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  1. Just to answer your question about checking a CPAP. We have checked ours numerous times. It goes in the bag it came in and then that bag in a rolleraboard size suitcase that is made for scuba diving equipment. Also out other things related like extensions cords, tools for my husband’s scooter, and a non slip nat for the shower. I ordered a luggage strap that has MEDICAL EQUIPMENT embroidered on it. Thankfully, we never had an issue with losing or breaking. I know it’s taking a chance but with all the other stuff we have to take it’s a chance I’m willing to take. That being said we have now bought travel size ones that we carry on when doing an overnight flight so we can use on the plane.
  2. This is so disappointing to me. We sailed on the Silhouette and were pretty pleased. But sailed on the Constellation and it was terrible which I attributed to being an older ship. Was expecting the Edge to be so handicap friendly. Guess we’ll be sticking to Princess.
  3. Yes. Our Sept 2018 Baltic cruise was booked in May 2017. Out August 2019 Alaska cruise was booked in January 2018. And our two Caribbean cruises next Feb and June 2020 were booked in November 2018.
  4. We used them last year. My husband travels with a scooter. I contacted them ahead of time and cleared that he had a scooter and that it would fit in the van. Also, had them send me a picture so I could make sure my husband could get in. They were wonderful both before and during the tours.
  5. We have not traveled on HAL. But we may have to try it out!!! The best service for my mobility impaired husband has always been Princess. We have had good experience on the larger Celebrity ship (Silhouette) but horrible service - really completely lacking - on the Constellation. I have seen photos of the new Edge's handicap rooms and would really like to try one of those. Our next few cruises have us in a window suite that is HC accessible on Princess. I fear after that experience we won't be happy going back to even a balcony one.
  6. I usually end up booking private tours because my husband can’t do the steps up the big buses. I always tell them the dimensions of his scooter. You may need to let the operator know the dimensions, does it come apart, can you handle it yourself? My husband's Scooter I’d foldable and I can lift it myself. I tell them it’s about the size of a roller aboard suitcase and many times send them a link to a website so they can see it for themselves. I usually spend a lot of time communicating back and forth ahead of time, but that is to make sure he can be accommodated. We’ve only have one or two times when there has been an issue.
  7. Wow! What a balcony!!! Princess has a ramp to get out but not that much space!
  8. Wow! We used Alla last September. My husband uses a scooter and Alla could not have been more helpful pre-cruise to arrange everything. We did book a private tour for five of us. It was not much more pp than their group tours. Alla has a van with a wheelchair lift for us both days. We went pretty much everywhere the regular tour did...I know because one of our friends was on the regular group tour and we ran into her in the Hermitage, Catherine’s Palace and a couple other places. Our tour guide even worked with the handicap accessible porters at the subway so my husband was able to see the beautiful subway stations, too. Glad SBP is working out for you but Alla did work out for us last year. Kari
  9. I’ve posted this on the Alaska boards but no response...lots of views but no answers. Doing an 8 day Princess connessiour tour prior to boarding the ship in Whittier. Our itinerary says we are stopping in Anchorage for lunch on our own. Anyone know how long on our own we have?
  10. Doing an 8 day Princess connessiour tour prior to boarding the ship in Whittier. Our itinerary says we are stopping in Anchorage for lunch on our own. Anyone know how long on our own we have?
  11. Anni, i haven’t been to AK yet, going this year. But we will have been on an inland tour for eight days and have tours in Ketchikan and Juneau, but in Skagway we are just going to relax on the ship. We need to figure in some rest time too. To each his own.....just do what you want and/or need for yourself! Kari
  12. We are doing an 8 day connessiour tour in Alaska in August this year. Can you give me some idea of what tipping you did for the tour guide at the end?
  13. Thanks all. That's what I thought but wanted to ask to be sure. :)
  14. Does anyone know if the length of a cruisetour is included when calculating CCL OBC amount? For example, we are doing 8 days inland then a 7 day cruise. Is that considered 7 days or 15 days for the CCL stockholder credit? Thanks.
  15. Beware things have recently changed. If you pre-purchase OBC and you don’t use it all, it is NOT refunded by check. It is refunded via original credit card. Or as suggested you can cash it out through the casino. We we just got off the Sapphire last month and had a credit due to pre-purchased OBC and it was returned via credit on the credit card. I spoke with revenue dept and was told this is how they must do it now. If it’s revundable OBC from military benefits, for example, that is refunded via check. She also said they are starting to do this refund on pre-purchased excursions if they are cancelled. just wanted you to be aware as I had been told it would be by check. Additionally, that is what was stated on our final statement but not what happened.
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