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  1. We were in D314 (above the tenders) and we did not have any cover. I am looking at a photo I took and it appears that the balconies just slightly forward of ours had cover. The mini-suite was very comfortable for Alaska. We spent a combination of time at Glacier Bay on our balcony and on the forward decks.
  2. We are on the Sky Princess November 10 and had a Guarantee Mini-Suite. We booked last year under the Sip-N-Sail. We received our room assignment sometime in September after the final payment. We are in one of the forward facing minis on the upper decks. It is a MF so technically no upgrade but it looks to have a huge balcony. We are only on for the 7-days not the TA crossing so no worries about bouncing along with the waves.
  3. There is a lot to unpack in this thread. We were on the Royal in April and enjoyed Good Spirits. Since I had the PBP I made it a priority to try all of the drinks offered and received a free T-Shirt and the lovely recipe cards for each drink. I enjoyed the drinks so much that I stocked up my home bar to prepare them for my friends. (with the exception or the pumpkin and apple one) The bartenders did their demo's and sent out greetings to the recipient of the drink and the videos were on so low that you could barely hear them unless you were paying attention. Yes, it was a pain to have
  4. We get the PBP and it covers the wine in the dining room that is by the glass. We have never ordered beer but I would assume that it would be covered as well. The selections are limited but there is always something that matches up with the meal.
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