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  1. We were in D314 (above the tenders) and we did not have any cover. I am looking at a photo I took and it appears that the balconies just slightly forward of ours had cover. The mini-suite was very comfortable for Alaska. We spent a combination of time at Glacier Bay on our balcony and on the forward decks.
  2. We are on the Sky Princess November 10 and had a Guarantee Mini-Suite. We booked last year under the Sip-N-Sail. We received our room assignment sometime in September after the final payment. We are in one of the forward facing minis on the upper decks. It is a MF so technically no upgrade but it looks to have a huge balcony. We are only on for the 7-days not the TA crossing so no worries about bouncing along with the waves.
  3. There is a lot to unpack in this thread. We were on the Royal in April and enjoyed Good Spirits. Since I had the PBP I made it a priority to try all of the drinks offered and received a free T-Shirt and the lovely recipe cards for each drink. I enjoyed the drinks so much that I stocked up my home bar to prepare them for my friends. (with the exception or the pumpkin and apple one) The bartenders did their demo's and sent out greetings to the recipient of the drink and the videos were on so low that you could barely hear them unless you were paying attention. Yes, it was a pain to have to plan to be there for the designated time for the special drinks but other times it was just a bar. There was entertainment in the atrium between the bar times and in the evenings and Good Spirits served as the band's break. That bar was always busy. It is a prime people watching venue!
  4. We get the PBP and it covers the wine in the dining room that is by the glass. We have never ordered beer but I would assume that it would be covered as well. The selections are limited but there is always something that matches up with the meal.
  5. I love Gin Mare as well...discovered it at a gin bar in London a few years back and searched diligently for it in the US. It is distributed here you just have to find a local liquor store that uses that distributor. I finally found a local store that was willing to order it for me with a two bottle minimum. He ended up putting the remaining case out on the shelves and it sold out the next day. He now has as regular stock so no more worries for me! Don’t know about Princess’s policy but hopefully you can find it at home eventually.
  6. Pike’s Landing it was very casual and had local beers on tap. The plates were huge and we were glad we decided to share the entree. We had a seafood fettuccine dish.
  7. We sailed late August/Labor Day and the only day we were truly cold was Glacier Bay. We brought way too many clothes for the trip. The interior of the ship was comfortable and the wind on sea days required a jacket. For shore excursions we had long sleeves and fleece.
  8. This was a nice hotel. We were here the last week of the season and there was only one dining room open so we walked over to a local restaurant for dinner. While I can’t recall the name it was one of the best and authentic meals we ate in Alaska.
  9. Asquare


    I have played craps on the Coral & Royal. There is only one table.
  10. We just got off the Royal Princess. Our experience is as follows: 1) I got us Ocean Ready atone using an i-phone. I just followed the instructions and went in order. I ordered the Medallions at the end of the process. 2) The Medallions arrived via FedEx about 2 weeks before our cruise. They were engraved with our names and the correct color for our Captain’s Club level. 3). We used a Fitbit Zip wristband that we purchased on Amazon instead of the lanyards. The doors opened fine without removing it from the band. If we were sitting at the actual bar the bartender could see us on his register and we didn’t need to remove it. The only time we actually had to hand it to anyone was the servers in the Piazza for some reason the Medallion had to be perfectly flat on their device. Some servers would still ask for a room number as well. 4) We left our phones in the room for the most part. People were using their phones and the Play Ocean app to play interactive games by the pool and in Princess Live. 5) Ocean Concierge is still a webpage not an app. It still refuses to work on Android products. But the big new screens by the elevators have all the activities listed and can give directions to any venue. 6) The best app is Ocean Compass. You can set up your traveling companions and find them on the ship. 7). Getting off and on the ship is a snap with the Medallion. It really speeds things up, In my opinion this was much easier than having to worry about a cruise card. There is no need to carry your phone around unless you are really into the apps. I didn’t feel like my privacy was invaded.
  11. Our security type photo is horrible...mugshot looking...no glasses, hair off the face. I hope they can see both photos and get a good laugh on our behalf...we don't look like the same people.
  12. Those are all really good points about tracking. Did you know that Walmart and other retailers use the same type of technology in their stores without your knowledge. Those little RDFI chips are embedded in lots of products and even the shopping carts...the difference is the tracking is anonymous. Tracking could help the cruise line figure out where there are problems in their public areas for example do too many people congregate in one area at a given time causing a jam...could they spread events through out the ship to avoid that. It could help identify popular or unpopular venues. The problem is that the tracking is not anonymous and will we now be subject to targeted advertising from various stores on ship. "Mr.. Smith, we saw your wife lingering over by the jewelry store; perhaps we could help you chose something special for her." Personally, I am excited to use the new technology; especially the Ocean Compass. I also like the idea that you can order a drink and have it delivered to you anywhere on the ship. I hope that this does not cause people to treat the wait staff like delivery robots but instead speeds up service.
  13. This may be true on other ships but when we were on the Coral last summer we were able to get some great olive plates and snack mix at Crooner's Bar. I would recommend the Sled Dog demo at Denali. The dogs there are very approachable and while you may not be able to take a ride on a sled this was a very enjoyable experience. The Princess lodges on the land portion are all very different. Our favorite was McKinley with the Treehouse.
  14. I just booked my tickets for November Sky Princess cruise on E-Z Air. I was able to book Business Class to/from DFW with only one connection (LHR coming and JFK going). The prices were amazing compared to what I could find on my own. The outgoing flight is British Air so we get AAdvantage Miles; the return flight is Air France so we will get Delta Sky Miles...winner winner!!! We recently took a Move-over offer on the Royal Mexican Riviera cruise and the process was seamless with the E-Z Air. The agent that worked with me on the Move-over had us re-booked on a new cruise (upgraded room!! Whoo-hoo) and the air travel arrangements changed within 15 minutes. I am a firm believer in E-Z Air after that one experience. On last years cruise to Alaska we were really sweating it when we got held up by the long lines to clear customs in Vancouver. There were still agents waiting in the baggage area for those last minute people like us. We made it to the boat JIT for sail-away. The bus driver told us that they will hold the boat when they have E-Z Air passengers that are on the ground in time but get stuck in the lines...they don't leave without you...they have a list and as long as your name is on it you are good to go!!!
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