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  1. Those are great photos. I also looked at the photos you have on your webpage of the Waterfront.....man.... they are really packing in chairs on the Waterfront to accommodate the limited space up top. When we sailed on the Bliss in December, the Waterfront was not that packed with seating. It had plenty on it, but it has a LOT in your photos.
  2. I heard someone on a YouTube video say it is called the Rose chandelier.. it is starting to grow on me. I did not like it at first either, but now I kind of am. 😉
  3. Thank you for the deck and the thermal spa photos. Man, that is a LOT of deck chairs for two small pools,, when we were on the Bliss in Dec 2018, I don’t remember their deck with so many chairs. But I guess the Encore is trying to squeeze as many chairs on that deck as they can since the outdoor deck space is now limited.
  4. Question, do you have to make a mad dash to get the Vibe passes now, or since it is larger, can you purchase a pass before you get on the ship?
  5. The Vibe upper deck does have a misting water section. Here is a video.
  6. Found the thermal spa at minute 4:00 on this video. Just a very short segment though.
  7. Those rooms are identical to the Bliss. Nothing different. Exact same color scheme.
  8. Not impressed with the new Vibe, only hot tub to cool off in. No grotto or sprinkler area like on Bliss. And even though there is more seats, you will still have to scramble to get a seat if you want to be in an adults only area. We have a thermal spa cabin, any photos of the thermal spa.?.
  9. So you are saying they no longer have the blue NCL beach towels on your bed when you first arrive in your cabin on the first day?
  10. Can’t wait to see inside photos of the Thermal Spa. 😊😊❤️❤️
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