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  1. The concern is crew. They would need to be quarantined for at least 14 days before boarding a ship. The last thing any cruise line would want is to have a crew member test positive AFTER boarding. This would mean the entire crew and ship would be subject to a quarantine period.
  2. Possibly because you have restricted the date range with a start date of Dec 21? There are definitely earlier cruises there:
  3. Definitely. You don't build ships like that if all you want is bums on chairs at blackjack tables 🙂
  4. I certainly wouldn't argue that their model is evolving, as is their fleet, however there will always be an emphasis on the casino. They make a lot more profit there than they do on any other aspect of their business. They also don't market to much other than locals. Given time, there may be realistic comparisons to other cruise lines, but not as it currently stands.
  5. To put the Dream cruises into perspective.... Dream Cruises was born out of Star Cruises, who were essentially operating floating casinos. The destinations were irrelevant because all they really wanted was to get in to international waters so they could open the casino. Their ships were always based in places without land based casinos (Singapore, Hong Kong, Mumbai etc). Most of their cruises were aimed at locals (Singapore residents paid minimal amounts for their cruise when compared to residents of other countries). The turnover in their casinos was huge, hence being able
  6. And people wonder why some countries have been hit harder by Covid? The first thought isn't "how can I make things safer", it's "how can I get around the rules for my own benefit".
  7. Does anyone have any recent experience with full refunds from Royal Caribbean? Interested to hear how long they are currently taking?
  8. The concern over booking more cruises becomes greater as time goes on with no restart. At the moment, there doesn't appear to be much danger other than having your money tied up for something that might not happen. As we go longer with no cruising, the liquidity of the cruiselines will become a big concern. We will go from worrying about "will the cruise happen" to worrying about "will they go bust and we'll lose our money as well as not getting a cruise". At this point, we've got another cruise booked, but on a very small deposit that we're not concerned about losing, with the
  9. That depends on what else you drink.... If you like barista coffee and fresh juice with breakfast, a few sodas during the day, and three or four bottles of water every day, then three alcoholic drinks per day is the break even point. Coffee $4.00 Juice $3.00 2x Soda $ 6.00 4x water $ 10.00 That's $33.00. Pay as you go and you need to add 18%, or $39. Now you have two cocktails at $12.00, which is $28.00 when you add the 18%, and you're up to $61. It's up to everyone to decide if the DBP is good value for themselves. What really annoys me me is people who say you
  10. Golden Princess has now left Manila Bay with her destination listed as Port Klang, Malaysia. Don't know why she's headed there... could be crew related, could be to onload/offload gear for a refit in Singapore. At least there's a moving ship to track now 🙂
  11. Results obviously vary, but we cancelled and repurchased DBP for a December cruise on Friday 26 June. Refund hit our account this morning, 7 July, so 7 business days later. This is about the same as it was last year before things hit the fan.
  12. OK. Just heard back from my TA. She took my first option and escalated it with RC. Successfully repriced.
  13. I don't believe it is true. I believe my TA just can't be bothered. I had a similar response when I asked her about the $200 OBC I had for the cancelled booking that was from booking with Next Cruise. I have given her three options: Call RC again and escalate to resolve Remove the FCC from our booking and reprice (not sure if this can even be done) I take the booking back from them and cease doing business with them.
  14. Has anyone repriced a cruise after applying FCC? We have a booking for December which was a standard booking with a cash deposit through our TA. After our March sailing was cancelled, we took the option of 125% FCC. When this came through in May, we had our TA apply it to the December cruise. Yesterday, I saw that the fare had been reduced. A mock booking for the cabin next to ours came in $200 lower. I emailed our TA to reprice at the lower rate, and she advised that because we had applied the FCC, we were no longer eligible to reprice. I call rubbish, but
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