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  1. what a coincidence. i was just looking for a necromancer.
  2. Better than a news report, would be the facts. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/
  3. unless someone is living in a cave, just wanting a change of scenery, I dont see how anyone can be unsuspecting at this point.
  4. Just a small heads up if you are in Europe, NCL now has a promotion for $99 and includes 1 x Shore Excursion Discount 1 x Service Charge - Premium Beverage Package 1 x 2 Meal Speciality Dining Package 1 x Internet Package (250 Minutes) 1 x Premium Beverage Package first time I ever see this in Europe. Was looking at Epic for next year, and its cheaper than it was in 2019
  5. They will have a great trip. #seaman11 will likely join them as well, so they will be in good company. 🙂
  6. Got it back today for my EPIC cruise leaving 4/18/2020 from Miami to Barcelona. Requested refund 4/13 so within the 90 days.
  7. Same for me. My cruise was for April 17 Never got an email, and my FCC disappeared over the weekend. Assuming I will see it back on my credit card in the next few days.
  8. Omg. i was reading new flea at sea! As Cofid wasn't enough! Free sounds better
  9. In Norway, a 3 day cruise is starting in just a few days, June 1st, from Oslo to Kiel in Germany. By definition, the ship is actually a ferry and not a cruise ship, but it has over 1000 cabins, spa, theater, casino etc. I guess you can call it a cruise ferry 🙂 No special rules for social distancing has been given by the goverment, but I do not know what the company itself will regarding the virus. Passengers will not be allowed to leave the ship while in Germany so for now it will only be for norwegian guests. But its a start never the less. it wi
  10. yes plenty of people have imaginary high standards, but its just an urban legend from a butler that just wants to create some laughs.
  11. yeah, but it took a hell of a beating! So many dead horses has been abused after its death the beginning of the internet And with so many necromancers around, they keep getting tormented 🥺
  12. I have got weekly emails, and they even phoned me a couple of weeks back (for the first time)
  13. To put it in perspective, they have to deal with about 53000 cancellations.. each week.
  14. While I think there will be tourism in Europe this year (In fact Sicily has plans to lure tourists back and offer to pay half of the airline tickets and 1/3 of the hotels source: https://www.timeout.com/news/visit-sicily-this-autumn-and-the-island-will-pay-for-half-of-your-flights-042820) I'm not sure cruise ports will open up unfortunately The typical cruise tourist spends very little money in the few hours they visit, so i'm afraid cruise ships would be at the rock bottom on a priority list.
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