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  1. I have heard, if its a Kiosk, then they take the card, but you get no reward points. If its a Starbucks store, than no card but you get rewards. But things are always changing.
  2. Maybe I'm showing my age, but I remember getting upgraded rooms completely for free. Those were the days.
  3. And don't forget the price of food your giving them back in the buffet and dining room for not eating there.
  4. Can pay with SeaPass card or Strabucks App. I don't think a Starbucks card will work. And Starbucks is NOT part of any beverage package.
  5. It would be interesting to see the correlational between passengers "falling" off of cruise ships, and ones that purchase "drink packages." Hmmm, wonder why my local bar doesn't also offer "unlimited drink packages?" Afterall, drunk people should take responsibility for their drinking. Cruise ships offer the drink packages because they are very profitable, and the cost to them of passengers falling off their ships is very minimal in comparison.
  6. Yeah, kinda funny with literally hundreds of people "falling" off of cruise ships every year, and a number of them living to tell their tale, the cruise ships don't learn from them, how they fell, so the "problem" could be solved when future cruise ships are built. Oh wait, the solution is that cruise ships could stop selling excessive alcohol to their passengers and that would fix the problem? OK nevermind.
  7. Laundry too 3 days and you can't submit it in the last 3 days, so on a 7 day, yeah, good luck using it more than once.
  8. Yes, things vary with length. Not a whole lot of 7 day cruises. I guess no benefit with concierge but maybe everyone else doesn't get any restaurant reservations.
  9. Yeah, guess I was just stupid and not as smart as you. I stupidly assumed that a $150 excursion was worth $150, but I was wrong.
  10. Its free, but on the R ships, it was ALWAYS busy. Always.
  11. No Concierge Lounge on R ships. We found ANYONE could use the spa deck area. They never checked. The best parts of the concierge service was two free bags of laundry, and you get two trips to each specialty restaurant as opposed to one, and earlier booking. Is that all worth the added cost? You have to decide. I'm not sure I would pay for it again.
  12. Here is the reality. What matters is the demand that they have for their cruises, compared to other cruise lines. If their numbers and demand are increasing at least as much as the others, why listen to the complainers on the comment cards? If there comes a time that their numbers drop faster than industry averages, THEN they might take what the comment cards say to heart. Otherwise its CUT CUT CUT from above, and the poor workers on the ship doing the actual work are caught between complaining passengers on one side, and management cutting costs on the other. Should the head of food services or the head of house cleaning tell management that passengers are complaining, the solution is simple. Management will just replace these people with new staff. Its much cheaper to do that than actually fix the problem.
  13. Unfortunately those reading the comment cards do the best with what they have, but they can't change the budgeting. You can complain all you want, but don't think your comments are going to the CEO.
  14. We took our first Oceania cruise a few months ago, seems like for the same reason as you. I will say that the food in the specialty restaurants is very good. The food in the main dinning room is as good as Royal Caribbean or Celebrity maybe 10 - 15 years ago, which isn't terrible. Our biggest complaint would be the choices don't change that much. The buffet was small but had better choices than RC or Celebrity. So yes, no doubt Oceania has decreased like every else, but it was coming from a higher point than the others.
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