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  1. Yes, but it takes a day to get to Florida and a day to get back from Florida latitudes back to Cape Liberty. In March, that means both the first and last days of the cruise are likely to be quite cold. If being out on your balcony or outside by the pool or anywhere else on deck are important, then one might feel trapped indoors on those first and last days. I live in a cold climate and choose cruising as my escape to warmth. I would be disappointed if 2 of the 7 days of my cruise were cold.
  2. That's what we did. No pressure. Just a nice lunch while watching the airplanes come in. Relaxing. Fun.
  3. I was in a similar situation when the Celebrity Summit came out of dry dock this spring. It is already a very long dry dock by cruise ship standards. Aside from something catastrophic like (another) crane falling on the ship, I think the chances of them extending it are low. They likely have built some contingencies into the schedule just in case. They can put off some upgrades for later if they find themselves slipping behind. They will do everything they can to ensure they get their revenue from a Thanksgiving cruise. Keep in mind that you probably aren't the first cruise after dry dock. There is likely at least one non-revenue sailing before that for travel agents and special guests. Any issues should get worked out then.
  4. I have reservations on both Anthem and Oasis next spring, so I understand the dilemma. I can't do both, so I will have to pick. When are you going? Oasis is getting an extensive dry dock this fall--Music Hall, an escape room, water slides, BBQ and lots more. Port Liberty would be an easier (cheaper) departure port for me as well, but if I can find reasonable flights to Miami, I'll probably choose Oasis. Being on the largest class of cruise ship in the world tips the scales for me. Also, since spring is still cold in the Atlantic, the first and last cruise days would be indoors on Anthem.
  5. All three of our Celebrity cruises have been in a "sweet sixteen" category 2C. I think they are the best value on the ship.
  6. We did this. The prices are the same as online. You don't have to put as much down for a deposit and you get an additional onboard credit.
  7. The $200 loss assumes that you will rebook with Royal Caribbean. If decide to use another cruise line and not to rebook with Royal Caribbean within the specified time, then you loose the entire deposit. We have some future cruises reserved with both Celebrity and Royal Caribbean. We aren't sure which one to take yet. It will depend on airfares and plans before the cruise at the departure city. Prices will probably be higher once we are sure. We wanted to lock in our rooms and prices now, so we booked refundable.
  8. The ship will also be freshly refurbished.
  9. My vote would be #1, mainly since the other cruise sounds like a repeat for you. Fly into Puerto Rico a day or two early and take a bioluminescence tour at sunset the night before embarkation.
  10. I agree that travel insurance is the answer you are looking for. Even a basic policy should cover you for cancellation due to weather. Plus you get additional health insurance which is always a good thing to have on a cruise. I can't imagine a cruise line changing a departure port. Everyone flying in would have to change their flights. Too complicated. Perhaps they could swap Miami and Fort Lauderdale because those two are so close together, but that's the only exception I can imagine. They could (and do) change ports of call. A Florida sailing might be able to swap eastern Caribbean for western. Otherwise they will see if swapping a port or two would make the cruise doable.
  11. I can't imagine Celebrity putting that much money in these ships for their revolution and then turning around and selling them. New owners would prefer a cheaper ship that they could renovate to their own specifications. Yes, the future is Edge-class. And the M-class ships will eventually be retired. But Celebrity needs to recover their investment first.
  12. I know the decision has already been made and the time is too late, but I soooo wished that Royal Caribbean would have passed on adding Ultimate Abyss to Oasis at its upcoming dry dock. For me, the injuries and eyesore outweighs the benefits.
  13. We were on Summit in March, shortly after the refurb. We got on very early and toured the ship. The rooms seemed to be finished on our deck and room stewards were hanging out in the hallway. We asked them if we could drop off our carry-ons in the room and were told we could. At 1:00 there was a shipwide announcement that all rooms were ready.
  14. I think they will invest in Labadee after Coco Cay is finished. They have learned that there is a ton of money that can be made from these private islands and custom-engineered ports.
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