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  1. First time bidding on Azamara and noticed yesterday it says Pending when I checked bidding upgrade - maybe it has said that since I submitted - but wondering if others have an answer - bid about 3 weeks ago and sailing on November 15. When I did it on Royal Caribbean it did come back as Pending and then next day received the email - not sure if same for Azamara - appreciate any thoughts or personal experience as to this Pending. Thank you again - Stay well and safe
  2. Thank you for the update on Celebrity - have not done a bid on them - I did sail on Royal Caribbean end of September and did do a bid and received the miniumum category upgrade - Diamond Plus with Royal - when I did the upgrade with Royal I had called in and also emailed upgrade department and was told it is just done by "computer" and nothing else thus luck of the draw and it is done by an outside company. So was impressed to see Azamara acknowledging repeat guests and now per your posting above - Celebrity. Would you be interested to know in regards to Azamara since that is our next cruise how level really helps - thank you again for responding - stay well and safe
  3. When looking at the information for bidding on Azamara - they state that Azamara Circle members do have priority based on their level tier. They must not be using the same company that handles Celebrity and Royal Caribbean upgrades since they give nothing based on your level. Have others found that this did help? We are Discover Plus - would appreciate any thoughts - thank you and stay well and safe
  4. Booked for the first time balcony guarantee and was assigned an obstructed balcony (lowest category) so then bid on oceanview balcony and larger oceanview balcony - assigned oceanview balcony in the lowest category and not a great location - so even though the rate was lower - feel I did not do well on this and probably would not do it again - and it does not matter what your level is - we are Diamond Plus - think I would rather just pay more and know where the cabin is - have a great cruise
  5. Thank you so much - as I had said I have never been on a ship that offered so many movies (old and new) except Regent - it was just so nice to have options - appreciate your sharing
  6. Sailed on Grand Princess in Alaska and was so pleasantly surprised at the amount of options that were available on the television - movies, programming, live shows - have sailed on so many lines and never have seen anything like this Thinking of doing Royal from SF to Hawaii and back and on Regal transatlantic with many sea days and wondering if the programming is the same on all of their ships Understanding that many people will say - why would you watch television when so much to do on the ship - which love to do that as well but also love having this option. Thank you all for your help - stay well and safe
  7. Has anyone been able to connect their ROKU to the television to be able to stream shows - we will have Surf and Stream Any suggestions - greatly appreciated - have a lot of days at sea and the last time we were on Royal the programming was not great - if any update news on programming would appreciate your advice Thank you - stay well and safe
  8. Booked a XB guarantee about 3 weeks ago for 9/30 Ovation - continues to show GTY however the first time I tried the Wallet option it was GTY and then a few days later shows a cabin number in the bar code but still shows GTY but also on the Sail Pass shows Muster station and GTY - assigned the lowest balcony E2 obstructed - but on the confirmation and APP shows GTY - so not sure why if assigned per bar code why it would not show everywhere?
  9. Booked an XB (balcony guarantee) on Ovation in 6 weeks - there were no 1E or 2E obstructed balcony cabins showing in inventory. There is availability showing in all categories 4D up to 2C - so was encouraged. Yesterday assigned to a 2E obstructed - and of course forward etc etc - had hoped that being Diamond Plus would have helped, have never done a guarantee before, and it did not - but the rate was so much lower than all the others - keeping the good outlook - on the ship!
  10. Glad that you are pleased with your guarantee - so what guarantee category were you in and what category were you assigned - Thanks and have a great cruise!
  11. Yes you do need to complete the Arrive Can within 3 days of arrival in Canada or if sailing from Whittier/Seward to Vancouver need to be completed within 3 days of boarding the ship - or at least this is what we had to do 3 weeks ago - there is a new version of the Arrive Can online thought doing it online rather than downloading the APP was easier and thought it was pretty easy and when in doubt suggest doing it and not having to worry - have a great cruise
  12. We have never done the XB (balcony guarantee) until now for 9/30 sailing - have not been assigned but know that it could be up to day of sailing (or as one poster said as he drove into Galveston) which is okay Question - when assigning do they take into consideration your level with Royal - we are Diamond Plus whether that would make any difference at all? Thank you for all your comments and help - stay well and safe
  13. Thank you all for your comments and suggestions - my friend uses a walker so often times taxi's (if small} do not work thus we usually try and have private tours with Vans arranged - does anyone who has been there remember seeing Van taxis? Also agree about ship excursions but most say they are not accessible and getting on and off a bus is not an option - Thank you again for all your help - stay well and safe
  14. Thank you - I did post there and also on the Middle East ports - sadly no response so was hoping maybe someone would see this and have some options. Stay well and safe
  15. We are looking for private tours that we could book in the above ports - any suggestions - would be greatly appreciated Stay well and safe
  16. On the complimentary package if one wanted a specific drink that is not listed i.e. Mojito - can one pay the price difference or it is the new total of the drink and if so any idea on pricing? Thank you - stay well and safe
  17. Cruising on Azamara Quest in November and need to make arrangements in each port for a private tour (van) for two passengers - one with difficulty walking Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated Stay well and safe
  18. If you booked your air through Princess and transfers then Princess usually does take responsibility and there is a rep in baggage claim waiting for passengers to direct them. We were delayed arriving LHR but everything had been booked by the cruiseline and they did put us and 6 others on a bus and drove us the 2 hours to get to the ship - we were the last to board and off we went - but luckily they were aware of us. There are no guarantees however I would surely trust that a better chance that Princess was backing us up rather than taking an Uber (FYI - just flew into Vancouver last month and Taxi are fixed rate and less than an Uber - or Sky Train where Princess does not know that you even made it to Vancouver so why would they wait?) It is a close connection but I would certainly choose Princess transfer as option one and know that if need be take a taxi - this is not a normal transfer when you have more time to save a few dollars. Where the Princess Res said they "leave at 1PM" that cannot be true if Princess booked flights that arrive at 1245PM they know baggage and customs - think they are referring to flights not arriving later than 1PM. Hope this helps and have a great cruise!!
  19. Does anyone know if Eclipse televisions in concierge have HDMI input/port on the TV? Appreciate the help - stay well and safe
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