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  1. #10 works that way on my 2019 Ford Mustang
  2. I think it shows up on the 340 point gift list.
  3. With no cruising for a year, my Belle Glos stash is almost depleted. 😪
  4. Lived in the 'Arundel' area 4 years, and never once considered cruising out of Baltimore. Back then it was all about getting away to the south. Rather fly to Florida
  5. It seems a lot of the membership here believes in arriving a day early.😉 Hence my stance that 500 miles is a viable drive. Personally, I've only gone same day if under 4 hours.
  6. Carnival does. We're good for 500 miles. Around 8 hours. My TA drives from Ontario to Miami😱
  7. No 3/4 day cruises out of beautiful NJ to the best of my knowledge Google Big Radius Tool if you want exact population numbers based on distance. I believe Norfolk, VA has the highest population using a 500 mile radius. NJ suffers because the tool will not pick up Canada. US only
  8. Port Canaveral has twice as many potential drive to passengers. That's a fact.
  9. Pretty sure he'd send you one if you contacted him
  10. Did you sail on either Mardi Gras or Carnivale? Carnivale was our first cruise in January '89. We're Cocoa Beach locals now, very excited for her arrival
  11. And now it's on the way back down. Has quality of life increased 50%?
  12. Sure does. 675,000 out of 100 million makes the 1918 influenza outbreak 3 times more severe. 😉 Plus, you need to throw out 1918 and look at 1919, after the war.
  13. I have absolutely no memories of being two years old. Not saying I didn't learn anything, just don't recall.
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