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  1. Id rather be diving

    CCL stock OBC and cruiestours

    Thanks all. That's what I thought but wanted to ask to be sure. :)
  2. Id rather be diving

    CCL stock OBC and cruiestours

    Does anyone know if the length of a cruisetour is included when calculating CCL OBC amount? For example, we are doing 8 days inland then a 7 day cruise. Is that considered 7 days or 15 days for the CCL stockholder credit? Thanks.
  3. Id rather be diving

    Pre purchased on board credit

    Beware things have recently changed. If you pre-purchase OBC and you don’t use it all, it is NOT refunded by check. It is refunded via original credit card. Or as suggested you can cash it out through the casino. We we just got off the Sapphire last month and had a credit due to pre-purchased OBC and it was returned via credit on the credit card. I spoke with revenue dept and was told this is how they must do it now. If it’s revundable OBC from military benefits, for example, that is refunded via check. She also said they are starting to do this refund on pre-purchased excursions if they are cancelled. just wanted you to be aware as I had been told it would be by check. Additionally, that is what was stated on our final statement but not what happened.
  4. Id rather be diving

    Does any cruise line stand out for disabled travel?

    We have done HC cabins on Emerald Princess (mini suite HUGE), Celebrity Silhouette-very nice - good size; Celebrity Constellation really small and balcony access was limited, NCL Getaway in an oceanview and a balcony. Room wise I’d go with Princess, NCL oceanview, then S class Celebrity. Service wise Princess all the way. Norwegian was the worst for service and the the Celebrity Constellation.
  5. Id rather be diving

    What’s your favorite thing about Princess?

    I agree with this. I feel the staff really gets to know you. We were on the Emerald in 2007. When we walked up to the dining room the first night on the Ruby in 2009, the matri d knew us by name without looking at our cruise cards. “Hello, Mr and Mrs Elizalde. Welcome back, we haven’t seen you for awhile.” I almost fell over. We are not needy or flashy or sail in a suite, just your average cruises.
  6. Id rather be diving

    All-time favorite Princess Cruise?

    My favorite was the 17 day maiden transatlantic voyage on the Emerald Princess. It was our honeymoon but in addition to that it was my favorite because it included two places that were on my bucket list: Venice and Pompeii. But I also fell in love with Monaco and Lisbon on that trip. We have "cheated" on Princess a few times, but it really is where we belong! Upcoming Sapphire to the Baltic capitals will knock another one off of our bucket list. Kari
  7. Id rather be diving

    Princess offer if your birthday is August 1st

    My birthday isn’t the 1st but I’m so excited that I will be boarding the Golden NEXT August 17th on my 50th birthday!!
  8. 2015 on the Emerald spring transatlantic. Booked 35 days before departure. 14 days for $1,000 pp in a handicap balcony. $300 OBC pp. plus we each had an additional $100 OBC from FCC. We require a HC room and couldn’t believe it was available. Then a week before we left got an upsell for $200 pp to move to a handicap mini suite. That cabin was a mansion!!!
  9. We fly out on Sept 6 but our tickets have shown in United as ticketed and confirmed for months now. In fact I don’t ever remember not seeing it as ticketed and confirmed in my United profile. I booked those flexible tickets last year and changed pricing in the early spring. Just sharing my experience.
  10. Thanks. My Alla Tours contact said we could add the stop and there were lifts. I’ll trust that they’ll get us to one that has a lift or my husband will have to wait for the rest of us if he can’t get down.
  11. Hello, can you explain why you were unable to do the subway in St. Petersburg? Thanks, Kari
  12. Id rather be diving

    Trip Review: Connoisseur Land & Sea (RB8) June 19 - July 4, 2018

    Kathy, thanks for the great info!! We too have had issues with hotel rooms. In fact we were just at a Hilton property in ND in June where the ADA room was not compliant at all. The shower head was so high that the water didn’t reach the bench. Also, the shower head would not fit in the bar next to the bench. No one in a chair would have been able to reach up and get the head down. I had to stand on my tiptoes to reach it. We got both nights free as a result. The kicker is we had been there seven months earlier and had reported it then. They did nothing to fix it in all that time.
  13. Id rather be diving

    Trip Review: Connoisseur Land & Sea (RB8) June 19 - July 4, 2018

    Kathy, when you referenced following up on room assignments, did you follow up directly with the lodges or with the special needs sept?
  14. Id rather be diving

    Trip Review: Connoisseur Land & Sea (RB8) June 19 - July 4, 2018

    Kathy, THANK YOU so much for the information about the handicap accessibility on the connessiour tour. I have been in touch a little with the special needs dept but will be folllowing up for sure. Your post puts my mind at ease more. We have traveled all over the world with his scooter. I just do a lot of research ahead of time. I am always disappointed at how few HC tours cruise ships have. I wish they would have some semi- HC wherein the bus provided a lift and people could go on regular tours. If they could get into buildings great, if not they could choose to wait outside. Most of the HC excursions are just driving around in a van all day. Thanks again for your response!! Kari
  15. Id rather be diving

    Trip Review: Connoisseur Land & Sea (RB8) June 19 - July 4, 2018

    Thank you!!! What about in Denali with the school bus type vehicles? Did one have a lift?