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  1. #10 works that way on my 2019 Ford Mustang
  2. I think it shows up on the 340 point gift list.
  3. With no cruising for a year, my Belle Glos stash is almost depleted. 😪
  4. Lived in the 'Arundel' area 4 years, and never once considered cruising out of Baltimore. Back then it was all about getting away to the south. Rather fly to Florida
  5. It seems a lot of the membership here believes in arriving a day early.😉 Hence my stance that 500 miles is a viable drive. Personally, I've only gone same day if under 4 hours.
  6. Carnival does. We're good for 500 miles. Around 8 hours. My TA drives from Ontario to Miami😱
  7. No 3/4 day cruises out of beautiful NJ to the best of my knowledge Google Big Radius Tool if you want exact population numbers based on distance. I believe Norfolk, VA has the highest population using a 500 mile radius. NJ suffers because the tool will not pick up Canada. US only
  8. Port Canaveral has twice as many potential drive to passengers. That's a fact.
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