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  1. That is what I assumed must have happened. Nothing to get over, I didn't anywhere indicate that I was angry with you in the least (but was explaining to another poster who questioned it). But so you know CC does not allow for PM so I could not have received your message. Happy Sailing.
  2. I’m cool with it, not sure why @newmexicoNita would care when you post, it sure why it would bother her so much. Also not sure why she quoted my post when mine was 6 months ago and not relevant at all to the comment 🤨
  3. If you will check carefully you will see that you are criticizing the wrong person here Nita. I am not the one who posted 6 months late -that was @Fcris87ibew who just posted not me . My post, please note, was last January at the time of the OP 🙄
  4. I’ve got another email with an offer for a free cabin on an upcoming cruise (not a certificate). I am trying to figure out how I could possibly swing goIng because my husband is just not going to be able to go and I’m not sure if one of my friends or sisters may be able to (although I think only the sister who is an MD in FL might be able to manage it). While I could go alone, that isn’t really my thing. 😕 My question is: What if I book this cruise and then no one can’t shake loose at work and I cancel? I just don’t want to be punished by RCL or by Casino Royale for canceling and
  5. While I hesitated to post this, my curiosity was so great that I decided that I just had to know more and I hope those who frequent this forum can help me do that. The background - I gamble some, mostly on cruise ships (my only opportunity usually). We were recently on a 9 day on the Grandeur that ended June 8th and on that cruise I played for maybe an hour or more on several days and lost around $120. Although I cannot guess how much cash went through the Video Poker and slot machines in total; I am pretty good at video poker and even with the terrible odds on cruise ships can cra
  6. Does anyone know if Secret Sands Beach at Smith Bay Beach Park at St. Thomas has good areas of shade from either structures or large trees (especially since the last damaging hurricane)? We all enjoy swimming, but I have had a skin cancer in the past and really need a shady place to get away from the sun’s rays in between dips! I’ve done my best to look at pictures and videos of this beach to evaluate it for myself and while it seems to have some shady spots I cannot fell for certain. Any information would be very much appreciated 🌞🏝 Note - I think in the past (and maybe still tod
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