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  1. I understand you can also cancel the Key if you bought that
  2. Welcome to the club, I'm guessing you qualify for Prime. Lots of offers, you can find them on the website
  3. We enjoy formal night. I look good in black
  4. CSHS1979


    I'd love to visit the wall some day
  5. CSHS1979


    how peaceful
  6. Kay's jewellery typically has them. got mine in St Kitts
  7. Get there by taking the interior hallways all the way aft. That way you don't deal with staff asking for reservations
  8. Just finished catching up. What a ride. Thanks again for sharing your adventures. Shout out to CC for the like button.
  9. We used to leave our pup with a groomer and he would get bathed before we picked him up.
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