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  1. @spookey The invitation is on it's way. Anyone wanting a copy - I am going to be less likely to make it over over the next couple of weeks with the holidays coming up in addition to those other life responsibilities. I will do my best to catch up on things, but I will be around less here before and also perhaps after the Thanksgiving holidays. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and if your mother is still with you squeeze her extra hard.
  2. Since it’s hard to search for this info in the thread once it’s pages back, I am posting it again for the more recent cruisers with whom I have shared the THREE AMIGOS IN SAN JUAN WALKING TOUR - (I am glad to share it, but I please leave only email addresses associated with Google Accounts as Google will not allow me to share it otherwise - that will save me some time. Thanks!) 1. The main tour is in 4 parts (that is because each segment had a limit to the number of stops and some “stops” include not only important locations on the tour but also various starting and stopping points for a given area such as the shopping area or stops that are large geographically). 2. I put photos and a description of each stop on the map (just click on it to open) so you will have the historical background and location information readily available to you (and can completely annoy your teenagers by reading it to them ). 3. To create the tour I thoroughly researched Old San Juan looking for what I thought were the most worthwhile historical stops, the most interesting cultural stops, and some of the best food, drink, and shopping options available (at least by the preponderance of the “review” evidence!). Please note that the food stops exclude any dinner or expensive dining options. I also tried for variety and authenticity, particularly for the food and drink stops – there is a place to get every possible kind of cocoa-related food and beverage, but also one of the most famous and highly rated bars in the world (people say it's very hard to find, but I located the best directions that I could for us). 4. The "long" route is only around 3 miles in total with many built in breaks. But be aware that there are some cobblestone streets in the old part of the city and the south to north walk is often uphill in Old San Juan. 5. There is also an optional shorter route built in to the tour - if you open the layers menu, that option is at the bottom and can be turned on simply by clicking the box next to the 3 segments that make up that route. Please turn it “off” (the shorter route layers) as soon as you complete the route so as not to potentially confuse other users who might be sharing the map on that day (it may be relatively unlikely that there will be two groups at once, but there definitely could be). Other Notes: Points on the route may seem to have an illogical track, but I set it up to minimize back tracking and to avoid areas that may have barriers not visible on a 2D map. There were 1-2 areas where the layout of the area was unclear (even though I actually traced the entire route on Google Earth looking for places where there were blocks/issues not showing on the 2D map and looked at a number of images and videos for the same purpose). So while I believe that the route that I selected is clear and passable, it is impossible to know 100% if there could be some minor or even major barrier that could not be seen on images/google earth or if or when changes might be made along the route. Related to the above note that changes are possible, I have been told that the Paseo de las Sombrillas has been closed at some periods of time since the political demonstrations of 2019 and that the parasols themselves may have been changed. This stop is the street of hanging parasols that were put up by the citizens of San Juan to demonstrate the strength and resilience of the PR people after the devastation from Hurricane Maria and I hope that each of you will be able to see it on your visit. We will be there late in November 2019 and I will verify the route in person and notate or fix any issues that we find at that time. Please play around with the tour/map before you go so operating it is easy when you get there. One reason that I choose Google Maps for my Three Amigo’s Walking Tour is that Google claims the maps will operate at 100% offline. But that is only partly true - some elements of the tour may NOT be operable offline so test it ahead of time if you intend to go offline. Note, however, that most cell plans from the US include PR as it is a US territory. But, in case you are interested the directions from Google for using any map offline are below: On your iPhone or iPad, open the Google Maps app. Make sure you're connected to the Internet and signed into Google. Find the map you have saved (in your google drive or google maps app or site). At the bottom, tap the name or address of the place --- tap More ... Select Download offline map, then Download. I do hope that the tour will help to make your visit more special as it was created with love for my family to have the best visit possible - the best food, best shopping, and a good sampling of San Juan's most important history and culture. WEPA! Lynn
  3. I tried, but I got this error message - a good connected email is required to access google maps. Sorry, you cannot share with winock@yahoo.com because they do not have a Google Account.
