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  1. All the cruise lines have and are continuing to show contempt for their customers. Happy Cruiser 6143's situation is yet another example. This approach comes from the top, LLP and above. It is my opinion that the arrogant cruise line behavior regarding FCC's etc, marketing cruises that have a high probability of not happening etc, promoting the "free" included beverage packages and on and on - is due to the many years of "obedient consumer" behavior exhibited by many cruisers - repeated bookings despite downgrading etc. Many cruisers accepted higher prices and lesser product, over and over since about 2015. So essentially many cruisers are now "reaping what they sowed". As Ann Landers said "nobody can abuse you without you first giving your approval". If you wish to fight back as a consumer, do not take FCC's - get a refund for a cancelled cruise via credit card dispute. Send a message to the cruise lines. First rule of being a consumer, trust no service provider and always be suspicious.
  2. MissP22 - you are likely correct. They have to exaggerate or out right lie - part of their marketing plan. Many people simply moved their trip to another year. We have a large group of friends who have all become disillusioned about cruising over the past years - we have eliminated about 70% of our planned group cruising trips over the past 5 years. Last year we replaced cruising with escorted land travel and everyone was beyond pleased. Much better value for money and way better travel experience. None of us, none, have any interest in cruising going forward.
  3. ECCruise, indeed you are entitled to your analysis. The size and appearance of the Epic totally turn me off. Would not set foot on it.
  4. Celebrity is hyper class focused and working hard on separating guests. Celebrity's also working hard to eliminate/reduce forward viewing opportunity - making that important feature available pretty much only to suite class. The main reasons why we will not patronize Celebrity. The premium lines like Azamara, Oceania, Viking are much less so - the vessels are more like ships and less like Vegas at sea.
  5. Thanks Lady Arwen. You are right, the flights are very inconsistent. It worked out fine for us because our Globus land trip in France was cancelled too. Big thing for Canadians is not to accept the garbage Canadian airline approach of only Future Credit - get your hard earned $ back via a the credit card dispute route.
  6. Well the volumes of anticipated Canadians to the EU are likely to be down as well - Air Transat cancelled by 1 way return flight from Paris to Toronto, Sept 27, 2 weeks ago (for those who are Canadian, Canadian airlines will not give refunds, grrrr, so did the credit card dispute route, my money is already in my account, not an issue). The EU rhetoric is nice but the brutal reality of the travel marketplace is that few people from any country will be visiting the EU - so their banned country list is rather a mute point.
  7. I have targeted land tours for the future - high end companies as well as personally escorted tours - once countries have their borders open. The tour group of 35 would be tested and as per normal, the group goes together to attractions with their guide. Get to eat real local food, see local treasures and landscapes. If there is a health issue, you are on land and care available in the area. The concept of being stuck on a cruise ship is not happening for us and our many former cruising friends. We are now planning our future group travel around land tours - no cruises.
  8. There is also the not so little issue of the test itself. If states and provinces are using the blood antibody test - then there will be a huge increase in numbers like what has happened in Florida. Florida started using this test in mid May and that was precisely when their numbers increased. Problem is this test produces positive results for more than CV19 - it will produce positive numbers if a person was exposed to SARS, MERS, H1N1 and 3 of the most common cold viruses. Meaning - the number of CV19 cases will be overstated. Further, there has never been a vaccine developed for the coronovirus family. This little factoids are being kept hidden by the left wing media, in particular. With this information, my concerns about the # of people who Actually have the CV19, drops. People need to not automatically believe what they are being told by the "authorities and experts" and do some significant fact checking on their own. As I was taught in the past, consider the "sources" background, funding etc to determine what is the real agenda. Critical thought seems to be taking a nose dive these days.
  9. Sounds so groovy to do this for the measly cost of many thousand of dollars. So that you can be ambushed by the cruise line because of the dry cough that is routine with many high blood pressure meds and thyroid disease. Not.
  10. In Canada we are just starting immunity testing, so expect the numbers in Canada to rise significantly. This is what has happened in Florida as they started their testing program mid May. The immunity testing is being done on old blood samples from February onwards so the specific individuals will not get feedback. https://www.theoutlook.ca/first-glimpse-of-canada-s-true-covid-19-infection-rate-expected-mid-july-1.24165269 An important note about immunity testing being used now - the CV19 cases will be Overstated - because the immunity test will read positive if you have been exposed to this virus, SARS, MERS, H1N1 and 3 types of the most common cold.
  11. deck chair - well said. There are too many other vacation options available that can be utilized once borders open. Cruising is dead other than for those addicted to it - indeed put your $ down to book an unknown product.
  12. So I have spent big $ to get there and to purchase a cruise product - only to find out that something is a miss while I am at the gate and I could be kicked to the curb? No thank you.
  13. Indeed cruising deacon. Will not spend thousands of after tax $ to show up at a departure point (for cruise, land tour etc) to get kicked to the curb and have to absorb losses based on frankly can be dubious testing methods, finicky staff etc and other changeable and can be random adjustments and standards. The cruise budget is now spent on a fabulous new SUV, new house landscaping and other meaningful things that provide 365 day a year benefits.
  14. Hi America. Have a wonderful and safe 4th of July, 2020. Chin up, chest out, have a big smile and a wonderful "adult beverage" in your hand! Look forward to spending a lot of time in America real soon. The best always!
  15. No chance of purchasing such an experience. Cruising is not on.
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