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  1. That's from the Australian Princess site. Compared to our current booking on Ovation over Christmas/New Year, where we have the Deluxe Beverage package for $63.02, and the two device Voom package is $24.65 Princess = $117 per person, per day RC = $75.35 per person, per day Over a 13 night cruise, that's over $1000 difference for two people. It also doesn't include tips on the Australian version, as they are included in the cruise fare. Things may vary between sailings/countries/ships, but it certainly doesn't look like a good deal to me...
  2. I would be very happy if our Xmas/NY cruise to Vanuatu and NZ were replaced with a circumnavigation. Being from Perth, we would happily save half our airfares 🙂
  3. That could well be true, but it doesn't preclude domestic cruises...
  4. That sounds correct, and is also a fair way to deal with the issue.
  5. That's not a surprise for RC 🙂 Maybe the FAQ is out of date as when it was written, this situation had not occurred? It does make sense that you should be able to revert back to getting a cash refund... after all you've done the right thing by Royal in taking FCC and then booking another cruise. We could be in the same situation... Our March sailing was cancelled. Took the FCC and then booked a December sailing which we applied the FCC on. If that gets cancelled, we may simply want to scrap the whole thing, especially as we already have another cruise booked for October 2021 with another line.
  6. The letter from RC posted above states EXACTLY that. "If you were already impacted by a sailing that was previously cancelled due to a global suspension and paid additional monies on a new booking within this extended suspension period, you are still able to opt in to refund one or both cancelled bookings via the process below."
  7. The price for DBP on our Christmas Ovation sailing dropped to AUD 63.02 yesterday. This is the lowest I've seen it on the three sailing I have been tracking for the last two years. That equates to USD 43.75 or GBP 34.94 We had previously bought it at AUD 72.61 thinking that for a cruise from Australia over Christmas and New Year that may be the lowest it went. Obviously have cancelled and repurchased. Now we wait to see how long the refund takes, and then if the cruise actually happens...
  8. Either there's a typo here, or someone is driving a DeLorean....
  9. Fair enough, however Australia has not put any timeframe on the closure of it's borders. As I said, it's doubtful they will allow US tourists this year, but it hasn't been completely ruled out.
  10. Who told you Australia is shut down for the rest of the year? It is at the moment, however there is already talk of travel being permitted between Australia and New Zealand in the not too distant future, with possibly some Pacific islands also on the cards. I certainly don't think they will be allowing free travel between the Us and Australia any time soon, but as Australia has been much more effective at controlling Covid-19, the restrictions will begin to relax sooner than in other countries that are no as effective.
  11. Some very valid points, however the "Trans Tasman" bubble looks more like including Pacific Islands as well as Oz and NZ. Many of these rely heavily on tourism and will be eager to get tourist back and spending money. I'm also not too worried if the itinerary changes for my cruise. If we were restricted to only NZ and OZ, I would be happy to change the two ports in Vanuatu to ports in NZ or even Oz. At this point, Australia is actually the sticking point. Currently, NZ, Vanuatu, Fiji and all of the other places that cruise ships visit from Australia in the Pacific are all free from Covid-19. It is the other countries that are at risk from any "bubble" rather than Australia. The other sticking point will be the perception of cruise ships following the Ruby Princess farce, so the cruise lines will need to demonstrate what they have changed and how they will ensure passenger safety.
  12. That could be completed on the way to Australia, as there is little chance ships would be allowed to bring passengers from other ports to Australia (or New Zealand).
  13. My (personal) issue with that is our Christmas/New Year cruise to NZ and Vanautu sails from Sydney. Unless Royal Caribbean can move the departure port to Brisbane, we need NSW open.
  14. Weekly? I check daily, along with Cruise Planner prices 🙂 Unfortunately, the price for our only booked RCL cruise hasn't dropped since they made this announcement 😞
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