  4. I don’t know that one off the top of my head, but the google file shows the email address for each ship (some have more than one listed). Check here - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Pz4Im5qh4cqd1zE5A9srLm3wGd0_SNZwTdbLTa59EF4/edit#gid=0
  5. @Mistyoneil76 @bcjs I shared it moments ago, even if the email doesn't arrive it will be in your shared folder. Please make sure to read the the most recent informational posts on the walking tour 🙂
  6. Yes and I so appreciated that you posted that in response to my question 🙂 But after that I had emailed the ship (given everything going on with me at the moment I was going to try to move ahead with my email so as not to forget) and it was Rafael who responded. Which is why I reported back, so that the file could be updated with those names as current concierges (one who just left and one who is now there) as neither name is on the file as I recall.
  7. @SherriZ366 update - Rafael Soares is the current suite concierge on Adventure (since @scorpluvsdolphins reported that Sucel was there very recently, this must have been a very recent change).
  8. Thank you so much for your assistance. Hopefully then that will be the one who remains there during our next voyage. 😄
  9. I had posted about Adventure a while back and didn’t see a response but to be honest there could have been one and I missed it (and I apologize if I did). I lost my mother less than a week ago and my world is a true blur. For the first time in my life since I was taken on my first cruise as a little girl on the SS Emerald Seas (my parents were frequent cruisers very early one), I am having a very hard time feeling excitement about our upcoming sailing. When most of us book cruises so far out, I am sure many people have faced similar situations. If there isn’t anyone who has verified that Leroy D’Souza is the Adventure Suite Concierge ( concierge listed first was scheduled to leave the ship in August), does anyone have any experience with Leroy? It is nice to know what to expect 😊 Thank you so much.
  10. I have just added @HappiestWhenCruising and @babyclaytonmom to the shared list - you should get an email, but regardless it will be in your shared maps in your google drive/google maps. Please check the information (most recent) in the thread about the tour (and note that some parts may not download for use offline due to google limitations, if possible you may want to be online for using it). Enjoy. Lynn
  11. It's 11/5/19 and I am doing a quick post to make sure people aren't wondering what is going on. My mother died on Saturday evening and we are overwhelmed with tasks. I will return to check requests, but it will not be this week most likely. Lynn
  12. No worries, it's only a notification. What matters is that you access it from the account with the Gmail/Drive/Maps for that account. It won't transfer it to another, it unfortunately must be related to a google account. I love what BC offers - I might freeze to death most of the year and be miserable, but in mid June... just wow! Stanley Park is amazing. Of course it might be like here, we have so many options truly but with work etc no one is getting to visit anything. Still, I love the air there - I spend a summer in Olympia Washington when I was 16 and it will always remain a favorite memory (except the slugs, but...). He's from about Penticton, BC. I remember his mother suggested that my sister and I visit just us so I looked it up. Seems like it was about a 2 hour or so drive from a "real" airport. They are more than bicoastal - the are BC to FL/USA. I guess they don't mind road trips as much as I do LOL
  13. Hi 🙂 I will be glad to share it and will go get it in now. Make sure to read the info a page or so back about the tour (and also some elements apparently may not work offline, so check that and be prepared to be online). We so loved the week that we spend in BC the summer of 2018. My brother in law is from BC (maybe a couple of hours NE of there), but this was just a getting to know Vancouver trip (and Bowen island) and we loved it!
  14. I am so glad it was positive for you. We had the worst cruise ever on that ship and that was sailing in the Haven (food/service was outstanding!). The design of the ship and the lurching and swaying that was constant alone made it less than a positive sailing. I love NCL, just not this ship 😒
  15. Not in our experience. They may do them faster or let you get them in slightly late, but it’s the same deal - special pricing once or twice a cruise (depending on length) for one bag. Do note that this is purely wash and fold (on one of our cruises they actually pressed items for us, but on the rest they’ve just folded and on certain clothing items that’s just a hot mess - so don’t send anything in that bag that needs any care at all to look good). Sounds like a great journey, have fun! P.S. there are so discounts for the loyalty levels on laundry services and they press evening wear for the first formal-ish night.
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