sailing on Viking Ocean I don’t think they should be anyone’s first cruise. You have to get thoroughly “nickled and dimed” on a mainstream line to really appreciate the Viking way.
  18. On the Nov/Dec Hawaii and French Polynesia I asked for sparkling wine at lunch on the first day and received it. The next time I asked they said they would have to go and find it. I never got it. Same with bottled mineral water. They never found it I guess. I did get two glasses of decent champagne with my birthday dinner at Manfredi’s.
  19. Back on topic…I just read a post in another group from someone who went to a presentation by a Viking Rep who said independent travel agents gave access to “hidden codes” (about six right now) that are not released to the public. Another good reason to check with a good TA before booking.
  20. Can someone explain why it is not optimal to book a “leg” of a longer cruise? Other than being jealous that I have to debark while others board or stay onboard, I’m not seeing a downside. Thanks.
  21. Yes, and if you pay with a bank transfer you get 3% back. Many credit cards have at least 2-3% back in rewards, plus other travel benefits. The other point is that the payment due date is not the date the cancellation penalties begin like it is with other cruise lines.
  22. Yes, they are selling out cruises now, but the tide always turns. There was a time when MSC online booking would default to “sold out” when 1 passenger was entered. Some of us haven’t forgotten and take our business where we are wanted. Celebrity has never interested me and now never will. Plus I am so pleased with Viking I’d rather cruise less often than settle for less.
  23. I was on the Star in November and we didn’t have live tv for most of the 33 days. It would appear for a few days then disappear again. Supposed to be a satellite issue. Most people didn’t care, we had news on our phones if the real world needed to intrude for a bit.
  24. I was on the Star in November. I booked my own air but my travel agent included the transfer purchase with my booking. I was booked on a red-eye leaving at 10pm. They put me on a bus at 9:30. All good, my friend picked me up at the airport and I spent the day with him.
  25. They started it on the Star on the November 10 cruise. It was a lot of fun.
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