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  1. If you did it would show up in you payment summary as Prepaid Gratuities
  2. are you trying to get your post count up?
  3. I agree, even when giving them a tip on the last evening the waiter aske to please take the survey and give a good review if we felt it.
  4. March is not that far away... there are some 1 year out that are popular that sell out quickly
  5. It's defiantly making me re-evaluate the extra gratuities (tip tip hooray) we give at the end. My wife and I are very easy and do not ask for much and always leave the auto grats on. But now we are at least discussing what constitutes (for us) an additional tip on top?
  6. Maybe but we just got off Allure on October 22nd and bought the 24 bottles and it was not Evian... maybe they changed ?
  7. Oh and I love the new tops on the bottled water. It's a flit top lid which I've never seen before. No screw top
  8. Water purchased pre-cruise is standard bottled (plastic) water. Not sure of the brand but it is not Evian. We did have a one glass liter bottle of Evian in our room but we were in a suite .
  9. The problem is when we have breakfast lunch and dinner in CK along with some wine or beer in the afternoon there is a lot of coastal kitchen $0.00 per day ... cannot tell what they are for specifically
  10. to tell the truth, I didn't know or know how to check (unless they tell you) if we got deducted from our D vouchers or not during happy hour in the SL
  11. If you are on a Oasis class ship and ordering cocktails outside 5-8 it will be deducted from your D+ count.
  12. None that I'm aware of. I have "heard" that if over a certain number on a cruise access to CK is either limited or not allowed and other arrangements are made. We just got back from Allure and P's (40) were allowed in CK for all meals
  13. We'll they were noticeable... not much clothing and not thin... glad we had Deck 17 to hang out on.
  14. Were they all wearing yellow tee shirts at some point? I did notice security more out after Roatan
  15. Dinner is 5-9 and yes its open for lunch on embarkation day till 1:30
  16. your letter will not state the 11-11 beer, wine and soda but it is the case. Also you can get bottled water also. We just got off Allure this past sunday 22nd. We stayed in #1746 so ask any other questions you have
  17. 1. I would ask the Maître D that day and they should accommodate you. 2. Typically yes... but cannot say 100% everything. We asked for items not on the menu and got them.
  18. I thought ours was small.... might have something to do with everyone having to disembark....so no B2B as it makes it way to PC
  19. You are right.. the guy was setting up the breakfast pastries very early also.
  20. This was the first cruise my wife and I have taken that we didn't visit the Next cruise... going on celebrity in April and now going to try Viking in 25'
  21. could be ... there were only 40 P's and 300 ish D+ on our October 15th cruise
  22. interesting.... we went to the machine around 6:30 am and got our Latte's ... particularly since the Suite Machine was down most of the cruise
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