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  1. I'll start a Tipping Thread to get the ball rolling
  2. Thanks, was so looking forward to Emerald perks for our next cruise in September 😉
  3. Ours would have just disembarked on the 19th so will be curious to check next week and see
  4. Thought I saw someone post it but cannot seem to find it, but has anyone received C&A points for a cancelled cruise? Asking for a Friend
  5. depends on the ship. Been on Liberty and No, been on Oasis and yes
  6. I'll guarantee you will not be cruising this next month
  7. as biker listed there is a big difference of perks on Oasis class ship vs Liberty.
  8. I don't expect to cruise out of Florida until Carol Baskin is in jail
  9. Plus I have a feeling online doctors will be available (for a fee) online soon to provide it.
  10. Cancelled our April 12 th cruise on March 7th and just received our FCC and credit card refund combo last week.
  11. about two days after they announced 48 hr cruise cancellation. I'm thinking I canceled on March 7th
  12. OK update, I received a refund on my CC for the difference between the FCC and cruise fare. I was under the impression I would get 100% of the cruise fare as FCC (minus Port fees and taxes) but looks like I got 75% FCC and 25% refund. Our cruise was April 12th and I cancelled inside the new cruise with confidence program
  13. Why 75%? were you not inside the cruise with confidence and the 48hr cancel with 100% FCC?
  14. I'm not expecting anything but the gentlemen on the line seemed to think I would be getting a second FCC. He could not explain why it didnt come at one time
  15. good to know but the 7.2K was just the cruise (including taxes and port fees which equaled $225 for both) no CP or pre-purchased drinks or gratuities
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