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  1. Also make ABSOLUTELY SURE your results will be back on time!!! Depending on where you live this may not be possible. Our cruise leaves Sunday and I called every pharmacy/clinic that did PCR testing in our area and none of them would have it back before Monday as they do not process on the weekends. We called NCL and they said they would allow the antigen test so we are doing that tomorrow.
  2. thanks for that non answer??? Might as well have not even posted for all the good that did
  3. I'm so confused. I booked a club balcony suite and asked elsewhere ...I was told room service was only free for breakfast but on these menus it says no charge for suite guests? Am I understanding correctly that room service is free? Also, regardless of whether or not there is a charge for the room service, are you expected to tip or is that included in your automatic gratuities
  4. Sorry I wasn't clear, I was asking if the pictures were of Encore or Epic
  5. I was going to try to keep it a secret from my mom but the luggage tags will be different 😕
  6. Not to hijack the thread, but does anyone know if Epic has tubs on the CBS?
  7. I've worked from home for 18 years so I don't even own dress clothes lol
  8. I've never understood the need to dress up on vacation
  9. Wow that's terrible. I'm looking forward to that one more than anything. Was it hard to get in????
  10. Literally just got an email accepting my bid for a Club Balcony Suite!!!!! All of the bids I put in were the very minimum bid that was allowed. My bid was $150 pp, so $300 total. My sailing is Sunday, October 17 so my bid was accepted 6 days ahead of time.
  11. Thanks! I always remove them and give them cash personally
  12. So I have the chance to upgrade to the above rooms. But what do they really offer? I looked at the staterooms on the NCL website and it doesn't really talk about the spa rooms/suites. Do you still have to buy some sort of pass to use the spa? Does the suite still come with complementary laundry service? There's really not much information on what these include. I can't decide if they are worth the upgrade, from $170 to $225 US minimum bid. I did bid on the balcony for $125 so hopefully I will at least get that!
  13. Thank you so much for replying! Good to know they cut it down to the last few days. I sail 10/17 and haven't heard anything about my bids yet
  14. wow seems like Friday is the day to get upgraded!
  15. I beg to differ. My mom and I got round trip tickets from Pensacola Fl to Orlando FL (with layover in ATL) for $100 each. Did I mention they are round trip?!? We couldn't even drive that cheap; about 8 hours away from us.
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