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  1. I don't cruise during flu season, but that's just me.
  2. Plus that's peak flu season. I would never cruise in February anyway but that's just me
  3. I had Sept 27 and Oct 19 sailings. I cancelled both May 29 and received a refund for all of my money Jun 23.
  4. I wish some of our CC sleuths could find out the ships and list them here. Inquiring minds want to know!
  5. Just a thought. I think people would be more likely to respond to individual threads about refunds, i.e., March refunds, than a spreadsheet. I cancelled my cruise May 29 and no refund to date
  6. I'm a remote inpatient medical coder for the Tacoma/Seattle area and yesterday was approved for my cruise in September.
  7. It was my first cruise as well but I can't see any first timers doing all that for Nassau and certainly no return cruisers.
  8. I wouldn't doubt it. My own 80-year-old grandmother went to her sister's house for a family dinner with my 60-year-old mother on Mother's Day. I met up with them on their way back home to give them their gifts. It has been over 14 days later and nobody is infected. They took a chance and were fine, so was I. That being said, I personally am not getting on a plane or boat today, tomorrow or even next month. But I don't see the harm in travel in late July and beyond. Viruses usually travel in seasons and there really is something to flu being more dormant in the warmer months. I think we will be fine if travel resumes in a couple of months all the way to December. Only time will tell, I suppose.
  9. it's a step in the right direction. As for Memorial Day, I think it will be great to use those locations as case studies. Many people have had the virus and were asymptomatic. Only time will tell how many people are left to be infected.
  10. Who in God's name would do all that for Nassau? Come on now...Really?
  11. Same! I booked a September and October cruise hoping one will sail! No chance if you don't take it!
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