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  1. Thanks, I was just thinking the 100-400 since my main lens ends at 105, so there wouldn't be a gap in between. I'm not sure if I'd bring the whole kit on shore excursions (especially if there's hiking involved) but I should be able to make good use of it on the ship.
  2. Yeah I'm definitely thinking the 100-400 for my Alaska trip next year but I'd likely just rent one since I don't foresee needing it after that.
  3. I've got a Sony a7 iii with the 24-105 mm f4.0 lens. It's great for landscapes and moderate close-ups, and I'm thinking for wildlife in Alaska, I'll rent the 100-400 since I don't plan to need it much (if ever) beyond this trip. To the OP, if you're just shooting landscapes, you certainly don't need a longer telephoto than you have. At the wide end, 18 is probably wide enough even for a APS-C (28 mm equivalent for 35 mm full frame). There certainly are lenses in the 12-24 mm range if you're interested but I don't care for the fisheye look that starts to show below around 24.
  4. Second the Sony RX100 - I have an a7 iii with the 24-105mm f4.0 zoom, and my wife has the RX100 mark 7 since she wanted something better than her phone but can't hold a big camera. We took both on a trip to Mexico last week, and I was pretty impressed with the quality of hers - in daylight, they're pretty close. (I chose mine because I wanted high performance in low light.) If you can swing it (it's on the high end of compact P&S prices), the RX100 mark 7 won't disappoint.
  5. I know this thread is kind of old, but I recently got a Sony a7 iii and 24-105 mm f4.0 lens and had a chance to try it out in the Yucatan (including some fairly challenging shots, like handheld at night from moving vehicles). I know this is blasphemy to some, but I must say I'm finding it to be good enough that I don't feel the need for a fast prime - I'd rather have the zoom to be able to frame the shot how I want it without cropping. For Alaska (tentatively next year but 2022 at the latest), I'm interested in the 100-400 mm telephoto to get some far away wildlife shots. Since tha
  6. We just got back from a land vacation that replaced a canceled cruise to Progreso and Cozumel. We stayed at the Hyatt Ziva (northeastern tip of the Hotel Zone, by the lighthouse), and while restaurants were on rotation (one or two closed each lunch and dinner), there was no shortage of things to do (and eat). Two of the three excursions we booked went as scheduled (the one cancellation was reduced from three to two times a week, and mine was the day that got cut). Nothing seemed sketchy anywhere we went; indeed, I've felt less safe driving through parts of Detroit.
  7. Oh I see, sorry it looks like I missed a couple pages in that thread... I got the impression Eielson Visitor Center and past it was due to close for the renovations, but if not, then would Wonder Lake also be accessible? Or was that due to COVID? It seems with the vaccines coming it would be too early to announce COVID cancellations for next summer. EDIT: I see the schedule for next year shows only the camper buses going to Wonder Lake. 😞
  8. There's a thread on TripAdvisor about it - apparently Eielson Visitor Center will be undergoing renovations and will be closed: https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g143022-i1271-k13431179-Denali_NP_update_for_2021_season-Denali_National_Park_and_Preserve_Alaska.html#108440065
  9. Cool... I do love seeing then-and-now comparisons like that. My dad did that with his old apartment building in Budapest in 1970 and 2002... It was amazing how little actually changed in 30+ years (though perhaps not as surprising when you consider how little had changed in the 100 years before that). I'd love to see the collection if it's scanned.
  10. Aww. Mine's name is Charlie. I get him in my lap every morning while I'm working (from home), and our other cat poking me in the face every night in bed. That's if the dog decides to even let me into my side of the bed. 🙂
  11. Ah, that makes sense then. I would expect the same here - the airlines have taken a similar stance on masks. Love your avatar btw - we have a longhair kitty that looks just like that.
  12. Only denied boarding? From the thread title I thought maybe he got keelhauled or walked the plank. 🙂
  13. As mentioned, a U.S. "bubble" cruise (roundtrip with only U.S. ports) wouldn't be legal under the PVSA. A roundtrip out of Canada would be but I'm not sure the Canadian government would allow it to have ports of call in Alaska since the border is closed. Based on my limited knowledge, the only legal possibility I can see would be a roundtrip out of Vancouver to Alaska but with no port stops - that is, just sail to Alaska for scenic cruising (Glacier Bay, Tracy Arm, etc.) and return. I think some people might be up for that but I'm not sure if it'd be enough.
  14. I think he/she meant not to buy the stock now, not that one shouldn't book travel.
  15. Thanks for the tip; I called yesterday and they were indeed able to see it. As best I can tell, the issue was that I was trying to view someone else's reservation while signed into my own account. We set up an account for my mother in law and the shore excursions showed up correctly when logged into it.
  16. Same here, all shore excursions for my Glacier Discovery Northbound are 20% off. Maybe I shouldn't have bothered, but I canceled all my booked excursions to take advantage of the sale, and there seems to be a glitch - I booked two cabins together (one for myself and my wife and one for her mother) but they were assigned different booking numbers. I booked all the shore excursions together. When I went to cancel, on my name and my wife's were listed, so I canceled those two, and then when I checked the second booking, her shore excursions have disappeared. Does this mean all 3 were
  17. Same, I don't think I'd stand for that either. Sometimes I just want to walk around on my own.
  18. Some of it was amusing, but it seems the crux of this author's issue is that other people take up space. I find this to be the case in most of the places I visit. 🙂
  19. The cynic in me expects that, once the pandemic blows over, the ship excursions only policy will remain in place because the cruise lines will find it too lucrative to give up.
  20. What cruise lines have cancelled through the end of the year? The latest I'm seeing is end of September.
  21. I mailed my request on June 10 and got confirmation of my OBC by email last week, and I confirmed it does appear on my printed documents. This is for a November 30 departure date.
  22. I received a refund of my port taxes and fees ($245 pp x 3 = $735) today for my 5/22 Alaska Glacier Discovery Northbound cruise on Noordam, which was canceled in early April.
  23. Same here for my shore excursions - I couldn't find them on my statement at first because they were backdated over 2 weeks.
  24. Interesting - my taxes/fees were 245 pp, so I'm expecting 735 back (3 passengers). 2 passengers would be 490 so I'm not sure why you only got 480, unless you had a different itinerary with different fees?
  25. Oh wow, that long, eh? Well at least they (probably) haven't forgotten. 😉
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