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  1. Cruises will go on sale for double the price that they were a year ago.
  2. I decided to take advantage of Lift & Shift last week. Not sure when everything will be back to normal so decided to play it safe. Today I learned that the cruise I shifted to has been cancelled. I booked the original cruise onboard a previous cruise and got a very good price. Celebrity is offering $200 in onboard credits if I reschedule for the inconvenience. The problem I have is that particularly since "Always Included" is now mandated, there is nothing even close to the original cruise price. I am not exaggerating when I say all similar cruises are now double or triple the price.
  3. Save any evidence you have of attempting to make the call. Make a video. Contact them by email. If their backlog is preventing you from cancelling, then it's not your responsibility to meet the deadline. Keep trying in a reasonable manner and when you do finally get through, be prepared to show evidence that it was their issue, not yours.
  4. I agree. I don't see any cruises until they have some way to mitigate the risk of just one person coming on board spreading it to the whole ship. We're not there with testing, treatment or vaccine yet. I don't believe we will be there by October. My concern is that Celebrity is not giving 90 days notice of cancelled cruises. My hope would be that they would start giving at least 100-day visibility so that customers aren't obliged to make final payments only to have to wade through refund options just a few weeks later. That would be a customer-friendly thing to do.
  5. There are lots of reasons to purchase travel insurance other than for cancellation. Medical costs and trip delays are two that I can think of off hand. I don't think you posted your travel dates, but I suspect cruise lines will take a lot longer than the current cancellations to get back to "normal"--whatever that will be. I have a reservation next spring and personally think the chances are only 50/50 given how unpredictable things have been so far. I'm waiting things out.
  6. I'll let them scan my body temperature remotely. I'll probably give into to having a mouth swab. But I don't think I will ever submit to giving blood in order to board an airplane or cruise ship--not even if it's just a little pinprick. I draw the line at that.
  7. I've been watching Cruise Planner to see when beverage packages would be available for a cruise next year at this time. They are showing up now, but I was a little shocked to see the price of the soda package is now $13.50 per person per day plus 18% gratuity (which brings it up to almost $16 per person per day). That package doesn't even include bottled water. I think I'll pass this time. For some reason I was thinking the soda package was in the $8 to $9 range not all that long ago.
  8. The view of the Aqua Theater and sea gets steadily worse as you move forward. As a rule of thumb, I heard only the three most aft cabins on each side have an adequate view of those things.
  9. I've been monitoring the price of a spring break cruise we are on next year. Pricing has been quite stable actually. Now it's a little more expensive than when I booked, but less expensive than a few months ago.
  10. While optimism is good--and welcome--false hope is not. Let's hold off on any premature celebrations until science has a chance to speak.
  11. I've been watching prices on a spring break cruise for next year. Prices spiked for a few weeks, but came back down this week.
  12. I would recommend that everyone do this who is having trouble reaching their travel agent. I had to do it once for an agent who wasn't responsive. It's not fun, but it sometimes has to be done for your protection. Royal Caribbean won't be able to do anything themselves with your reservation until you start the discussion. Respect your agent, but look out for yourself as well.
  13. That's a classic example of false equivalency. That type of argument just obscures the truth. Individuals take fair deductions offered to them at tax time. Corporations pay lobbyists massive amounts of money to create loopholes. Nearly 100 Fortune 500 companies effectively paid no federal taxes in 2018. There is a difference between taking the meager deductions offered to you as an individual versus changing the tax code so that your multi-billion dollar corporation pays no federal taxes.
  14. I always assumed that the whole purpose of Flights by Celebrity was to give peace of mind specifically regarding your cruise. Celebrity coordinates the flights, so they take responsibility to get you to the cruise. If they can't, then refunds are painless. The whole purpose of the program is to make it so you aren't hit by the fine print the airlines push on you. You deal with a friendly cruiseline, not a rude and ruthless airline. This type of thing makes me question the value of that program.
  15. Remember that untested and undertested vaccines can go horribly, horribly wrong--even worse than the diseases they are trying to prevent. A safe and effective vaccine will be developed. My only fear is that panic will drive shortcuts in the testing process--shortcuts that make the cure worse than the disease. Expect to live this way for a while.
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