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  1. Do not really think it makes a lot of difference but knowing how hard this folks work to make our trip special, and having worked in a public service profession I always tip up because they deserve it.
  2. Probably right, just remember we were on the Nordic Prince and were next to Majesty in San Juan.
  3. Anything at 150 Central Park or the Sandwiches at Park Café on the Oasis class ships.
  4. Ours is almost the same, we were on the Nordic Prince in 1986 and sailed into San Juan. We docked next to the newest ship at that time, Majesty of the Seas, it looked huge next to us. In those days if you had a ship id, this was before sea passes, everything on board was cash, you could go over and get on Majesty and look around. We were sure that their would never be a bigger ship. Now we have been on Oasis class several times and love it and say the same thing. Many great memories over the years on RCCL ships, many of them have to do with the officers and staff and how well we have been treated.
  5. Congratulations, we love Diamond level.
  6. We were there in August and it was taxi was $19 each way for four people.
  7. If your night is flexible you can get a discount if you wait. The last cruise we wanted to go on formal night and so booked early since the seating is limited. It is a great time and we can't wait to go back.
  8. Yeah, I know some people will disagree and being from a service industry sometimes I get why they have an issue, but we have sailed on 18 times with RCCL and have always had great service when we contacted them. Not that we did not have an issue or two from time to time, welcome to life, but when we discussed it with them they always made it right. Regardless of what many people on these boards seem to think, its not in their best interest to make a customer mad, but there are limits to what can be done or what some people expect when something goes wrong. Our experiences are why we continue to sail with RCCL, if it was not I would vote with my business and go elsewhere.
  9. At what level of ownership would this come into play in your opinion. 10 shares? 1,000 shares? I own the stock for the investment performance but think that your benefit level would need to be appropriate for you sailing benefit to match Pinnacle level and the amount of money that those none shareholder people have paid to reach that level. If you don't make it match the cost of reaching Pinnacle and the stock ownership was too low there were be no incentive to reach the increased Crown and Anchor levels.
  10. You must be as excited as we are. We also booked our first b2b after about 30 years of taking cruises. We have talked about it for a long time. It will be our 50 wedding anniversary. My DW doesn't know it but I upgraded from a balcony to a suite, can't wait to surprise her. There has been lots of good information about what to expect from others on the site. Have a great trip.
  11. I always pay on line and have never had an issue.
  12. I have received a response a couple of times. I worked in retail for 35 years and kind of know how to craft a complain and get a response after being on the other end a lot.
  13. Welcome to Diamond, we have always enjoyed the perks. We buy the drink package so the nightly happy hour is not something we use, but we do enjoy the Diamond lounge and my wife loves the free picture. Enjoy the cruise.
  14. On any cruise I use to rent a tux. I liked to get dressed up and made for nice pictures. Don’t do it so often anymore but still wear a suit, seems like it’s a special vacation and a couple of nights of dress up are nice. I did wear a suit for work for many years so I like doing it one in awhile and again leaves nice pictures for the kids someday. Sent from my iPad using Forums
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