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  1. Yeah they; Yeah they're definitely around, but not on every sailing for sure (wish that they were!) - not sure if it depends on demand for that cruise as to if they open them up!
  2. They are available on some cruises, allure for August this year had them available across all categories which was what I booked. harmony next year that cabin was switched to however they were only listed for 2 people. And you can book for two and remove the second person on ones that they’re not available on.
  3. I moved an August 2020 single occupancy ocean view guarantee from Allure to the Harmony in august 2021, and even though there wasn’t single occupancy showing as available In 2021 it was moved fine and the invoice was correct. Not sure if it’s a bit different as you’ve moved to Odessy and it’s different itineraries to what Allure was so may be more of a manual process perhaps, but I’d want an updated invoice to be sure if it was me.
  4. Due to a complete shutdown of all ports in Spain she was unable to enter the Dry Dock in Cadiz as planned after the transatlantic cruise. With the UK having less restictions on movements than mainland Europe, Southampton was the best place nearby to dock - especially to allow any crew members to return home on flights from the UK.
  5. Nope, there is still currently issues with one of the azipods. Even without this, she still needs to be dry docked to complete the 5 years maintenance requirements to continue sailing before being able to continue with cruises.
  6. There isn't a CL on the Allure anymore (there is however a suite lounge on Deck 17) - though she will retain the excellent Diamond lounge on Decks 11/12 which was planned to be removed in the amplification.
  7. The UK also has far less restrictions on international flights than mainland EU countries, so presumably a lot easier for any crew due to be leaving to get home also.
  8. Not separate, it is all being done at once at the dry dock in Cadiz - technical requirements and amplification. The point that was being made is that the technical part is a requirement to be completed to continue to sail - the amplification not so.
  9. Have tendered I’m there before, whilst on Rhapsody, in November when we were the only ship in that day and the dock was free. To be honest much preferred it anyway over the out of town dock.
  10. https://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/topic/2589801-current-captains-continued/page/20/?tab=comments#comment-58960040
  11. Odyssey of the seas will be sailing out of Rome as well as adventure of the seas out of Stockholm - these will be available from December 9th :)
  12. Am due to be on the crossing too next week and is a real shame to be losing out on some great ports and a few days - but have to say I'm so pleased to see they're taking the safety of everyone on board really seriously. This will be costing them a huge amount in costs and lost revenue for both cruises affected, so am sure that the decision was not taken lightly and they genuinely will have wanted to avoid it! Why take un-necessary risks? Think back 7 years to that ill fated Costa Concordia cruise, shows what can happen when you do! Would rather a few less days cruise than something
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