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  1. We've eaten at Jamie's Italian in the UK and just ate at the one on Anthem and they were similar. We got 40% off on Anthem due to that extra night on board, so it was a pretty good price, and no pesky flying to Heathrow involved. I hope for all the staff that something is worked out.
  2. Yes. Not very "save the waves" to create 24 pieces of plastic bottle trash though, is it? Thanks for the replies. Yes, I used the Freestyle and regular water dispensers. I still think they are missing a trick pretending that it would be unclean to put a water bottle In the machine. They could sell wide neck bottles in the store and in boarding area that would work better than something like a Swell bottle would. Those who said I clearly don’t understand the concept, thanks, but I think I do. And I think discussing it and mentioning on here might help others. I actually saw a load of people who didn’t know how to work the freestyle machines, and the people in front of us at boarding had their pack of water bottles confiscated. It would be handy if RC could get on board (boom, boom!) with a way to get plain old tap water to passengers who want it, without them needing to dirty the dining cups tipping water into reuseable bottles. thanks again for the replies.
  3. We just got home today from our 9 night (actually 10 night, given the evacuation of a passenger) eastern Caribbean cruise. This was our family's first ever cruise vacation. Having got up before 6AM I now sit at my computer feeling thoroughly tired and slightly seasick, with a strange swaying going on inside my head! One of the things that most irritated me on this cruise, and that I just mentioned in my RC survey is the water situation. And I thought maybe people here can shed some light on it, or me giving my thoughts might help someone else considering their first cruise. We don't drink soda much if at all. And we're not fancy coffee people. So we decided to eschew the beverage package. Given the plastic situation being terrible for the environment and oceans we also decided that purchasing a pack of water bottles was not a great idea either. So we brought our refillable water bottles with us on board and hoped for the best. Now, it turns out there are plenty of places to get water. However, most of them have the attached sign on them ("Important Health Advisory - Don't refill bottles here"). Assume this means that if you put something that you've been drinking out of previously underneath the machine, loads of germs might reverse-rapel (reverse-abseil) out of the bottle and into the machine, spreading 'flu to all and sundry. However.... if you purchase the beverage package the entire way it works seems to involve you putting the massive cup you've been drinking out of previously underneath the machine and filling it. And that's totally allowed. So what's the difference? I genuinely can't see why they have these signs. It irked me so much. They actually added the signs to a couple of machines that didn't have them when we first boarded (seaplex hot dog stand, sorrento's soda machine) so this is something they are currently doing. How can people refilling bottles be any less healthy than people refilling the RC cups? Struggling to see the connection between the "Save the Waves" pledge and refusing to let people refill bottles.... Why can't they have a Brita refill station like our elementary school does? Or one spigot for refilling bottles? All my questions just come back to answer: to sell bottled water. For what it's worth we just got cups, filled them with water multiple times and tipped them into our bottles. We all have Contigo bottles with large openings and the spouts completely unscrew, so nothing that touched our mouths was remotely near anything on a machine or cup. We had such a good time in Puerto Rico that we plan to go there for our next vacation, but might cruise again with RC after that, but only if they can call a truce on the water war...
  4. Woke up on Anthem at 5:50am, stepped off around 6:35am, back at our house in NJ at 8am. Very organized, very calm.
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