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  1. Health care is not free in Canada. There is a very significant cost starting with a 13% consumption tax on everything, very high gas taxes and very high income tax. We do not consider it free whatsoever. All this tax $ disappears into the government coffers and no one has a say on the health system. While we do not pay a monthly premium, the overall tax impact on our family is very, very significant. There is no customization, ie premium for a single, couple or family, universal yes. For all the significant tax I pay, I am waiting to get a family doctor, I have none, and my wait i
  2. Pent up demand, not. None of our travel group have any plans to cruise any time in the future - but there are already 4 land based trips to 4 locations in the world planned. And after cruising 30 plus years, none of us are remotely sad about it. There is an amazing feeling of liberation from cruising expressed by our group members. When talk comes around to the virus, I also ask people quite often, would you cruise in the future - and not a single person has indicated yes. I then ask them if they had cruised before and many said they have not and are not int
  3. Absolutely not interested in such a scenario and to pay for it, no way.
  4. Doubt It


    Not sad at all. Not cruising has allowed the time and $ to start my long awaited new business, upgrade my vehicle and home. Solid, long term, enduring, every single day enhanced value activities and investment. Compared with the same old, same old, cruise vacation. As many others have posted, this virus has wonderfully ended the fixation on cruising, yeh, and opened a new world of possibilities. We now have 4 land vacations planned with just our household and bubble friends when the border with America and elsewhere opens. If I need a fix of cru
  5. TeeRick. Thank you for your post. Thank you for your knowledge that you have shared with the CC boards. What I have witnessed is the political and public service struggle to message out to the public facts and procedures and questions originating from a myriad of medical and science sources, such sources who have often not agreed - over many months - with a changing dynamic which then changes the messaging (example, early on, no need for masks, now it is masks). I often think this virus situation is like the European political folks and public service during the World W
  6. What I know is that I am not paying $ for any experience thus far described; daily testing, feces testing, testing at the pier, cruise line only shore excursions etc. Like many other CC'rs posting on the boards, there are other vacation options that provide an excellent experience without the "hostage" situation potential on a cruise ship. The many folks posting on this and other threads, thanks for your outstanding contribution to public safety, many of you have obvious great experience in the virus field. Wow. In the end, the human mind has no limit to the
  7. nocl - quite right about Canada, cases are surging in most provinces. Yesterday British Columbia closed all gatherings in public/homes in the lower mainland, I am stranded now. Manitoba is rather out of control. Americans need to realize that other countries are faring similar to them and you can and should stop beating your selves up. In numerous Canadian cities there are anti mask protests for example.... https://globalnews.ca/news/7449509/coronavirus-aylmer-freedom-march/ I would keep the border closed both ways America, because Canada has not proven capa
  8. Well attitudes seem to be changing. In Ottawa, Canada, the Chief Health Officer suddenly did a U turn, and now says we will have to live with the Wuhan virus - that is totally a different message than yesterday, hummmmm. Up till now this person has been beating down on the residents of Ottawa. People have been in a lockdown in Ottawa, restaurants closed other than takeout or outside (in the snow) and no gyms etc. https://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/covid-is-going-to-be-with-us-for-the-foreseeable-future-ottawa-health-budget-assumes-pandemic-costs-for-the-duration-of-2021
  9. Caribill: Exactly. So well said. I question the process and I am no expert whatsoever. Your 1-3) step makes sense and is the same as my knowledge of previous vaccine development for the flu, shingles etc. I see the process for the Wuhan virus vaccine to be different and rushed. Further, the dear volunteers are operating in a highly restricted environment that does not expose them to the realities of this virus, which frankly gives me no comfort whatsoever. I am highly skeptical of the vaccine process for the Wuhan virus, unlike my comfort level for o
  10. Mary229, excellent point. It really is about the $ cost versus the product - and what that means to each person. I expect to get exactly what is advertised and more - otherwise, I will not purchase again. I cruise to get to a place. If the cruise lines cheapen their product - then I will fly and do private, customized tours. I have done that the last 2 years and it has provided far more value and enjoyment and engagement in the area, than a cruise. To your point about a means of transport, we have moved on a lot from cruises, the customized land tour provide
  11. It is more than just the Wuhan virus issue - it seems to me that it is also about the onboard food, service etc. How will they be cheapened because of the cruise line debt? Everyone on CC is fixated on the virus impacts, don't be fooled about the likely cheapened on board experience. Ignoring the Wuhan virus impact, I would not book a cruise for a long time until there is some long term, consistent, evidence of what the food, service and amenities are like - so I and others can determine value for money.
  12. The latest Canadian poll regarding vaccines does not demonstrate strong support, support is down quite a bit from July. https://globalnews.ca/news/7395956/canadians-coronavirus-vaccine-mandatory-poll/ 54% of those polled indicated the vaccine should be voluntary. Safety and side effects apparently are the reason for the 20% decline since May.
  13. terrydtx, OMG, your loss. I am so sorry for that, yikes. Yep, my subdivision is 60% new Canadian Chinese folks mostly working high tech and earning big $. To the last one, they detest China and they will not buy stuff made in China. These are people who were born in China. As I posted, none of my friends or I have travelled to China on principle given what they are about. There are many people like us out there terrydtx, stay well!
  14. Well it is not working in Ontario and Quebec with the highest numbers ever. What is interesting is a historical review of mask usage, articles and research before this virus. There was not universal agreement on the usage of masks for viral viruses due to particle size. The N95 was the best recommended at the time. If masks are so great.......I then question the increasing hysteria about the flu - why would the flu be a problem if most are wearing masks? Even in high flu situations, there was no recommendation for universal wearing of masks. Accept nothing a
  15. Credit card dispute is the only way to deal with any disreputable retailer, like NCL and any of the cruise lines. Get your paperwork in chronological order, number the pages and PDF it. Call your card dispute resolution department, they will likely keep you on the line and ask you to email to a specific name - they will then assess your paperwork and then assign you a case file number (hence why it is best to have your PDF already done). Keep on the file. If it gets delayed, check out the bank's dispute resolution process and escalate (you may have to do this in t
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