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  1. True story- my TA pushed back on me wanting to take advantage of a $50pp drop. Said "it'll probably go lower, call back then" 😑
  2. I hope somebody at RCI has a nice big wall where they can keep a diagram of all the similarly named holding companies that are actually different. And a big "Do NOT Erase" sign on it.
  3. Flares are not toys- someone could be hurt. Or worse, it could cause a ship fire. Is the world going crazy nowadays? I wonder if zero tourism has toned down their "flare up".
  4. mpk


    Politics used to be private and personal too... not any more.
  5. Perhaps to pay for the "free" shuttle? 🤔
  6. Just curious- what is wrong with Royal's shuttle?
  7. I guess it "posses" a risk to their spelling ability too. Like many laws and programs, the ADA was perhaps well meaning in the beginning. But ended up being abused and should be amended or repealed. My mechanic paid $5k to a shifty law firm that sued him for alleged ADA violations. Yeah, it's a thing. Sue a bunch of small businesses for ADA violations (even if the law firm never set foot in the place). Offer to withdraw the suit in exchange for $5k. It'd cost more than $5k to defend against the baseless case. Guess what most small businesses did? They paid the "protection" / extortion money. In the end, it didn't turn out well for the law firm. They were sanctioned and disbarred, but the money is gone. This tragedy is repeating itself across the country.
  8. Tesla is a tech company. It brought new technology to a stagnant industry, automobiles.
  9. Bankrupt with intention to reorganize. Not bankrupt as in immediately out-of-business.
  10. Now it seems like the $2.1 billion might not have been a problem after all?
  11. Right before corona, we sailed on a ship that was already announced for transfer to a sister line. Wow, was that thing in disrepair. Literally buckets in the hallway to catch pipe drips, saw this in three locations. Also masking tape / duct tape type 'repairs' around the public areas. We laughed, as leaks are not a good thing to see on a ship. Sure, these were pipe leaks, not seawater leaks below, but still a bad image. I expect the same thing for ships identified for sale / scrap / transfer due to corona. Just keep sailing, put in zero for maintenance and repair.
  12. Ugh. What if the patient goes out on the balcony, or worse, leaves the slider open? The separation between balconies doesn't matter when the ship is rolling along at 20 knots / mph. I had a similar discussion with a cyclist friend- six feet separation when riding single file is utterly useless. Same with balconies when the ship is underway. I'm sure the policy is trying to be humanitarian and giving a balcony since the patient is confined to the cabin. I'd just hate to be downstream. I guess they could use the nice big aft balconies for this purpose... 🤔
  13. Pride of America is US flagged, and owned by a subsidiary, NCL America. Sounds like it is carefully designed to meet PVSA and not rely on an exemption?
  14. I passed my final payment date a week ago for an early Sept sailing. In this game of chicken, I blinked.
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