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  1. Some personal attacks on here are not within guidelines. Stop it.
  2. We loved our Australia to New Zealand cruise. We considered BTB but decided to spend time in the countries before and after. This worked for us. I would not necessarily want to cross the Tasman Sea 2 or 3 times depending on the itineraries. Absolutely loved both countries and the people!
  3. The Explorer is in Brindisi, Italy after sailing from Jacksonville, FL. The Splendour appears to be headed to Europe as well. Maybe the startup cruises will sail in the Mediterranean. No CDC approval needed there.
  4. No, it is not just you. We miss all that goes with cruising. Seeing new places, meeting new friends, enjoying new experiences, etc. Cruising is a wonderful way to see the world. For now great memories are helping us stay positive.
  5. On our first Crystal cruise many years ago, Albert became our personal tour planner. We were young excited novices in a time long before Google. He would bring a different well-worn travel book to our table every night to confirm our plans for the next day. Then, he would write down the plans and give us the itinerary for the day. He often included things that we would have never discovered. This was in addition to his dining room duties which included a very difficult person at our table. He never wavered in his professional demeanor and skills. Job well done for sure. Blessings to his
  6. I'd be happy to just sail around in circles for a few days.
  7. We loved the limited places we saw in Cuba. I could spend days exploring Havana. The architecture and history is amazing. Hope to return.
  8. Yes it is. It is just a beautiful island and the history is fascinating.
  9. Airlines usually post their schedules and allow booking 330 days before departure. Of course with what's going on currently, this could be a very fluid situation. Also, even in the best of times you could expect some changes even after flights are booked.
  10. Update. We finally received our wire transfer from AMEX today. Refund from Regent for cruise paid in full was on 5/07. So, an additional 19 days on top of the 50 for Regent. Happy to have this resolved and wish everyone else the best.
  11. Just finished, Father, Who Art by Drew(aka sir, sir). Could not put it down! Can't believe Drew can manage to write while on the ship with all the tantalizing distractions. Y'all are a talented couple! Thanks for sharing your travels with us.
  12. I think your post is interesting and gives a glimpse as to the short term future of ANY type cruise including Regent. As for elevators, you might see attendants again that would limit the capacity and clean in between. This is all beginning to feel like the inmates are running the ---------!
  13. No, we did not dispute the charge at any time. I contacted AMEX after receiving AMEX notice of the refund from Regent. Was told there were two ways to receive the funds-either by check for less than $10,000 or wire transfer for any amount greater than $10,000. Told it would take 3-5 days. When I checked my account after a few days, I saw the message about it being handled as a dispute. Contacted them and was told this happened any time with a wire transfer. So, we wait. BTW the amount they list to refund is not the original amount from Regent. They are using those funds to apply to th
  14. Interesting. We received the refund from Regent but now are waiting on AMEX. They are treating it as a dispute since it involves a wire transfer. Any amount over $10,000 requires a wire transfer according to their reps. So, the dispute may be resolved by July according to their communication. Very unhappy with AMEX at this point.
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