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  1. Is this new? I have always asked Cagney’s to wrap my chocolate cake and they deliver it to my cabin. This was pre-shutdown. I’ll be so disappointed if they won’t do it anymore!
  2. So I’m dumb enough to fall for the press releases that announced the huge new investment in dining. Time will tell.
  3. I prefer the specialty restaurants and the Local or the buffet when I need a break from big meals. I haven’t been in an MDR since 2006, but if the quality is improved, this menu may make me try it. With less options they should be able to focus more on quality ingredients and consistency in preparation. Less waste should also allow budget for better quality food.
  4. I’m booked on the last Prima cruise in September 2023. I booked day one and m still waiting to see what the next cruise will be. Hoping for a transatlantic, much more fun than just flying home. Chances are not looking good though.
  5. I’m confused. You paid $199 and NCL paid $1295. I don’t see a profit for them. They have received their payment back, as you have. Why would you get back their cost of the unused flight?
  6. I booked a 14 day Prima cruise on the fist day they were announced. My “one person in a balcony” has increased from around $9000 (before my credits from cancelled cruises) to about $15,000 now. Glad I booked early!
  7. These are all good ideas. I find it helpful to join the cruise critic roll call (if there is one) for each cruise. Chatting with people online, joining the meet and greet and other activities helps to break the ice before you even board the ship. My last cruise had a lively group who got together almost every day to play Left, Right, Center. I met so many nice people.
  8. I haven't cruised on Celebrity yet. Friends invited me to join them next April. The Celebrity web site states the cancellation policy may be different for solo cruisers. Does anyone know what the policy is now? I'd rather not spend an hour on hold to find out before I even decide to go. Thanks!
  9. They will never tell you before announcements are sent. We knew our Getaway TA had been shortened by two days long before the phone reps were told to acknowledge it.
  10. Ink 48 is walking distance to the pier and very nice. I’ve also stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn on 48th near Times Square. A short cab ride to the pier.
  11. If you used a travel agent they may have received the email and not forwarded it. Some travel insurance will pay you for port changes. I’ve had changes on two of my last three cruises and was paid the amount listed in the policy by my insurance.
  12. There is nothing good or “Haven-like” about one person on that sleep sofa, never mind two. I’d take a real bed in a balcony any day.
  13. I saw a video news report that parents boarding the Getaway yesterday were told the kids clubs were closed for the week. I’m guessing there are a number of staff that are sick.
  14. We always fly, but that was before the airlines fell apart.
  15. The spa is not run by NCL. You need to request the credit by calling when you receive notice of the upgrade. Don’t wait until you are onboard.
  16. We did a family cruise in 2006. The people flying from Boston to NYC were fogged in all morning and just barely made it to the ship, which was delayed in leaving NYC. You just never know about the weather and flight delays.
  17. At least before the shutdown, the Getaway buffet had scones, cream and small snacks every day at 3pm.
  18. They didn’t tell me any of that! My cruise isn’t until later in 2023 so I have time to figure it out. I have had horrible luck with transfers from Southampton so I know how to get a car service if it comes to that!
  19. I asked them to keep the transfer for a one day early deviation. They told me to just go to the airport on the day of the cruise. Easy enough.
  20. Do you watch Aussie Coin Pusher on YouTube? The ship machines are much harder to win in than the one he plays!
  21. I am booked to arrive a day early for my Prima cruise late next year. They booked me for a transfer and said to just go back to the airport to get the bus. I’ll book a hotel once I know which airport. Assuming Gatwick but who knows?
  22. You can walk into Portland. We just walked around the shops and got lobster rolls. There is an art museum close by too. Halifax is walkable, lots of historical sites. In St John’s we took a city bus to the reversing falls but you have to check the times for the tides to see it.
  23. The Seine cruise was wonderful and we got a nice overview of the city on a short tour before the lunch cruise. It isn’t a week in Paris with in depth visits to all the museums but it is a worthwhile day trip.
  24. Royal Caribbean dumped my group casino cruise coming up in October for a full ship charter. The group got a great deal with Carnival but it meant we got nothing from Royal for expense and inconvenience.
  25. My balcony cabin solo was about $7400 after using a 10% off coupon from a previous cancelled cruise. I booked day one. I’m still waiting to see if a TA is added after this one. I guess I should check other lines.
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