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  1. Thanks to the community for bringing up the Latitudes discount, I see that I did not receive it. I'll give them a call.
  2. Planning a couple of sailings. When reserving NCL excursions, I was surprised to see that I had 15 minutes to fully pay for them. I've been away for a few years, trying other lines. But I don't remember NCL wanting immediate payment. I recall the excursion costs just being added to the total bill, and I pay off the balance on the same final payment date as the cruise itself. Am I remembering wrong?
  3. That's not been my experience. These are targeted/personalized offers. If I don't get the offer, I won't get the offer for the entire period. Next time, perhaps. For what it is worth, I did not get the NCL deal this time around, but relatives did. Yet I got the Celebrity one, and the same relatives got it too.
  4. The title of the page you link to is "Excess Deaths Associated with COVID-19". If it is true that death by other causes are miscategorized as coronavirus, that might explain the excess.
  5. Some employee reading email on a company computer, pressing on a bad link, and infecting that computer. Perhaps installing a keylogger. etc etc etc etc
  6. I've read quite a few posts here on CC where a premium credit card has paid someone's medical evacuation bills. Most notable is someone who had a heart ailment while traveling. Medical transportation back home racked up a $275,000 bill that was covered by American Express Platinum. I have been taking a look a medical emergency coverage from premium credit cards. I might be missing something, but how does Amex Plat cover the whole thing, it looks to be capped at 100k. Or maybe coverage has become worse recently. American Express Platinum seems ca
  7. Maybe they can reduce staffing and yet not lay off. As in, not renew contracts. The contracts run for 9 months, I think.
  8. That's not bad at all. The hoarder horror stories on TV are... less organized... :)
  9. To be fair to Princess, they were not in the driver seat after the fact. Most of the spreading happened while the ship was quarantined under the control of the port/government. Perhaps the quarantine itself was deeply flawed, not the cruiseship.
  10. Beautiful ship. I can see you two are on Cloud 9 🙂 "We went to have breakfast at the buffet first. When entering the restaurant, passengers are met by staff who only escort guests to a table after watching them washing and sanitizing their hands." Maybe they can station a few people in the restrooms for those that simply refuse to wash up afterwards lol
  11. Yep. That's why I like United's system where you get tested at SFO before you fly to Hawaii. But that takes cooperation between SFO, California, and Hawaii. Ideally, a cruiser would get tested before starting travel at their originating airport. If I get false positive at home, it would be bad, but at least I have not started traveling yet. But not nearly as bad as flying to a EU city, and getting stopped at the cruise port. In my book, I am already traveling. This would take more cooperation than United's Hawaii system. Now we're adding EU and embark port. With
  12. United Airlines is using a 15 minute test for flights from SFO to Hawaii. The rapid Abbott ID NOW COVID-19 test – administered by GoHealth Urgent Care and their partner Dignity Health – provides results in approximately 15 minutes and will be available to United customers on the same day as their flight departing from SFO. united airlines link
  13. I'm thinking I might wear a mask even after it is no longer required 🙂
  14. I think they dry docked the Fantasy in 2019 for major refurb. Obviously, they didn't know a pandemic was coming when they spent the refurb money.
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