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  1. Well our sailing was the first to have the option to do that, so they were really pushing it. We were given paperwork I think about 3 nights before the end of the cruise to choose either regular valet or port valet for our luggage.
  2. No. I don't understand why anyone would pay for the Steakhouse, personally. I loved the food in the MDR.
  3. Here's the link to my Carnival Legend Facebook Photobook. All the menus are there, as well as the front page of all the Fun Times leaflets and pictures/videos of the ship https://www.facebook.com/carla.barnes.127648/media_set?set=a.10162406375250193&type=3
  4. My mom got $5 off at the candy shop and $50 spa credit. Wish I could have given it to your daughter! Would have rather gotten a photo certificate.
  5. if anyone still needs to see them, I took pictures every day of our 7-day cruise
  6. It rained a couple of days in the mornings during our cruise last week. We were well prepared and it was kind of fun to walk around in the drizzle. The people of Alaska were so happy it was raining we couldn't even be upset about it. Apparently, it has been really dry this year and affecting the salmon population.
  7. Yes, thank you for that. They did say it was exclusive to Seattle but a free service from Carnival
  8. Just wanted to say if you are on the fence about trying the port valet service, we used it yesterday on our cruise from Seattle to Alaska. All bags made it to our home airport, no problems, and it was great to not have to worry about the luggage the entire time! Very pleased and love this new service from Carnival.
  9. Thank goodness. I was beginning to wonder if it was just me. so much cringe
  10. This right here. I will be darned if i'm going to let the cruise line take $100+ from me under the guise of tipping. I remove auto gratuities and will tip in cash. Even when I tip at a restaurant, if I tip in cash I put it in the server's hand.
  11. I totally understand Disney! Not sure why I think that's different or better somehow, but I get it there.
  12. Just wanted to get everyone's take on cruise shirts. I totally get having a family/group shirt for the sea day or another special occasion. There's one lady on our FB group who literally has shirts for every single day of our cruise. And I do mean every single day of our 7-day cruise. They have a shirt for each port day with the name of the port and the name of the ship on them. They have a shirt they are wearing to the airport. They have a casino shirt (I'm currently unsupervised! yeah I know it freaks me out too but the possibilities are endless!). They have a husband/wife shirt (insert long lovey dovey message followed by yes he/she made me wear this shirt). These are bright shirts --yellow, pink or if plain there is neon lettering. It's really none of my business, I realize this, but...isn't it all a bit tacky? Plus the fact that you are a now a huge target outside of the ship announcing you are a tourist and potentially have a lot of cash on your person. This is an Alaskan cruise but we were told in the Caribbean it's best to not even display something like an American flag lest you be a target for price gouging, at the very least. No attacks on anyone for personal preference of cruise fashion, I just wondered what the take was with my CC Family since I haven't really seen anyone discuss group shirts on this forum before.
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