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  1. Thanks, John for giving us a taste of cruising again. I have really missed it. Glad you and Laura had a good getaway and thanks for helping RCI get a step closer back to regular cruise operations!
  2. Glad you had a nice day for your excursion in Sitka. Brings back happy memories of my very first cruise. 😊 I’ve been enjoying your review and pictures. Thank you taking time to report to us especially since the WiFi has been uncooperative at times. -MM
  3. Bon Voyage, John & Laura! Thank you for sharing your cruise with us! -MM
  4. @grapau27 I really love your pictures from your visits to the beach and your trips to nearby locales in England. Thank you for sharing them with us, especially enjoyable for those like me that have England on our bucket lists. 😊 During yesterday’s beach trip, I noticed your colorful and portable wind break but never had seen one before ( what a great idea!). I was thinking that it would be great to have for my trips to southeastern US beaches, especially during the cooler months. Do they work really well? -MM
  5. Really looking forward to your review. Love reading Alaska cruise reviews because besides seeing pictures of extraordinary scenery, they also make me feel cooler on hot, muggy Summer days! 😎 Thanking for taking us along. Bon Voyage 🛳!
  6. Really enjoyed your review ! Thank you for taking the time to give us a firsthand account on what has changed as well as what has stayed the same with cruising.
  7. Mine arrived yesterday via USPS priority mail. The passport card will be a separate mailing per notices in the package. I mailed it June 26th so it took 11 weeks to receive it. Also, I signed up for email notices on the passport website. Once it was approved on Wednesday, it shipped the next day and actually arrived 3 days before the expected delivery date.
  8. No, unfortunately, I haven’t cruised for awhile, but I have cruised to most of your port stops, which I enjoyed. I had a cruise on a “5 day courtesy hold” at the beginning of March right when cruising was looking iffy. It was a late May repositioning from Florida to New England/Canada, cruising to the Canadian Maritimes, Quebec and Montreal. It was a bucket list trip for me. So, it’s back on the Bucket List 😊!
  9. Thank you, Maris, for taking the time to do this review!! 😁 I am really enjoying it and all your photos too although I’m only on page 8 ( just found it yesterday). Bringing back happy memories for me that is much needed in week 4 of being house-bound and I have no cruises scheduled right now.
  10. So thankful that both ships arrived in PE safely!!!! Wishing a speedy recovery to all those who are sick and safe travels back home to the other passengers. Thoughts and prayers to the families of the 4 passengers who have passed on.
  11. Welcome Home! Thanks again for sharing your journey with us as it has been such a delight! I hope you and John have a wonderful summer and fall.
  12. I have enjoyed following your posts during the WC although I was way, way behind until finally catching up this evening. Thank you very much for taking the time to let me "cruise" along you as it was ( and continues to be) a welcome nightly distraction for me during a very stressful time. The new additions of pictures this year was " the cherry on top" to your posts. Thanks for persevering the occasional internet malfunction to faithfully add them. I eagerly await to hear about your adventures on this second leg. Safe travels! MM
  13. I haven't been to Antigua, but I was in St Kitts last Wednesday . I did the Grand Tour of St Kitts tour with Thenford Gray's Island Excursion . It was excellent! Regarding the beaches in St Kitts, South Friars beach at the Shipwreck bar was a very, very narrow piece of beach with the beach chairs practically in the water. It was not my idea of a good beach. On the Atlantic side, close to Timothy Hill, the beaches were wider and flater. But we were told the water is tougher and is prone to rip currents. On our island tour I didn't see any other beach areas other than the two I me
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