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  1. A quick update: We are now looking at a Penthouse suite, we have been offered c Penthouse, suits 1054 through 1059 678,679, or 876. Most if not all are right at the back of the ship, has anyone experienced any of these please?
  2. Thank you everybody who responded, very much appreciated.
  3. Hallo, Thank you for your reply, we may go for 845 or 846.
  4. Hi Everyone, We are looking at a cruise out of Monte Carlo to Athens October 2022. Regent have an offer on, a 2 upgrade on a suite. The last time we sailed we were in a concierge suite which was very nice, we really enjoyed Regent having previously sailed with Silversea and Seabourn. The deal is an upgrade from a from the G grade to the E Grade Concierge, we have a choice of decks 7, 8 or 9, 8 suits in total. From experience is there much difference in the decks or suits, we cannot make our mind up? Is there a big difference between a veranda suite and a Concie
  5. Hi, I just checked my mail 154 US Dollars, that was pick up from the cruise terminal, accommodation for 7 hours and a taxi to the airport. Actually it was very nice, lovely room, pleasant surroundings, you can buy a meal there, we would stay there again but the incident of payment put us off.
  6. Thank you for your reply. Thats quite a coincidence, we stayed there 2 years ago, the place was very nice however, there was a huge dispute regarding payment which took a while to resolve.
  7. Hi Everyone, We have a cruise booked (fingers crossed)for February 2022. We leave the ship as ever at about 09.30, our flight leaves at 19.30 hrs. In the past we have taken a day room to rest and shower before the flight. Can anybody recommend a place please? The last one we used was not that great! I know some people use the Hilton hotel but thats about 100 US a day, we are only staying 7hrs max in the room.
  8. Just had all the prices for the cruises, eye watering to say the least. Good luck to those who can afford it.😷
  9. We were going for a FCC however, this is the second SS cruise we have lost through no fault of SS however, will go back to Seabourn now and ask for a refund from SS. Really disappointed with SS over this.
  10. Good luck, Venice is Riddled with COVID, I guess thats why they cancelled our cruise? What is more annoying is that we had a very very generous on board credit, SS will not honour that OBC for any future cruise we may book.
  11. Correct, at first I missed it, read it again and saw that option was not in there?
  12. Dear Esteemed Guest, I hope this email finds you safe and well. I am writing to inform you that due to the current unprecedented circumstances Silversea has taken the difficult decision to cancel your upcoming cruise departing on September 9th, 2021 aboard Silver Moon. Needless to say, we cannot wait to welcome you onboard soon, and I am delighted to inform you that we will resume cruising in the Eastern Mediterranean aboard Silver Moon from June 18, 2021. Silver Moon will depart on brand new 10-day itineraries from Greece which will be unveiled and on general sa
  13. No, the 9th September the Silver Moon.
  14. Just to let everyone know, our Venice to Athens cruise starting September 9th Has just been cancelled by Silversea.
  15. I was so close to booking this cruise but (there is always a but) we backed out at the last minute. We felt uncomfortable with spending over 14,000 sterling cruise in full. We had a Seabourn credit for 13,000 sterling so booked a Barbados to Barbados cruise next February. Free WIFI, 1500 dollars OBC we prefer SS but couldn't resist this cruise in a penthouse suite.
  16. We have been allocated suite 921 looks great to me having never been in a Penthouse suite, hopefully this cruise will go ahead?
  17. Thanks everyone for your replies, just booked, going for it next February, hope this awful pandemic has slowed down by then.
  18. Thanks everyone for your very helpful replies, d day on the 21st March to pay in full.😀
  19. Hi Everyone, I hope you are all keeping well under these awful times? We are thinking of booking a cruise Japan to Alaska next May, (17 days) we have to book in full by the 21st of this month. Has anyone been to either or both and could throw some light before we book please. Thank you for any replies.
  20. We have sailed several times with Seabourn and always had a Veranda suite. We are looking at a future cruise with a Penthouse suite. looking at the pictures the suite looks very similar to a Veranda suite but on a higher deck, is that the only difference please?
  21. We are looking to book a cruise around the Greek Islands in April, on a scale of 1 to 10 what are the chances of it going ahead do you think?
  22. Its quite spooky, we paid the balance last evening and I receive notification today. Relieved somewhat to be honest.
  23. Sorry for the late reply, it never got that far, thankfully I didnt book our flights, the cruise has been cancelled, in a way I am pleased, it wouldn't have been the same had it gone ahead.
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