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  1. WE used Alla Tours in Copenhagen, Helsinki and St. Petersburg. My husband travels with a foldable scooter. In Copenhagen, the van that arrived had a lift on it, but the driver had not taken the seats out so we were not able to use it. That was my only disappointment with the arrangements. I had told them we traveled with a scooter and the driver should have been prepared. After that tour I contacted Alla ahead of our arrival in Helsinki to reconfirm that we would like a van with a lift. There was one waiting for us when we got off the ship. And the same in St. Petersburg. This made our trip so enjoyable as it did not tire my husband out when getting in and out of the van. He just drove onto the lift, it went up, he drove off and then we helped him to sit in a regular seat. The driver locked down his scooter and we were off. I highly recommend Alla Tours but be sure to tell them you need a lift equipped van. They may tell you at first that they can only confirm one in St. Petersburg, but keep after them. Kari
  2. I always call the airline accessibility office and let them know. Some airlines will move my husband and I (only one additional person in our travleing party) to economy plus for free. They save two bulkhead seats off the public list for mobility issue passengers. However, the bulkhead seats don't work for us as they have fixed arm rests and no seat in front for him to grab onto. I tell them those things and tell them which row works best for us and they put us in that row. I once watched the flight attendant push the "magic" button under the aisle armrest and found out how they work. Now, I just push it and move the armrest for my husband myself. With the aisle armrest up, grabbing the seat in front, and my help he is able to get up. WE usually travel with my sister so we pay for her economy plus seat so she can be there to help too. However, if we are traveling alone, I will ask the gate agent if they will call for the person who is seated next to the window and let them board early when we board so they can get in and settled before us so that they don't have to climb over my husband as it is very difficult for him to move his legs to let people into the aisle. If it's just me or my sister we climb over him no problem, but not so friendly for a stranger. 🙂 Kari
  3. I booked a Panama Canal cruise for April 2021 back in April or May of 2019. We had friends book their regular cabin in August of 2019...I looked to see if we could switch cabins and there were not any HC cabins available. I’ve learned we just have to book when we see something and be able to cancel if things come up.
  4. Just going to give you an experience of ours. The access office has told us the “Standard” response of you must have someone to operate the lift, the crew will not. However, on the Sapphire Baltic last year, the crew would not let us do it ourselves and they operated the lift to get my husband in and out. They even went above and beyond when it started to hail..they had two crew members holding towels over him as he was lifted out and immediately surrounded him with more towels as soon as he was out of the hot tub and back on deck. So perhaps the crew will help, but I realize you don’t want to count on that. It is disappointing that they have not improved their handicap accessibility on new ships.
  5. I don’t like the idea of FCC being non refundable. We HAVE to book our cruises between one and two years ahead of time. We require a handicap room that sleeps three people. There are limited HC rooms on each ship and even less that will sleep three. Lots of things can change in that time frame that may not allow us to cruise. I’m already somewhat “penalized” by having to book so early that many times we don’t get in on the deals and can’t reface because the same category is no longer available. A non refundable deposit would be a hard pill to swallow. Kari
  6. That’s correct. No way to do it online. Also, be sure to keep the electronic gift card in case you have to cancel for some reason. It will be refunded to the original card.
  7. I just used mine up on the Golden last week on my 50th birthday cruise. I got it from a friend who didn’t use it all in my 40th birthday cruise. The crew all looked at it each time and commented on how old it was, but honored it every time.
  8. I have my husband’s pass on my packing list already! Thanks for the info on where to go.
  9. My biggest why I cruise is that it’s a great way to cross things off my bucket list that would otherwise take much more time planning and researching not to say money. For example, the #1 item on our bucket list was attending a Formula 1 race on another continent...so no Montreal, Austin, or Mexico City. We were able to sail from Rome thru the Suez (never thought I’d be going through the Suez!) to Abu Dhabi and took in the race there. It was very economical to get there via a cruise not to mention getting airfare home through the cruise line. The why I choose Princess. To use their old tag line....”it’s where I belong” and the reason I belong there is the way they treat my husband who is mobility impaired. We have sailed Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, and Celebrity and none of them can hold a candle to Princess. For example, as soon as he rolls up to the buffet someone asks him if they can help him through the buffet. This allows us to sit down together to eat, not me getting his food then going back for mine. When we got caught in the hot tub in a hail storm on the Sapphire....there were four deckhands holding towels over my husband until their colleagues could get him loaded on the pool lift and then they all surrounded him with towels as soon as he was lifted out of the water. They were truly amazing!! So, their service is what brings me back over and over!
  10. I’ve read the FAQ re: Alaska luggage on the Princess website but am wondering if there is anyone who took more luggage than one per person? My husband is mobility impaired and we both have a CPAP machine so we have one roll aboard suitcase that has just medical stuff in it. It doesn’t have to be a carry on, I’m fine putting it on the bus or truck. I just want to know if anyone has taken more than one bag per person. Thanka, Kari
  11. Can’t wait to follow. We are doing the 15 day Connessiour tour in August for my 50th birthday. My husband, my sister and myself are doing the 8 day land tour first. Then we are meeting four friends and three grandchildren onboard the Golden. We board her ON my birthday!
  12. Curious what makes the map great? Does it show each port? The whole itinerary of the cruise? Now I might have to get on the bandwagon and buy it.
  13. We booked in the summer of 2018 for our August 2019 Alaska cruise. We were able to refare at least three times. Saved over $400 per person and got some other extras....tips and OBC.
  14. We always put a multi tool in our checked luggage. After 20+ cruises with all ok, last year when we boarded in Southampton we got called to the luggage room before we boarded. After much discussion they finally gave it to the security officer on the Sapphire Princess for his determination if we could keep it. Two days after we boarded we met with the officer and explained my husband needs it for repairs to his mobility scooter. He made us sign for it and then returned it to us. Prior to us bringing it on a regular basis, the airline broke his scooter and we had no tools with us. We tried to get tools from the engineering dept but it was extremely difficult and we wasted time of our vacation to work on it. After that we started bringing our own tool(s). Southampton was the only place we’ve ever had an issue.
  15. Just to answer your question about checking a CPAP. We have checked ours numerous times. It goes in the bag it came in and then that bag in a rolleraboard size suitcase that is made for scuba diving equipment. Also out other things related like extensions cords, tools for my husband’s scooter, and a non slip nat for the shower. I ordered a luggage strap that has MEDICAL EQUIPMENT embroidered on it. Thankfully, we never had an issue with losing or breaking. I know it’s taking a chance but with all the other stuff we have to take it’s a chance I’m willing to take. That being said we have now bought travel size ones that we carry on when doing an overnight flight so we can use on the plane.
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