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  1. They are extortionate, in my view. £90 for a panoramic tour of Belfast and £130 for a town walk are but examples of what we have had to pay to get off board and they were not the most expensive.
  2. Jeepers creepers have you seen the fare for T2118? That has increased by 40% for a basic suite compared to the cost last time it was offered. They are just trying to rip people off at FO. Also received the cancellation notice for that cruise in July, quite arrogant no sorry, jkust says "We are happy to tall you that your cruise is running but on a different date"!!!!!????>?
  3. Yer we got our round Britain delayed to end of August, but not sure we want/can do it now, after 2 years and a cancellation, shame.
  4. I think they have really backed themselves into a corner, real problems with trying to change existing cruises, real problems having to completey change cruises and also real problems with allocation of cabins moving from the now defunkt ships. Add that into the end of a pandemic, so one hopes, but more likely that this will hang around for many more months and perhaps years. They cannot even puiblish proper full deck plans for the new ships, but they are not only transfering customers over without any real knowledge of what will be happening around them, but they are selling cabins without that information. That does not, for me, suggest a reliable, business like company, perhaps they should become part of the Disney ships! I think they are hoping that everyone will in the end cow tow and accept what Fred is condescendingly offering. The letter is worded as though these changes fall within their T/C's and therefore they are entitled to do that and merely. for courtesy, tell the customer., The fact that their T/C's and the Package Holiday Regulations are in conflict means they hope no one will notice or even bother to take the actions needed to enforce their rights. On some boards people have been saing things like "Fred will see us OK" with a childlike belief that FO exists to do the right thing for customers and will never put their business and their business interests first. Or perhaps even that they do not have a clue. Whilst I have enjoyed thge sailings I have done with FO, for me they have not come out well from this experience and, whilst I have a reansfered cruise for next year, it will be the last with FO. I really simply do not trust them anymore.
  5. Don't know why but missed it was Australian site!
  6. Reading the T/Cs, as one always does, I noticed this "3.6 A 1.5 % surcharge will apply to payments for any Booking made by credit card. FOCL cannot accept American Express cards for any transaction." http://fredolsencruises.com.au/page/fred-olsen-terms-and-conditions Has Fred changed his policy on this and if so is it legal?
  7. I think that you can transfer to a different TA, if you have had problems with the one you booked the cruise with and certainly Fred's T/Cs do not say that you have to tansfer to the one you booked through "!3.5 Where a Passenger has made a Booking directly with FOCL, such Booking may not be transferred to a travel agent unless the following criteria all apply: 3.5.1 The Booking was made on board a FOCL Vessel; 3.5.2 The Booking is transferred on board a FOCL Vessel; and 3.5.3 The travel agent to whom the Booking is transferred is approved by FOCL at the time of the transfer. " http://fredolsencruises.com.au/page/fred-olsen-terms-and-conditions
  8. I like your optimism that anyone will be onboard in early March
  9. I am willing to have a go if the ship is changed, I think you are right and the T/C's can also be deemed unfair.
  10. Yes bookings may well be lost. We have a re-book for July on Budicca and we may well take the opportunity to jump ship if the vessel is changed, that would contstitute a major change in the booking.
  11. I think two ships will have to go as the orriginal staement from Bonheur factored the sale of two ships as part of the funding package, as I understood it.
  12. Would have thought bad publicity would be ok!🤐
  13. TA's are a waste of time, no worse than that they drag things out unbelievably. Yes they offer a few bucks more but I can manage without that.
  14. I had a cencelled Saga cruise booked through a TA and a week ago the person on the phones asked my bank account details saying I would get a cheque, today had an email from the TA's finance department saying that I had refunds on both CC's that I used for deposit and balance payment.
  15. Promised refund from TA, they have really dragged their feet over this will never use them again, to be on my CC within 6 days......only taken 2 months + 6 days!
  16. My post said it was covered for holidays booked before March but not for ones booked after and not for new customers, it also covers for CV19 for cruises transfered to a later date if booked before March and a person was a customer before March. So what did your comment mean?
  17. Check your travel insurance on a, effectively, new booking.
  18. Nationwide on the cover with their cirrent accounts offer cover for any cruise booked before March 19 and if that is rescheduled will cover that too. If one has to buy an upgrade with them, cancellation cover is lost but medical and repatriation are covered. But not for new customers.
  19. I would have thought that if you want to move house, that's up to you not PO🤪🤣
  20. I This sounds about right to me. Stephen Hawkin always said that humankind had to find a way to travel into space if it wanted their kind to continue. He cites a virus that we could not control as one of the two ways he thought human life on earth would end. CV19 could be the one. Who knows?
  21. Also be aware that next years price are high, as far as I can see. If you take a voucher and not transfer your holiday then check out about travel insurance. A cruise with no cover for CV19 could be an expensive holiday if the virus returns as many have suggested.
  22. Glad it worked for you. What is the situation with all that change regarding your insurance cover and CV19
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