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  1. Whenever I'm visiting family in Houston, I make sure that is pretty much all I eat, alternating back and forth between the two. In fact, it's ruined eating Mexican food here in NY for me as I now find it to be boring. But I still don't know the difference between Mexican food and Tex-Mex. I'm not sure there is a difference?
  2. That scene is legendary. Not a word was spoken for 3 or 4 minutes, yet it was hysterical.
  3. No fans of Frasier here? One of the few spin-off shows that were better than the original, IMO. I used to think Seinfeld was going to be the best comedy of all time. But it doesn't stand the test of time well. Maybe Everyone Loves Raymond? I Love Lucy does. And even though it's waaayyyy before my time, The Honeymooners. A mere 39 episodes but as soon as Jackie Gleason walks on stage, I'm already laughing before he even speaks.
  4. On the dutch island of Aruba, many restaurants will serve fries with both ketchup and mayo on the side. There is a craft beer pub in the island owned and operated by a couple of Canadian ex-pats that has excellent poutine. Not that I'm an expert having had poutine an handful of times in my life and all were excellent. So take me recommendation with a grain of salt....and gravy. 😃
  5. Dipping hot, salty french fries into cool, soft vanilla ice cream creates a yummy combination of flavor & temperature.
  6. I've owned a variety of Fords during the 1980's & 1990's including a 1994 Ford Taurus & a 1996 Taurus, which were 2 very different body styles. I can't remember which model but one of them did not have a button to open the fuel filler door. All you had to do was push the fuel filler door in & it would pop-open. As 99.998% of all cars made at time had a button to open the fuel filler door, this created a lot of confusion to people not familiar with the car. Also, as the car aged, the little mechanism to pop the door open would stiffen so you had to give it a good push, like you were made at the car. The most inconvenient place for the fuel & trunk openers was in my 1987 Ford Thunderbird. It was in glove compartment. Passengers in the car would always enjoy me reaching over and *ahem* between their legs to open the glove box and have the door bang on their shins. 😉
  7. Stopping at gas stations on the Garden State Parkway or Turnpike can really test a person's patience as it can take forever ( really 2-3 minutes) for the attendant to come around on a busy weekend.
  8. Pool tables! I forgot to mention pool tables! Back of the Music Hall. As far as I know, only the Radiance class has pool tables. Not that I ever got a chance to play pool as there was always people there - the same people I think. Pool table hogs. LOL. They need to add pool table reservations to the Cruise Planner.
  9. In the suburbs of NYC, Elementary is 7 years (Kindergarten, then grades 1-6), Junior High School (grades 7 & 8), followed by Senior High School (grades 9-12). Only Graduation was from high school. There was a Moving Up Day from Elementary to Jr. High School but it was not a celebration event, it was more about learning the rules of a new school environment, such as the many different class rooms, using combination lockers, etc
  10. History of the World, Part 1. I believe "Thou shall not discuss politics on CC" was one of the missing 5.
  11. Actually, if you prefer those 2 classes of ship over Oasis, then you might like the Ovation as you won't miss the Aqua theater, the Boardwalk, Central Park, Rising Tide bar, dedicated comedy club, etc What Ovation has over Voyager/Freedom is more dining options, outdoor dining in WJ and a better WJ period, a far better solarium by a mile, the 270 lounge - an area I spent way more time in than I thought I would -and all the entertainment/activities mentioned in post #14. Oh, and it's a newer, more modern ship. The only thing missing is a ice skating rink. Not a deal breaker for me. Not a big fan of the 4-room MDR, much prefer the multi-level MDR. And if you're a fan of the Royal Promenade, you might be disappointed in the Royal Esplande. It's the same concept but a bit smaller, like 3/4 size and a bend/curve at one end that seems to throw people off. Still, most of the RP features are there. I never thought the crowds were worse than any other Royal ship. I think max capacity is 4,200/4,500 vs 4,900 for Ovation, which too me doesn't seem that significant. The Oasis-class is the only ships that handle the crowds well. JMO
  12. Can I blame voice to text?😂 You could have called me out on using "your" instead of "you're". Proof that Canadians are the nicest, most polite people in the world. 😀
  13. I had to consult my English-to-Generation Z translator to find out what "drippy" meant. Two very different definitions popped. 1) Weak & Stupid 2) Stylin, cool, sexy. I'm sure he meant #2 😉 As for 24 Carrot (or as we say in the states 24-Karat), that means your "golden". That's so Baby Boomer! 😄
  14. Is that just the garage for the motorized 2 wheeler's? 😁
  15. If any of the books you picked up were by Dean Koontz, there is a pretty good chance they were mine at one point.
  16. Pretty sure there was a version 4 but it was well disguised. But based on John & Molly's comments, I guess V4 is gone as well??? I really don't want to say much more just in case V4 is just laying low for now.
  17. I watched the first few episodes of The IT Crowd but couldn't get into it. Maybe I'll give it another try.
  18. At sea as well as on land, the non-smoking sections of casinos always seem to be empty while the smoking sections seem to be packed. Just my observation but that's pretty much the only test that needs to be done. All the stats are right there.
  19. I always thought it was in one of the lifeboats.
  20. This! I'm also a non-smoker but grew up in a smoking family so it doesn't really bother me....heck, sometimes the smell is nostalgic....but it's annoying when I have to ask someone to move while thy are sitting at slot machine, not gambling, puffing away. Most of the time, they apologize and move but I've gotten the stink eye once or twice, especially when there is a group of 4 or 5 that have to move. EDIT TO ADD: They should just convert the Diamond Lounge into a Smoking Lounge. That will free up the casino for non-smokers and alleviate the crowding in the DL. A two-fer-one. 🤣
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