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  1. Carnival does have more experience with ramming other ships.
  2. NCL has changed over the years. I have been on 3 NCL cruises dating back to when the Norwegian Wind got "stretched". I loved the first one. The itinerary was excellent and it had a really fun vibe. Our last NCL cruise was aboard the Norwegian Pearl and while it was still a decent vacation, as cruises go, it was probably among the worst. Everything fun (like bowling) or high-quality (like specialty dining) entailed an extra charge. It was easy to get bored if you didn't take advantage of upcharge events. My first Royal Caribbean cruise will be next spring aboard the Symphony. I look
  3. If in doubt, stay put with what you have. I have experienced problems with the web site where I am absolutely sure I chose a refundable deposit, but it did not add the charge for refundable. The price looked pretty good! I went through the booking process again and that time it added the upcharge. I never reprice unless the price reduction is significant. Then I scan anything and everything within 24 hours to make sure I don't see "NRD" written anywhere.
  4. I got brave because I found a backup plan. The Cruise Planner item I wanted repriced was a Bungalow that I purchased for $263 (full price) that went on sale for $157. I was able to snag a Cabana for $237 which is normally $395. If I couldn't get the sale price on the Bungalow, then I would still be saving $26 by "upgrading" to a Cabana. Now I'm faced with a new dilemma. I sort of like the Cabana better now anyway. It has a few advantages over the Bungalow. Decisions, decisions!
  5. I have a question about what can be done in Cruise Planner when prices drop (like today). Several times in the past I have cancelled my previous Cruise Planner items and reordered at the new price. No problem. I get a refund for the old and then get charged at the new price. All is well. This time, I have an item that is sold out, but its price dropped 40%. I called the customer service line and asked if I can simply get a refund for the difference. They said no. I would have to do what I did for the other items--cancel the previous order and order new. They said that t
  6. That part stood out for me too. It highlights how bad things actually were when rumors like this gain traction. People seriously believed that governments valued them so little that they would sink the ship (with them onboard) rather than render care. It says a lot about how public faith in our institutions seems to be fading.
  7. I was wondering the same thing. I have always purchased third-party insurance previously for the reasons you state. However, when I attempted to get my latest policy, I found out that the basic policy I usually purchase provides no coverage if the cruise line cancels. That pretty much nullified my reason for looking. These are definitely times to read the fine print and ask questions before purchasing.
  8. I was thinking the exact same thing. If you are ready for something different, then go ahead with Symphony. There should be plenty to do. The "neighborhood" design of the ship reduces crowds, but sometimes you just can't hide the fact that there are thousands of other people on the ship with you. You are just one of the 6,000 there--all trying to make the most of their vacations. Our last cruise was aboard Celebrity Summit. Drinks were included as a perk. Premium coffee was always quickly available at Cafe al Bachio. Buffet food was on par with what was offered in the dining room.
  9. I worry about Covid lingering here a lot longer. Israel already has over a 93.5% vaccination rate. I don't think the United States will come anywhere close to that because so many people here are skeptical of science now. My guess is that the reintroduction of cruising in the US will have many setbacks before things finally get back to normal.
  10. One thing I haven't seen mentioned much yet are the "private islands" of Labadee and Coco Cay. The Royal Caribbean cruise I've reserved visits both. The Celebrity cruise I've reserved has nothing like that. I'm unsure whether I see them as a positive or a negative. I like having a free buffet on land. I like how it is just us cruisers on the beach. On the other hand, there is such a thing as it being too sterile. And you can see the effect of the cruise line's monopoly on excursions through the high prices.
  11. But I did! I originally booked on M-class during a "Kids Sail Free" promotion. They honored the same deal on Lift & Shift to S-class even though the kid will be 18 when the new cruise sails. As far as onboard credits: $150 came from booking onboard our last cruise $300 came from choosing a perk $258 came from the travel agent $450 good will gesture and redeployment offer I have no idea how I got the $450 one, but I'm not asking either. The sad part is that I will probably let it all go anyway since we really want to try Oasi
  12. We face a similar dilemma here. Through various Lift & Shifts, we now have both a Celebrity and a Royal Caribbean cruise reserved for spring break next year. Before this year ends we will have to choose one or the other. Our son was 15 aboard our last cruise on Celebrity Summit. He loved it. There were only a few teens, but they formed a pretty tight bond over the week. They had to make their own fun by gathering at the ping pong tables or the basketball court or the tiny teen's club--which they did. Everything was low key, but it worked for us. It was probably our favorite cru
  13. This happened to me. I executed a Lift and Shift on the Celebrity Summit from April 2021 to April 2022. A week later Celebrity moved the Summit out of San Juan and cancelled the cruise. I asked them to reverse the Lift & Shift back to the original booking since they cancelled so soon. They did, then a few weeks later they offered another $450 in onboard credits if I shifted to the Reflection out of Fort Lauderdale. You might not be able to move to exactly the cruise you want, but they seem to be accommodating and try to rescue the reservation if you demonstrate fle
  14. I won't be sailing S-class until 2022, but I have sailed M-class three times. I believe the M-class ships have a lot of life left in them. I know that there are many S-class fans on this site, and won't know for sure until I try one, but I'm skeptical my S-class experience will be much different from my M-class experiences. They are a little bigger. They have a lawn (yawn). There are more specialty restaurant options. I don't see much of a differentiator that would entice Celebrity to abandon M-class yet. As a matter of fact, I think some aspects of the M-class design are superior
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