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  1. I've received my FCC and refunds from the shore excursions, but still nothing regarding port taxes and fees ($235 pp, so not a lot but not nothing). Cruise was for 5/22 and canceled 4/14. Anyone else opt for FCC and received a refund on the tax?
  2. Going westbound, south (the sunny side) would be port (left). In November, the weather should be cool enough and sunrise late enough at those latitudes that I'd pick that side - if it were summer I'd go with the shaded side because I don't like getting hot or being awakened too early. Have a great trip!
  3. Thanks everyone, and especially @amanda219 - I'll definitely look into them! @joeyancho, when were you last there? Everything I've read says you can no longer climb the pyramid at Tulum, unfortunately, but we're definitely going to Uxmal while you still can.
  4. Also consider that fall is the time of year most likely to be cloudy and rainy. Best bet for seeing the aurora is the interior of Alaska in the winter, if you can stand the cold. 🙂
  5. Hi all! I just wanted to follow up after discussing with the Mrs... she agreed that an hour at Chichen Itza wasn't worth it, so we'll book Uxmal from Progreso and Tulum from Cozumel, then return by land at some point for a full day at Chichen Itza. I figure that'll always be there but we don't know how much longer you'll be able to climb the pyramid at Uxmal. We have gone ahead and booked the cruise - port side mid-ship balcony on Carnival Valor departing from New Orleans on 11/30, for only $272 pp. Thanks again for all the advice!
  6. Sorry I don't have any advice, but one thing struck me about the NCL itinerary - the list view says Glacier Bay but the map shows Hubbard Glacier. Any idea which it really is? Or could it be either depending on weather?
  7. There's a thread on Flyertalk about this, and one of the respondents created a template you can use for the DOT complaint: https://www.flyertalk.com/forum/32405601-post427.html. It has screenshots from Air Canada's website showing that the airline retroactively changed its cancellation policy for tickets already sold (going from offering refunds for canceled flights or scheduled changes to only offering refunds for cancellations deemed within the airline's control, which of course is up to them to decide). Hopefully this comes in handy. I submitted a refund request 5 weeks ago (for flights whi
  8. Same here. The bonus $200 gift card was also in my cart prior to checkout and on the invoice.
  9. Thanks everyone! I considered a land vacation but with everything going on, the cruise turned out to be a much better value (both less expensive and easier to cancel if necessary since we'd be driving to the port from my parents' home). The alternative for this year would be not going, so I figured we'd get a glimpse of it now and go back by land if we want to see more.
  10. Yeah, I’ve heard that about Progreso - we’d definitely do one of the Mayan tours from there, it’s just a question of which one. We’re not really beach people anyway. That’s what I’m thinking - I’d like to climb the pyramid at Uxmal while I still can. It sounds like Uxmal from Progreso and Chichen Itza by plane from Cozumel is the winner if I can get my wife on board... if not, then Uxmal and Tulum for this trip? I assume the ferry/bus trip to Chichen Itza from Cozumel isn’t worth it as you get less than an hour there?
  11. Thanks! I was thinking of going with Carnival tours since the prices are lower than I expected, and with the tight schedules I figured there'd be lower risk of missing the ship. I've been perusing the port of call boards too but figured cross posting would be frowned upon. 🙂
  12. I can understand that perspective, but isn't that the case with any booking that requires payment upfront (airfare, and some hotels and car rentals)? I'm currently fighting with Air Canada to refund a flight they canceled (service to my city is suspended entirely, so there was no offer of rebooking).
  13. Hi everyone! I'm relatively new here, though I own CCL stock and frequent the HAL board. Our Alaska cruise got rescheduled for next year, but I still have the itch to go somewhere sooner, so I was thinking a Carnival Cruise to the Yucatan out of New Orleans or Mobile to see the Mayan ruins. (My wife was an anthropology major and has always wanted to see Chichen Itza. My parents live in Mississippi so I'm thinking I'd time this to coincide with Thanksgiving there.) The dilemma is that we'd also like to see Uxmal and Tulum. I expect we'll get back to Cozumel at some point since so ma
  14. Same here, but when I resubmitted, it said the form had already been submitted for this confirmation number. If you didn't get that, then I'm guessing it didn't go through the first time.
  15. I waited to be sure it had bottomed out - I missed rock bottom but bought in at $9 a share, which I'm happy with. I bought into Delta and Hilton at the same time, and while I didn't time either of them as well as CCL, they're both up from where I bought in. I took a bath on HTZ (thought it had bottomed out at $3, but then they declared bankruptcy) but for a relatively small amount compared to what I've made on the others. I don't expect every investment to be a winner. 🙂
  16. Anyone tried buying more than one $1000 gift cards and getting multiple bonuses? I'm thinking of doing this since we can easily spend more than $2400 on the remaining balance and shore excursions for our rebooked cruise for next year.
  17. That was exactly my initial reaction - this isn't an economic depression in the traditional sense since there's still consumer demand, and it all depends on the course of the virus. To compare it to previous economic recessions doesn't make sense; it should be compared to previous pandemics.
  18. Thanks, that does look like fun! My parents had the glacier landing flight booked in Denali but it got canceled due to weather - much to my mom's relief, I think! On a spur of the moment, we've decided to book a cruise to Progreso and Cozumel this fall, and assuming it isn't canceled, I'm thinking taking the flight to Chichen Itza (on a lightweight but conventional-gear aircraft) might be a good stepping stone to the one in Alaska. (My wife was an anthropology major and really wants to see the Mayan sites, and you don't get much time there on the bus tour.)
  19. I've rebooked my canceled Holland America cruise for next year (we'd be in Ketchikan today, in fact), and while HAL had a flight in/boat back (or vice versa) combo excursion listed then, I don't see it now. I'm hesitant to book just the flight in case it gets canceled due to weather and I end up with no shore excursion at all. Plus my wife and mother in law will take the Misty Fjords cruise only since there's no way I'm convincing them to get on a floatplane. I'm thinking I might just go with them on that and save the flight for Juneau, but I hate the idea of missing out...
  20. Just got the last outstanding shore excursion refund, so that just leaves port taxes and fees now.
  21. I agree the response from HAL (and Carnival Corp in general) has been pretty poor, but if Ashford resigned or got canned, where would they find someone else both capable and willing to take his job in the midst of this crisis? I'm not sure if anyone else would be any better.
  22. I was about to say same here, but I see we're from the same state. 🙂 I've been saying this for months - It never made sense to close down the entire state when the outbreaks were confined to a few metro areas (where people were just ignoring the orders anyway because they weren't really enforced).
  23. Same here, got all but one shore excursion refunded yesterday for our canceled 5/24 Alaska cruise and got FCC for 2 of the 3 passengers, but no refund of the port taxes & fees.
  24. Still nothing on the second passenger's FCC, but I did get all but one shore excursion refunded yesterday - as I mentioned upthread, my wife and my stateroom is on a different reservation from her mother's, and it's one of hers that didn't get refunded, so I'm hoping that's still coming. (Though all 3 of our excursions for the other ports were refunded, so I don't know.) I'll continue to hold off on contacting them since I know they're swamped, and I don't feel like waiting on hold for hours.
  25. If I'm understanding correctly, the TA won't get a commission on the original cruise since it was canceled, but also won't get a commission on the rebooked cruise because the FCC was processed as a discount (making the fare effectively zero) instead of a form of payment? If so, then not only is the cruise line benefitting from effectively interest free loans (by providing refunds in the form of credits rather than cash), but they're also stiffing TAs out of commissions. Hopefully this is all just an unintended consequence of the FCC processing rather than intentional.
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