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  1. We have sailed on Royal a couple of times during the holidays and the last time was with a 5 year old. They do a nice job, the ship decorations are amazing. He is now 7 and has sailed a couple of times and the Kids Club program is outstanding, it has various levels based on age groups which is nice. My wife and daughter are both teachers so they are very picky when it comes to things like this and both rave about the program on Royal. Depending on the size ship you choose they have a nightly parade that is geared toward families and on one night they had Santa. On cabin size the b
  2. She is at the dock in Galveston so looking good. We are on the 8/15 cruise so hope this all goes well. From the amount of communication we are now getting from Royal it looks like they expect it to be OK.
  3. This was interesting information. We are on the 8/15 cruise out of Galveston and have been to these ports several times and wondered what it was going to be like. We fully expected that this was not going to be cruising as normal. We have an unvaccinated 7 year old with us. As someone mentioned, at this age he would just as well spend his whole time at Kids Club and let us do our own thing. We did observe that the ship cruise options were limited and expected that. I contacted a couple of the outside locations that we have enjoyed before since we would be allowed to take off ship tours a
  4. We are on the Independence on Aug. 15 and both of us are vaccinated. The instructions they sent us a week ago indicated that we would book private tours if we are vaccinated. Our ports are Mexico and Roatan. I do think that local island rules could also come into play.
  5. We are sailing in three weeks on Independence out of Galveston. Since this is out of Tx. the protocells require that everyone over 12 be vaccinated, unless you have a verifiable medical exemption. With the number of passengers limited to between 40-50 percent of capacity and the other conditions RCCL has on the cruise we feel very comfortable being on the cruise. The air flight to Tx. will be way more risk than being on a ship at this time.
  6. We almost got stuck by not keeping up on our passports. We have a cruise leaving in three weeks. A few months ago we got vaccinated and decided to put our vaccination document with our passport since we figured we would need it to travel. When I got my passport out I noticed it had expired the later part of last year. If it wasn't for the vaccination doc I would not have looked at it until a couple of days to travel. Long story short, filled out the paperwork and paid for expedited handling to be sure it got back in time. Cost of $70 per passport and it still took over 6 weeks, The new expirat
  7. We have made this trip several times and will again in a couple of weeks. We have always used Elite Limo in Houston and have always been very happy with their service. Not sure how their price is, since its a private service I am sure you could get something less expensive but I hate the hassle of group travel and am willing to pay a little more the the service. I would recommend them to anyone.
  8. Yes, they are going to build a large entertainment area with parks and a music concert venue. Also a ship embarkation building when the old building was. The plans look nice and will be a big plus for that stop.
  9. We are sailing out of Galveston Tx. in three weeks and everyone over 12 is required to have been vaccinated.
  10. We are on the 8/15 Galveston cruise and one thing that will be certain with all these early cruises is that things may change on the fly and patience will be required if we want to get in early. We are also traveling with another reservation with a 7 year old and had the dinner question since he will not be joining us for nightly dinners. At this point it was unclear which level we would be assigned to. In talking to them they said if we were assigned to the non vaccinated level once we get on the ship to go to either the customer service area or the dinning room and explain the issue and they
  11. We are on the 8/15 cruise out of Galveston and they new RCCL app we are using to check in and make reservations has a message feature that they say is included in the app while you are on the ship between members of your party or those reservations that are connected. The check in feature is very cool, this is a huge upgrade over the previous ship app that we used.
  12. We have done this and it worked well. One suggestion is to decide when you warn to eat on each night and your preferred times. Once we got on the ship we went to the restaurant and made reservation right then in order to get the time we wanted so to work into the other activates for that night. If you wait the most popular time slots fill up quickly once the cruise starts.
  13. At some point people moved from radio to TV, and now to smart TV. From bulky pc's to laptops and now to tablets. You don't have to be adducted as some are to the tecknowledgey because others are but when it makes your life easier and safer its a good decision to use it. It is not going away and it will continue to evolve. Old tecknowledgey become absolute and not supported so its easier to get involved early than when its too late and you have to play catch up. The first version on the RCCL app on one of our cruises was kind of a joke in my opinion but this new one is really good and we
  14. We are schedule to sail on August 15th on Independence out of Galveston. The original cruise included Cayman but has been amended to different ports. Cruise is still going and we have received the check in procedure on the app and got out documents and luggage tags today. Depending on the ports I think the cruises will all go but the ports may change. We have been on other cruises pre-Covid where the ports changed for various reasons and even have had it happen mid cruise. I think you will go but they will sub a different port for Cayman.
  15. We are on the August 15th Independence cruise out of Galveston and got our documents and luggage tags today in email.
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